Kingmaker: Lures of Majesty

Werewolves at the Gates and the Crotchety Old Hag

Game 22, Part I
Game Dates: Desnus (May) 3 – Sarenith (June) 5, Second Year of Svenehim

The Council meets and discusses what they have learned recently.

Lindetheil understands from her diplomatic staff that Brevoy cannot send an army to help against the Monster Kingdom without offending Issia.

Haylex hears rumors among the people that a hag known as the swamp witch lives on the Lake Tuskwater. She consorts with demons and boils children in her magic caldron. The Councilor also hears the people talk about an old ruin in the forest to the west and that it is haunted by ghosts.

Garin’s spies report from the field to reveal that there has been much talk about an army full of boggards that have been very active lately, that there are giants in Numaria that have been carrying very strange weaponry that no one really recognizes. Further reports find that a black dragon has moved into the hook tongue slough to the east in Varnhold territory.

The Council heads to the south to explore the lands between them and the Monster Kingdom, stopping at Fort Tuskwater first. At the fort Haylex can tell that the tiny garrison is terrified and have been shot at several times by the goblins that have been gathering around the fort for weeks. Haylex points out the goblins to Garin and he takes a shot with his gun but misses. The shots scare the goblins off and they move away from the fort. Haylex comes up with the idea to place clothes and weapons atop the ramparts to make fake soldiers. They hope that the ruse will make the goblins think twice about harassing the garrison. They group sets up camp and go to sleep for the night.

Everyone, but Kruznic is awakened in the middle in the night by the sounds of men screaming. One of the guards is fighting, another one is slowly being killed by a werewolf and four of them are still sleeping. Manacles and chains hanging from the werewolves wrist, it seems they are pets set lose against the fort. Garin moves up closer to shoot. The werewolves attack Garin and Lindetheil’s summoned dire Bear. Sven charges one of the werewolfs and injures it with his axe. Garin takes careful aim and shots a werewolf dead.. The dire bear attacks the other werewolf. Haylex casts glitter dust and moves up by to kick the bear in fit of bravado. Kruznic finally wakes and rushes to attack, but fails to land a blow. Sven runs up with his silver axes and finishes off the remaining werewolf.

Caleesee checks on the injured guard and confirms that he is infected with lycanthropy. Kruznic leans down by him, telling him that he is going to be okay and then quickly ends his life with his sword. It is clear to see the remaining five guards are offended. Haylex explains to them that he had to be killed or he would turn into a werewolf himself. Sven orders Kruznic to make his men fall back to Svenheim as soon as they can, the situation is to dangerous for them.

The party heads south to check out on the rumors of the old hag that lives on the lake. At the base of a low hill, near a small bog, they see an old beat down hut. There is a wall of mud surrounding the hut and a tall gate made of tied together sticks. There is an old rusty bell sitting near the gate and an old scarecrow standing in the yard. Sven notices that the scarecrow’s head turns slowly to follow them. From the hut the party can smell something horrible being cooked. Lindethiel casts detect magic to determine that a low level abjuration effect ruminates from the bell.

“Good morning neighbor! Is anyone home?”, Haylex yells towards the hut. A horrible looking woman sticks her head out of the window hole in the hut. Haylex can tell that she fits the description of a night hag. “Baron Sven, Ragnarsson has come to meet with you”, Haylex replies.

“What do you want?” she says angrily.

The gate slowly opens by itself. Sven eyes it suspiciously and kicks it.

Haylex takes Kruznic’s arm and pushes him to the back, hoping he will catch the hint to stay behind just in case anything happens. Inside the hut, Haylex sees several spells components and a magical cauldron that has bones floating in it.

“Why have you come to my home?” she says snarling. “Our good lord Baron has wanting to meet and greet all the people in this great area. What family have you come from?” Haylex asks. “I was born of the land.” she replies. “What were you spawned by?” he asks. “I don’t understand why you would be asking what race I am…but….but I am almost fully a fae!” she replies. “Oh, we have good relations with the fae. Do you know Melliance?” he says. “I know her, we are related! And she talks way too much.” she says angrily. “Well it was nice to meet you. What is your name?” he asks. “My name is Elga.” she replies. “Well, my name is Haylex.” he says.

The hag replies, “While you here, you can do a favor for me. I need to go south east to pick me up some black rattle caps. I am running low and I do not feel like getting them for myself. I will pay you.”

“That is not necessary to pay us, we help our neighbors.” Sven replies. “Be quick.” she says.

