Tallik Sterksson

Young and full of fight, this Northman has proven himself as a war chieftain and adventurer.



Human barbarian
Resides: Svenheim’s Jail
Player: Hinkel
Chaotic neutral

Family: Jarl Sven Ragnarsson, uncle

Description: Tall, powerfully build Ulfen with a bald head and beard.


Tallik Sterksson is the nephew of Jarl Sven Ragnarsson, the son of Sven’s eldest brother. Tallik, although young, proved himself as a powerful and capable war leader. He led a war band of Northsmen against the Tiger Lord barbarians whose leader had murdered most of his family. After many seasons of battle the Tiger Lords were eventually defeated and driven back.

Without battles to be fought Tallik went to Svenheim where he heard his uncle was forging a new kingdom. There he came into trouble with the guards and was imprisoned until Sven discovered his nephew in the dungeon. After the two exchanged friendly insults and punches Sven was proud to hear of his nephew’s great battle prowess against the Tiger Lords.

Tallik accompanied the Leadership Council of Svenheim on explorations hoping to find more battles to be fought. Tallik adventured and fought loyally with the Council for about month until things turned very sour. Evidence came to the captain of Svenheim’s guard that Tallik holds great ill-will towards his uncle, Jarl Sven, and wishes to kill him.

Tallik was confronted about the evidence. Tallik angrily accused Sven of abandoning his peoples ways and instead embarking on a soft way of life. He further accused Sven of doing nothing while the Tiger Lords fought his people and killed his brothers and uncles. Sven tried to reconcile with Tallik but Tallik was enraged and could not be. The Council took action and captured Tallik before he was able to bring his weapons to bear against his uncle. Saddened, Sven did not raise his own weapons against his nephew but allowed his friends apprehend him.

Sven spared Tallik’s life and holds him in Svenheim City in jail. With so few relatives remaining Sven hopes that Tallik will come around and the two men can reconcile their differences.

Tallik Sterksson

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