The Mites

Mites are small blue fey who have an affinity for bugs, they are somewhat disgusting and not terribly intelligent.



Resides: unknown, assumed further south since the Giant Sycamore Tree lair was destroyed
Ruler: unknown
Population: unknown, but rarely seen in The Greenbelt anymore


The mites seem to be malevolent and scarily enough all possess minor magical spells, they tend to travel in hordes. Notably mites are known to spread very quickly once they inhabit a region. Being fey, they are very hardy for creatures of their size.


The party cleared out most of the mite nest at the giant tree lair, much to the elation of the Sootscale Kobolds. Some mites are still encountered but if they are from the tree lair it is unknown. It is assumed they are from further south.

The Mites

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