The party crafts rafts to cross the lake and leave Mack Mack to guard the horses. Reaching the other side, they begin to search for the black rattle caps and soon come upon a boiling patch of mud. The mud is musty and smells nasty. Kruznic throw up on himself unable to stomach the smell. Lindetheil can see a lot of fungus in the area and can tell that the mud is geothermal. She also sees a patch of black rattle caps, at the base what looks like trees. At closer look she can tell that one of them is a treediculus and remembers they are dangerous.

“I will be right back.” Haylex says, going invisible and walking towards mushroom patch a the tree. He notices when he harvests the first one that the fungus makes a rattling noise. He takes three more of them and quickly tries to get away. The treediculus spots him and unroots itself from the ground flailing its roots all over the place. It grapples him and then drops him into the mud. Slightly injured, Haylex runs away. “Holy shit, I almost died….let’s go”, Haylex complains to the party. They leave the muddy area and Caleesee creates water to clean off the party.

When they return to the Hag’s hut, Caleesee casts detect evil before they enter. “Why are you here???” the Hag demands. “We brought you what you asked for”, the party reports.”

“How many did you get??!” she asks. “We only got three before we were attacked”, Haylex explains. “Oh there are monsters in the woods?? You don’t say!” she says sarcastically.

Lindethiel looks around for adventurer equipment or kids clothing, but finds nothing.

Sven asks, “Do you know anything about the crazy druid in the west?? Or the ruins to the far west???”

The Hag explains, “Oh, the mad druid and his evil tiger. They kill many and pose as travelers. The ruins you speaks of are inhabited by undead."

”Well, we be on our way. We may be passing through periodically." Haylex says.

“Fine! Fine! Fine!” she replies. The party leaves the hag whom is relieved to get rid of the annoying adventurers.

A day out from the hut the party spots a traveling man and when he gets closer they can tell he is wearing magical gear. Using the scent of her animal, Lindtehiel can tell that there is a predator in the area. “Hello, travelers!” the man says.

Haylex says, “Hello, what are you doing out here alone?? Don’t you know there is crazy druid in the area.”

“Yes, we are going to find him and kill him!”, Sven says holding up his axe towards the man.

“Fine! Kill them!” the traveler says. A tiger comes from the woods and rushes towards him. Kruznic, Garin, Lindethiel and Sven kill both the tiger and the man without much trouble. Tracking back to the crazy man’s lair they find some loot hidden inside a tree.

Trophy Heads, Wedding Festival, Investigations and Heads Roll

Game 21

Game Dates: Gozran (April) 25 – Desnus (May) 2, second year of Svenheim

Having successfully locate the troll lair the party heads back to Svenheim by boat. A couple of days before reaching Svenheim, on Lake Tuskwater, Sven looks down and sees a huge hydra swimming underneath the boat. The hydra hits the boat knocking everyone out and into the water. Haylex begins to drown. Lindethiel’s bager swims over to the hydra and attacks it. The hydra attacks the bager killing it! The faithful companion slowly slips beneath the waters, having done his best to protect his master.

Caleesee start to swim towards shore. Sven swims in front of Calessee to protect her and swings his axe to slice into the creature. Haylex regains his composure and heads towards shore. Garin shoots the hydra injuring it. The hyrdra attacks Sven and Haylex with multiple heads biting into them. Caleesee heals them quickly. Raging, Sven uses his sinks his war axe deeply into the creature, blood and gory flies everywhere! The creature is dead. The party gets the carcass back to shore and burn the body. Sven keeps the skulls of the creature. The party recovers the boat and continues the trip back to town.

Once back, one of the town guards approaches us and tells us of a group in the west that wants to meet with Sven and Haylex.

Haylex hears a rumor that the staglord has to come back to unlife and is leading a undead army. Garin hears that there is a cult of gyrona in town and that the kingdom of Drelev in the west has gone to war with the tiger lords of Numeria.

Garin learns that Hilda and her family are in town for the Wedding Festival and he courts Hilda by bringing her out on the town.

Haylex hears word of Caleesee’s boyfriend being in town and that she claims he is not her boyfriend.

Guards tell Sven that people wish to meet with him and Sven gives them orders to tell the people to meet him in his royal court, the kitchen. A man and a woman show up at his door. The man is tall and very strong looking and the woman is manly looking. Sven introduces himself as Baron and Haylex as Councilor.

The man introduces himself as Lord Loy Rezbin and says, “I have a big family and can bring lots of settlers. I would love to, with your permission to found a settlement and I am hoping you will support me in doing so.” he says and points out where he would like to settle on a map which is the old tantzlewyrm lair.

“We have given to permission to our loggers to get resources there.” Sven explains.

