Moon Radish

A rare radish with intoxicating effects.



Rmoon radishMoon radishes fresh from the earth.

Location: Northeastern Greenbelt Forest, only one wild patch is found to exist here.

The rare moon radish is known to have a very calming, intoxicating effect on humans and probably most humanoids.

The Sootscale Kobolds know where patch is and frequent it to experience the radish effects.

The adventurers found the radish patch with the sootscale kobolds laying intoxicated around it. Sven scared off the kobolds and harvested many of the radishes.

Svetlana knows a recipe to make a calming (intoxicating) moon radish soup.

Radish soup


The forest area with the moon radishes has been claimed by the growing Svenheim kingdom. Some herbalists have come in and are growing the radishes for harvests, thus contributing to the kingdom economy in a small way. As with most rare and sought after delicacies the radishes are proving hard to farm as they prefer to grow wild. However, the herbalist farmers are learning the new crop and making a profit.


Moon Radish

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