Armoury of Svenheim

Stashed away is a collection of weapons, food and resources.


The Armoury & Strategic Reserves of Svenheim

Location: Basement of Frostfang Castle.


longbow x39
shortbow x6
heavy crossbow x10
arrows x826
bolts x100
+1 arrows x6
silver arrows x6
longsword x6
short sword x32
hand ax, masterwork
dagger x15
spear x6
darkwood longbow
longbow, masterwork
composite longbow, mighty 3, masterwork
+1 composite longbow mighty 2
cold iron longsword
javelin x4
throwing hammer


leather armor x36
studded leather x2
+1 leather armor
+1 studded leather
breastplate masterwork (Sven’s)
blue dragon hide breastplate masterwork (easier to enchant resist lightning on it)


flayleaf x8
tents x3
crates of furs x3 (50gp/crate)
green liqour
liqour bottles (fine) x8 (20gp/bottle)
potion of cure light wounds x2
potion of lesser restoration
silver stag amulet x2
alchemist Fire x2
hemp rope 200’
dust of dryness x3
Strategic Reserves

At least one Build Point of food and survival goods is always stored in the worst case that Svenheim is beseiged.

Livestock & Equipment

light horses x8
saddle bags x2
saddles x8

War Coffer

gold pieces = 6633
silver pieces = 321


When the party first began clearing the Greenbelt of bandits they accumulated a cache of weapons, armor and goods at Oleg’s trading Post. After Svenheim was founded the cache was moved to the basement of General Kruznic Salvaris and more was added to it like the war coffer for emergency military spending.

In the third year of Svenheim the nation had outgrown the usefulness of the cache and it was all moved to the basement of the new Frostfang Castle. There it is under constant guard and it is always stocked with at least 1 BP of food and survival goods. In the event that Svenheim is besieged or a great catastrophe strikes this reserve is meant to be used.


Armoury of Svenheim

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