“Why do you want to build in the middle of the woods?” Haylex asks.

“I want to build from the ground up and make a name for myself here. I would like to use the ford there to help build my new town. I have planned this out and believe I can create a thriving economy there.” Loy replies.

“You have to know that south of river is off limits for building, exploring or hunting. Hope you don’t have a problem with the fae because they will be your neighbors forever.” Sven tells him.

Sven and Haylex discuss the offer but decide they can not afford such a start up at the time. Sven tells Loy and his wife that when the time comes, and resources are available to build a town that he will be contacted.

Hilda makes it plainly clear that her father, Larry the Hunter, expects for her to get married. Garin agrees and pops the question to Hilda two days before the wedding festival and she accepts.

At the end of Gozran the Wedding Festival is held and is a huge success, adding some resources to the barony’s funds. Many citizens get married. Both Treasurer Oleg and Spymaster Garin get married during the festival. They are both marrying a daughter of Larry the Hunter. Oleg marries Naudia and Garin marries Hilda, their noble marriages are the highlight of the three day festival.

Caleesee notices more and more trinkets being left on her door step as mysterious gifts. She decides to leave Haylex a note on his door that she needs to speak with him about it.

After the festival Haylex learns from the citizens that a new Gyronna cult is in town. He investigates by asking around and discovers that adulteress women, embittered prostitutes and spurned lovers are likely to be the ones that are in the cult. From the town guards he recieves a list of likely people that fit the description of the cultists.

Kruznic sends a letter to his homeland, Brevoy, warning them about the trolls in case he loses contact with them. They send word that if he rids the lands of the trolls, they will send more resources. He then goes to see the Melianse and her fae friends and asks them for their help to spy on the trolls. She warns him about a goblin army that circles Fort Tuskwater looking for weaknesses.

Haylex recieves his list of suspects and they are:
1) Clemence Coke
2) Nichola Brook*
3) Helen Pecok
4) Katherine Glenham*
5)Eleanor Swan*?
6) Ursula Foxe
7) Sybil Saunders*?
8) Cecily Wake**
9) Christine Clarke**
10) Clarice Pecok**
11) Constance Sparrow**
12) Isabel Cassy

Haylex begins an investigation, visiting each woman on the list with Caleesee following and taking notes. First he goes and sees Clemence, who is a town seemtress. He looks over her carefully trying to see if there are any religious marks anywhere on her. He begins to talk about religion and wierd religion activities. She seems to not know what he is talking about and they crosses her off the list.

Next he goes to see Nichola. They have a pleasant coversation and he gets the feeling that she is hiding something from him. Helen does not seem to know anything. She does not appear to know anything about Gyronna. They puts a star by her name. He then goes to see Katherine and she seemed to be hiding something, being some what invasive. They put a star next to her name. Next is Eleanor, and he does not know whether or not she is hiding anything. They puts a star and a question mark next to her name. Ursula seems to not know anything. When speaking to Sybil he does not know whether or not she is hiding anything. He puts another star and a question mark next to her name. Going to see Cecily, she appears very nervous and seems like she is hiding someone. They put a big star next to her name. Chritine seems highly susipicious. He puts a big star next to her name. Clarice seems to definitely be in the cult and they put “kill this bitch” next to her name. Constance seemed very supicious also. Isabel seems not to know anything.

Haylex decides to pulls Clarice to the side and charms her. He questions her about whether or not she is in the cult. He learns that they meet in a barn outside of town and they are led by Madam Nisca. They are going to meet that night.

Haylex remembers that this particular group of cultist are known for swaping babies with changlings. Haylex gets the Council together and tells them what he has learned. Kruznic is very disturbed to learn that the midwife whom he has hired to help with the delivering of his child is the leader of this cult and that his child was most likely going to be exchanged for changlings.

They discuss what to do and they decide to get thirty militia to surround the barn and they will go inside to confront the cult. When they reach they barn, they notice that the barn and is very well lit. They decide to go inside and when they do a magical alarm goes off. They see a trap door surrounded by hay and figure that everyone is down there. Below they hear several spells being cast and Haylex realizes that the spell is “prayer”.

Sven opens the trap door and sees seven woman standing in the back of the room, holding daggers. Sven charges downstairs and gets attacked by the dagger wielding women. The leader casts a spell on him, a curse. Sven laughs at the feeble attempts of the women and drops his axes so that he can punch the women and subdue them. Haylex casts glitter dust on the leader and very soon the entire cult is captured alive. Haylex sees that every woman that he was supicious of on the list are present. The party questions the leader, Nisca, about whether or not any of the children in town have been changed for changlings and she claims that they have not.

