Willium the Caretaker

An old man entrusted to be caretaker of Hero's Rest Graveyard.



AKA: Willium
Position: Caretaker of Hero’s Rest Graveyard.
Human male
Resides: Svenheim


An old man put in charge of Hero’s Rest Graveyard in the capital of Svenheim. He was called in front of Baron Svenh to be asked if the grave of Lienthendial had been disturbed. Willium said that he noticed the grave looked strange as if it had sunken in some. He also noted that many of the citizens were practicing theater in the graveyard for lack of a theater in the city. Baron Sven handed Willium a shovel and tasked him to find out if Lienthendial’s body was still in the grave.

When Willium returned later that day he was visible shaken as he explained to the Baron that Lienthendal’s body was indeed missing. He humbly apologized to the Baron but he was thanked and sent back on his way to attend to the graveyard.

Willium’s report of the missing body confirmed rumors from Councilor Haylex that Lienthendial had somehow been raised from the dead and was seen in the far southern region of Varnhold’s territory.

Willium the Caretaker

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