Sven's totem pole of skulls



Sven has placed a large pole outside his place of residence that displays the skulls of his defeated foes. It is a physical testament to the physical prowess of Sven’s building saga of majesty. The totem is an undeniable piece of evidence for all to witness the Ulfen warrior’s great deeds of battle. The totem pole is dedicated to the World Serpent Totem so that it may be honored with the cleansing of so many evil creatures from it’s earth.

Skulls on the Totem:

Will o’ wisp ashes (in a small bag)
human skulls (8) (rune symbol of ‘bandit’ carved in fore skull)
giant spider head (dried out)
mud giant skull
dire wolf skull
owlbear skull (4)
giant tick head (dried out)
giant centipede head (dried out)
bear skull
worg skull (3)
old skulls (3) (rune symbol of ‘zombie’ carved in fore skull)
hydra skulls (5) (rune symbol ‘one’ carved in fore skull to represent skulls are from 1 beast)
spriggan skulls (6)


Sven's totem pole of skulls

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