In the corner there is a shrine to Gyronna and Haylex knows destroying it would release a curse. Caleesee uses a blessing on the shrine and rids it of they evil.

The next day at noon all of seven of the cultist are publicly executed for the high crime of attempted murder against Baron Sven. Other charges include conspiracy to swap newborns for monsters and conspiracy to sacrifice the kidnapped children to Gyronna. After the be-headings the cult shrine is publicly destroyed.

Svenheim citizens are relived that the cultists are taken care of and unrest about cult worries disappears.

Dragon Slaying, Dueling Bards, Monster Kingdoms & Drunk Giants.

Game 21

Game Dates: Gozran (April) 16 – 24, second year of Svenheim

After defeating the worgs the party camps out and heals. Calessee gets called away back to Svenheim to deal with High Priestess issues as the rest of the party heads on towards the tantzlewyrm. Up ahead on the river the party sees a beaver dam where the wyrm was last seen by them.

Two tanzlewyrms are seen sunning on the dam, they are unaware of the party. Haylex turns invisible and walks up behind Kruznic to attempt a parley with he beasts. As expected the wyrms are not happy to see the party in their territory and hiss at them before charging Kruznic.

Kruznic charges also, his lance piercing a wyrm. The wryms attack back and entwine Kruznic and blow posionous clouds of gas on him. Garian aims his gun and shots the lanced wyrm dead. Lindentheil’s badger finsihes off the last wyrm. Sven exclaims in disbelief, “What kind of pussy dragons are these!?” The party searches for a lair and finds a small cache of treasure before heading back to Svenheim. The nearby cooachwood tree groove is now free for Korax and his loggers to harvest.

In Svenheim, Kruznic informs the Council that new recruits at Fort Tuskwater have produced 200 trained militia that can be called in the capitol up when needed. Also, 200 kobolds are available from the Sootscale tribe to fight for the barony as vassals.

Lindentheil reveals the disturbing personal message to the Council, her father (High Diplomat Haldir Arolen) has been imprisoned by the elven Winter Counci and set to face trial as a traitor. The reason given was that he was wasting resources making ties with the barbaric human kingdom, Svenheim, when they are art war with Tanglebriar.

Haylex figures out the charges against Lindentheil’s father Haldir are: unlawful expansion of culture and the expenses it encured, having a half-bred bastard son (Kruznic), and abuse of treasury during time of war. Haylex believes he has found a defense, that Kyonin was once a very large kingdom that even encompassed Svenhiem some 3000 years ago. Thus it is possiable to say Lindentheil’s father was investing in the old lands of Kyonin by cultural exchanging with Svenheim. Haylex offers to help and represent Haldir at his trial.

In town the party sees a portly man standing on a box in front of the Yodeling Cock rabble rousing a crowd. He says " Beware of the Baron! He speads your money on whores and his fairy friends in the woods." General Kruznic wants to arrest the man but Baron Sven and Councilor Haylex tell the general that the man is free to voice his opinions in Svenheim as long as he is not hurting anyone.

Councilor Haylex steps foward and says “Dear sir, what is your name!?”. The man replies, “Conselor Haylex, are you back from your adventure to take more from the treasury?

Haylex says, “_Sir, we are clearing area, so that loggers can continue to cut the coachwood that brings money to the town economy. Also, we were ridding the land of a life threatening dragon.”_ Haylex holds up the head of the dragon. “King Sven does not hide behind a throne! He handles the issues of the kingdom himself.”

“Okay where is the theatear you promised us!???", The man retorts.

“Sir, you have a theatear that is being built as we speak! Also, you have a talented bard that visits the Inn to entertain the citizens of the town every other tuesday.”, Haylex responds.

“How soon is that you will start raising the taxes like you did a year ago.”, the man replies loudly.

Haylex retorts, “Sir, we have not raised the taxes for this long and we don’t plan on raising them. Since, the population of our kingdom is up there is no reason to raise them. Sir….where are you from?”

“I am from around…." the man replies.

Hylex reconizes him as someone that has not been here long and that his name is Grigory._ “You were not here, sir to witness any of that. Where did you recieve your information since it is obvious you did not come up with this by your own means.”_

Grigory says, " I have heard these complaints from the people!!"

Haylex offers, “Sir, can we go in have a conversation in private?”

Grigory replies, “As long as I don’t go missing from the night!”

Haylex nods, “Okay, lets go."

