Ancient, powerful and wholly evil this terror rose up from his crypt to enslave the Stolen Lands only to be put down by the heroes of Svenheim.




AKA: Mordekai
Cyclopian Wizard Lich


Vordakai was an ancient warlord in the cyclopean empire of Koloran, which once stretched from what is now central Brevoy across Iobaria. Vordakai was a powerful wizard, and between his far-reaching divinations and his tactic of animating fallen soldiers both from his own side and from the armies of Koloran which opposed him, he quickly seized power in the decades leading up to Earthfall. These same divinations saved him from the cataclysm which destroyed Azlant, Thassilon, Ghol-Gan, Koloran, and almost all other civilization on the planet.

In the last days leading up to Earthfall, he sealed himself, his bodyguard, and a handful of warriors loyal to him into an unfinished temple structure carved deep into a mountain. As the days and weeks passed, he gradually transformed his companions into undead creatures before finally transforming himself into a lich and retiring to sleep through the Age of Darkness which covered the world. There, in the cold blackness, Vordakai and his warriors slept for ten thousand years until a trespasser broke the seals on his makeshift tomb and awoke them.

Vordakai awoke confused and disoriented, for much of his power and mastery of magic had fled during his millenia of slumber. Even diminished as he was, he was still a dangerous creature, and his attempts to scout out his surroundings quickly resulted in the seizure of the citizens of Varnhold. Fortunately for the region, before he could regain his bearings and his powers, the party discovered him, defeated his warriors, and finally cast him into the oblivion he had fought so hard to escape.

Bio borrowed from this Kingmaker campaign web blog: kingmakercampaign.pbworks.com/w/page/57029845/Vordakai

Vordakai was discovered to have been the one whom caused the Varnhold Vanishing. His undead armies roaming the southern Nomen Heights were defeated by the might of Svenheim’s armies, aided by thier Mivon and centaur allies, lead by General [:kruznic-salvarius]]. The Svenheim Council assaulted Vordakai’s fortress in The Valley of the Slain and put an end to Vordakai’s evil once and for all in the month of Rova, third year of Svenheim.


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