Tim the Drunk

An immigrant settler whom works labor during the day and drinks away his aches by night at The Yodeling Cock Inn.



Human laborer & drunkard
Resides: Yodeling Cock Inn and Tavern, Svenheim


Tim is one of the hundreds of faceless peasants that have journeyed to the new nation of Svenheim with hopes of prosperity. Unfortunately for a majority of peasants, like Tim, the life of a peasant is pretty much the same everywhere; long days of back-breaking work for little pay. It is no small wonder why many can be found drinking away their wages at night. At least in Svenheim work is readily available to build the nation so peasants won’t be unemployed and in the streets.

Tim is a tenant of The Yodeling Cock Inn and Tavern where he drinks at night.

Tim was at first suspected to be a werewolf but after being chatted to by High Councilor Haylex Durdan Krull Tim had revealed the real suspect with an important clue. Soon afterwards the Leadership Council was able to find the real werewolf and slay him.

Tim the Drunk

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