Hylex walks with Grigory to the Yodeling Cock inn & tavern. Grigory says to the crowd,_ “Citizens! I will return of the morrow if I do not end up missing in night. If I am not here on the morrow you will know what became of my fate!”_

While inside of the of Yodeling Cock, Hylex attempts to debate Grigory into reason and to stop his rabble rousing but the two mean are at a stand off. Haylex, annoyed he can not persuade the man to reason, attempts to charm Grigory but fails! Grigory is keen on what just happened and casts his own charm person spell in return! Haylex also resists the charm.

Grigory walks yelling that the noble just tried to use his sorcerous evil powers on him with a spell! Haylex claims the same to the crowd. The two men are at a deadlock and Grigory leaves the tavern. Hyalex talks to the remainder of the crowd outside trying to persuade them differently than what Grigory had told them.

Spymaster Garin asks around town and uses his contacts to find out the Grigory is from Rostlin.

Haylex does some digging himself around town and comes up with the information that Grigory that is from the west, from Fort Drelev and that has only been in town for a week. Baron Sven raises the suspicion that Grigory may well be an agent sent to Svenheim to cause unrest in the fledgling nation.

High Preistess Caleesee is suddenly approached by a group of Sootscale kobolds. They tell her, “_All mighty Caleesee, an ambassor from the south would like to make an alliance with us and King Sut’ Scale would like you there while we make proper negoiations.”_

Calessee asks, “An alliance with whom?”

The kobolds explain, “Green creatures…I am not quiet sure.”

Calessee relays the information to the party and Baron Sven decides to send Lindetheil and Kruznic with Calessee, leaving Councilor Haylex and the rest to deal with the Grigory situation in town.

After awhile of Haylex standing outside, attempting damage control, the crowds of people leave for home. DUring his interactions with the people Haylex hears a rumor that there is a wondering hill giant and a evil green dragon in the far south of The Greenbelt.

Calessee happens to notice that Hylex has been talking to her alot lately.

Calessee, Lindetheil, Kruznic, the kobolds and 6 of Kruznic’s men travel a couple of days to Sootscale Caverns. When they arrive they smell a pig roasting over the fire. King Sut’Scale approaches them and says “It is good you showed up to help us negotiate."

He leads the delegation into a room full of trolls, each of them of eating a pig. “Oh, the pinkies are here!" one of the trolls says.

Kruznic keeps a straight face, not showing any fear. “Yes, we have come to help.”

The troll leader, a smart one by the name of Hargulka tells the kobolds, “If you continue to side with the pinkies you will become nothing more than halfling substitutes.”.

Kruznic defends the kobolds in a back and forth with Hargulka.

Calessee finally speaks up, “Did you prevent their entire race from being slowly picked off? Did you prevent them from being led by a evil leader? Did you protect them? Are you going to protect them?”

Before he can answers, Calessee demands, “The answer to all those questions, are no. You are doing nothing, but coming here insulting them. We have protected them and will will continue to protect them in the future.”

The kobolds are easily swayed by the words of their ‘goddess’ Calessee and refuse to join an alliance with the trolls. Hargulka is displeased and engages into insults with General Kruznic for the rest of the night. Kruznic learns that Hargulka is trying to grow a ‘monster kingdom’ and that they will fight all whom oppose them.

After the delegation returns to Svenheim, Caleesee sends for her family and friends to come live in Svenheim. Jacob, an old crush from her past comes along, even after Caleesee made it clear that she did not want him here. He introduces himself to the party as Caleesee’s boyfriend!

With the disturbing news that Hargulka is gathering an aggressive kingdom of monsters Sven tells General Kruznic to send scouts to gather information for troll activity in the south. Eight of the ten hired scouts eventually return but with no useful information.

Baron Sven orders General Kruznic to set out with Garin and scout to the south himself. But after further discussion it is determined that even with problems in the town that the entire party would be more successful in the mission. Councilor Haylex stays behind to continue his damage control in Grigory’s wake.

The party goes south by boat, the quickest means of travel. They go down Lake Tuskwater and into the Candlemere where they see a tower on an island and a wooden fortress to the west at the mouth of a river. They have no time to investigate and mark the places on their maps.

As the party enters into the southern flow of River Shrike they land and scout the hills to the south. It is not even a day before they upon a childlike hill giant. Calessee casts detect evil to find out he is not. The party speaks to him and gives him what alcohol they have as a bribe. The giant tells them that Hargulka wouldn’t take him even though he likes to fight.

When the giant pulls out a map carved on a cow carcass, Lindentheil and Sven notice several places on his map. One place is a keep to the northwest and another is a camp to the southwest. They ask about the places on the map. The giant replies that the keep is haunted and he stays away. About the camp he says that is where the trolls live.

