A woodland creature, a dryad, of beauty with red hair of leaves, lithe body and charming Fae features.



Spouse: Falchos
Dryad female
Resides: With Falchos in her oak grove.


Tirssia lives in a beautiful grove that she tends, rife with gorgous plant and animal life including the most pristine examples of coachwood, cypress, sycamore, birch and various types of pine trees. She lives there with Falchos whom is devoted to her and probably the closest thing to a spouse as Fae can get.

After the party killed the scyth tree she, and Falchos, have been friendly with the party. She even gave some advice on how to help deal with the water Fae living just to the east.

Baron Sven Ragnarsson had learned that some Fae are bound to the land in which they live so he decreed (Fourth Decree) the lands around Tirssia’s grove as preserved and protected by Svenheim forever. This was done as a gesture of friendship and for her, and Falchos, help in dealing with the irate water Fae.


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