Log Cabin, two story


Log cabin two story

A two story log cabin built for the individual adventurers in the expanded courtyard at Oleg’s Trading Post.

Cost: 125 gp (price includes tools, labor, materials, basic furniture and plans provided)

Time to build: 2 weeks with adequate labor

Interior: main room, side room, 2-3 smaller rooms upstairs

Six of these cabins were built at Oleg’s Post as adventurer homes. Now they are used as lodging cabins or for storage.


The players decided that the cramped lodging cabin with four beds was too small. Plus they realized they were costing Oleg money by sleeping in his rental beds for free. Then there was also the addition of Svetlana into Sven’s tiny part of the room. Something simply had to be done about the living conditions.

After debate with the DM about costs it was determined that log cabins would cost far below the DM’s normal costs of 1gp per square foot. While the DM’s price would be acceptable for a turnkey house in a town (including furniture) it simply would be outrageous for a frontier setting.

We hashed out that a simple rustic cabin of 500 square feet would cost 125gp. This price includes cost for tools, materials (readily available trees), basic furniture made and with building plans provided by a PC (Kruznic).

Smaller cabins would cost less, such as for a frontier family, that would be one floor with a main room, a bedroom and a small loft for a kid’s bed. (Think Little House on the Prairie).

Log Cabin, two story

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