Having found what they were looking for the party gets back into their boats for the return trip to Svenheim.

A Fiery Anger and the Elven Wedding Planner

Game 19

Game Dates: Gozran (April) 6 – 14, second year of Svenheim

Joesph, one of the coachwood loggers whom was forbidden to log Melianse’s trees was captured after setting several fires throughout Svenheim, inlcuding General kruznic’s home. Baron Sven put Joseph into Kruznic’s hands for judgement since it was his home that was damaged. Kruznic sent him to Fort Tuskwater to work for ten years.

High Councilor Haylex speaks with the people and tries to calm the bad feelings among the population due to the anti-logging decree. Haylex discovers the people are happy that criminals are being handled and the economy is booming. Although the citizens do bemoan the need for more entertainment and that the taxes are too high.

High Diplomat Lindetheil discussed with the party about having her wedding to Marshal Kaldarin Larvus. She proposed a lavish wedding, as would be normal for an elf of her family’s status. The party decided to pay 4000 gp from their own pockets to host the nobles and elf wedding guests from the elven nation of Kyonin for a week. The hope is that the wedding will help establish diplomatic and economic ties with Kyonin and that it will help improve the kingdom in the future.

Talk about moving the Tantzlwyrm has come up among the Council. Doing so would free up the coachwood trees found around it’s lair for logging. Haylex argues it is a win-win; it would open the area for development and the unrest from the loggers could be quelled when they get the rights to log the new coachwood.

In the middle of the journey to the tantzlewyrm lair the party is ambushed by a group of dire wolves led by a worg. The party fights them off, but the battle was hard and Calessee almost out of healing power.

Cleaning Up After Garin, Gnomes In The Woods and A Rocky Negotiation

Game 18

Game Dates: Pharast (March) 27 – Gozran (April) 5, second year of Svenheim

The Leadership Council confronts Spymaster Garin about the traitorous rumors that he has hired bandits to kidnap a lowly prostitute. Garin admits that a prostitute had given him an disease and he was worried about the political fallout if word of it got out. He says that through contacts he had paid for the prostitute to be taken and dropped off in a faraway town with some money. Garin claims he had no idea that bandits were involved.

Dismayed, the Leadership Council verbally reprimands Garin and unites behind Baron Sven’s call to get the girl back to right this wrong. The Council starts by questioning Garin’s contacts, some scared farm laborers, whom claim they passed the job on to some local bandits. They point towards a construction foreman in Svenheim whom is forced to pay the bandits protection money every week. After speaking with Foreman Joe he says he will be paying the bandits that night. The Council hides around the construction site, surrounding it, and wait on the bandits.

After the bandits show up the leader yells out for the mercenaries to show themselves or he will kill the foreman. Obviously, these are competent bandits, not what was expected. Baron Sven shows himself and offers to talk but the bandit stabs Foreman Joe in the gut anyway. Enraged, Sven charges the leader as the rest of the Council advance towards the fight. Foreman Joe, still alive, is killed when the bandit leader throws a javelin of lighting at Sven getting them both. The Council finishes up the fight; Sven punches the crap out of the leader on the ground capturing him.

Questioning the captured bandit the Council finds out that he took the job from the contacts to kidnap the prostitute and then left the girl dead in a ditch outside of town. The Council executes the bandit and has his body displayed in the town square with a sign saying that banditry will not be tolerated against the citizens of Svenheim. The body of the prostitute is found and the Council makes Garin put her in a proper grave. Later, Baron Sven suggests that Garin be stripped of his Spymaster position for abusing his power. The rest of the Council decides to give Garin a second chance instead.

The Council goes out to explore and when coming up on a fast flowing river, the party hears sounds of unintelligible echoes. In the fast flowing Skunk River, there is a caravan of gnomes. Hung up on a rather large rock, is a cart with two horses attached to it. Sven and Kruznic quickly hop off their horse, heading towards the cart. Sven effortlessly picks up the cart and puts it on the shore. The gnomes try to help Sven and Kruznic out of the water as much as they can.

Sven signals for the rest of the party to follow and everyone makes there way across the river. Calessee, who is not a very skilled swimmer, believes that stripping naked will help her swim better. Looking around, the party can see that the entire group of gnomes has been beaten pretty badly. Questioning them, they find out that they had been in a brutal fight with a group of Kobolds. Caleesee looks down at Mack Mack, who for some reason is incredibly drunk. She pushes him behind her, hoping the gnomes don’t notice. The gnomes reveal that the kobolds whom attacked them are from further south and not the Sootscales.

Talking more to the gnomes, they learn that their leader, Narthropple, is a cartographer whose goal is to map the entire Greenbelt region. He has taken very extensive notes on everything he encounters. Haylex makes a deal with him to exchange information about nearby areas and Sven documents the information about a crazy druid and old ruins to the west. Narthropple tells us that if we happen to find more hidden items in these areas to return to him and he will give us more information. Sven offers to give Narthropple a job as a cartographer after he finishes his goal of mapping the region.

The party came upon an angry water Fae that was having a standoff against loggers. The party listened to both sides. The loggers wanted the valuable coachwood trees and don’t consider them the property of a fae whom could move elsewhere. Melianse, the water fae, claimed the trees are hers and that the loggers have no right to kill them. She charmed Kruznic to enlist his help but the party just put him to sleep with Haylex’s spell then tied him up with a gag.

During an often volatile negotiation a back and forth discussion ensued. When Melianse grew upset she attempted to use her fae charming power again. Garin took offense and thought he was protecting his friends by opening fire on Melianse. The party rescued the loggers and they all flee to the woods after Baron Sven orders everyone to leave the fae alone.

Afterwards the party enlisted the help of a fae friend, Falchos, and they were able to calm Meianse down. Melianse revealed that the coachwood trees are part of her land and that they help sustain her ‘life force’. Understanding this, Baron Sven, promised Melianse that her lands will never be harmed. Melianse insisted on sealing the deal with a kiss; afterwards she game Baron Sven a ring or protection and vowed she would watch over all of Svenheim’s citizens along the rivers.

The Curious Case of Svenheim's Werewolf, Spymaster Blues and "She Said How Many Babies!?"

Game 17

Game Dates: Pharast (March) 21 – Pharast 27 , In the Second Year of Svenheim

The Council gathers to see what’s going on with the slaughtered sheep. Observing the sheep, Haylex can tell that these were probably killed by a werewolf. Haylex recalls hearing about a similar situation that happened in town at the Yodeling Cock Inn (yes, that really is its name) where one barmaid and two horses were found killed.

Lindetheil’s asks her companion badger to track the werewolf from the sheep. The badger believes that it went in one direction, but Haylex can tell for sure that the tracks are going in opposite direction. Thinking the badger is confused the party follows the tracks Haylex found; the tracks soon turn into human tracks and lead into town. The tracks lead right to the Yodeling Cock Inn, the party reaches the inn at about nine at night and it is very crowded.

Once inside Sven asks for the to proprietor whom recognizes the baron and the Council. The Inn Keeper is bald with facial hair on only one side, he introduces himself as Richard Cranium. He is sitting behind the bar watching a very inexperienced young boy clean tables. Sven asks him if he asks any new tenants or employees. The keep replies he has several of both. Haylex asks Sven quietly if it is wise to inform him of what is going on. Sven looks over the bar at the man’s boots, which are very worn, but also pretty clean. Sven agrees against telling the inn keep why they are there.

Lindetheil sends her bager to sniff around and he stops at a table that has only one guy sitting at it. The bager growls and shows his teeth at him. Haylex apologizes for the bager’s actions and calls Lindethiel over to retrieve it. The man introduces himself as Tim and offers Haylex a drink.

Haylex turns on the charm and finds out that Tim has been here for a few months. He offers him another drink and he accepts it, even though he has not yet drank the first. Haylex waits and continues to talk to him until he becomes very drunk. “Do you have a place to stay tonight, my good sir?”, asked Haylex. “Well…..I usually just sleep right here. I save my money for the important stuff.” he says holding up his glass. “Oh well…you are welcome to sleep at my place.” Haylex says. “You are so much nicer than the gentleman I had drinks with last night. It must be cold for him out there, leaving his jacket behind and all”, Tim says.

Thinking about it, Haylex picks up the jacket and brings it over to the bager. The bager growls at it and Haylex realizes he has the wrong guy. He questions the owner and finds out the man drinking with Tim last night was named Kundall and that he has a room at the inn. Richard, the inn keep, leads the party to Kundall’s room and they knock several times on the door. When they recieve no answer, Kruznic debates on whether or not to knock down the door. Luckily, Richard produced a key and he is told to stay outside in the hallway as this if official Council business only Searching the room, Lindetheil finds a human ear with an ear ring underneath the bed. “There’s the barmaid’s ear ring!!!” Richard gasps behind the party. Sven yells in disbelief, “Whom let him in!?”

The party debates how to get Kundall, the suspected werewolf. They talk about waiting in hiding at the room or trying their luck in searching the town at night. Since it is a full moon night they decide to risk a town search and rush out into the streets of Svenheim.

Sven spots a shadowy figure jumping from roof to roof and can make out that it is indeed a werewolf. Sven alerts his friends but not in time as the werewolf jumps down and kills a woman walking down the street.

Garin attempts to shoot, but his gun has complications and he misses. Sven quickly charges in raging at the murderous creature. With a silver ax in each hand he slashes into the werewolf causing him pain from the silver. Lindethiel sends her bager in to attack with his claws. The werewolf bites Sven, injuring him. Sven laughs at the werewolf and Caleesee quickly heals him. Kruznic charges next and with a huge swing chops the beast’s head off with his great sword.

The town guards come running up after the werewolf is dead. Sven orders them to find the family of the woman who died by the hand of the werewolf. Over the next week Haylex spreads the word of our victory through out the town, giving credit to the Baron and thus raising the citizens loyalty towards the crown.

The next day Sven sends a summons to Fred the Hunter and his three daughters with the intention of calling in an old debt. Back before Svenheim, Sven had helped Fred by giving him a new bow and equipment after the bandits had robbed Fred of everything and left him to die. In return Fred offered the hand of one of his daughters if the Stag Lord was defeated.

Sven gives Haylex orders to speak to Fred the Hunter and explain that the Baron wishes a daughter to be wedded to Treasurer Oleg Leveton. Fred is delighted and Oleg is brought in to be informed of the arrangements. Also delighted, Oleg chooses to marry the eldest (and stunningly beautiful) daughter Naudia. Sven is pleased, and hopes that this gesture will help mend bridges between him and Oleg. Baron Sven sets the wedding date for the next Gozran Wedding Festival which is a month away.

Dreadful news arrives at Baron Sven’s door when Executioner Keston Garris informs him about a disturbing conversation he had with Spymaster Garian Loxley. It seems Garian asked Keston what the best way would be of getting rid of somebody. Keston said he balked at the very idea and was honor bound to inform the Baron.

High Councilor Haylex and Sven meet in private to discuss news that the High Councilor had learned from talking with the citizens. It seems there is a rumor going around that a noble has gotten a disease from a low prostitute and that the prostitute has disappeared. People say bandits were hired and she was taken away to be a sex slave. Haylex said he did some checking and there is indeed a missing prostitute of ill-repute and the people are talking about it.

The Baron is angered that a citizen of Svenheim would be kidnapped and that Garian would hire enemies of the crown. Sven fears this may be a treasonable act and vows the Council must do everything they can to get the girl back. Both men inform the rest of the Council, minus Garian, and they decide to confront Garian.

Despite the bad news there is also some good news. Aleesha, wife to General Kruznic, announces she is 7 months with child. Kruznic is happy but forbids his wife from continuing her traveling merchant business while pregnant. Which was the very reason Aleesha hid the news from him for so long.

And more good news, Baroness Svetlana, Sven’s wife, had been pregnant for about 5 months. But something seems odd about the pregnancy now. High Priestess Calessee does a check up and reveals that Svetlana is most likely with quadruplets! Sven, for once in his life, is left speechless.

More Stupid Bandits, A Dead Unicorn and To The Rescue of Hunted Fae

Game 16

Game Dates: Pharast (March) 6 – Pharast 21, in the second year of Svenheim

While exploring to the west of Tuskwater, through the woods, Sven spots five guys from a distance that look to be bandits carrying stolen goods. Sven brings it to everyone’s attention and they began to head towards them with Kruznic leading the way on horse.

As soon as they leave the covering of the trees, several shots were fired at Kruznic, Sven and Lindethiel. Sven charges one of the bandits on his horse and with a leap from the saddle tackles him to the ground. Garin grapples another one and takes him down. Kruznic takes out two bandits while Sven and Garin wrestles their victims into submission. The two bandits being beaten on the ground surrender as well as the last bandit still standing on his feet.

By questioning the bandits, the party finds out that the bandit who escaped in the Stag Lord encounter is named Dove\an. They question them about where Dovan is located and the bandits point at a place on the map that is out of their charter. The tell the bandits to lead the way to Dovan and began to follow the prisoners.

After two days of following them, the party begins wondering if the badnits are actually telling the truth and Kruznic threatens to kill them if they are lying. Looking down at her bager, Lindethiel says " I hope you are hungry.". The bandits are obviously intimidated and one of them immediately begins to speak up. He says that there is actually no encampment and that they have been leading everyone in the wrong direction in order to get us killed for trespassing. Kruznic immediately executes the two that didn’t speak up. They find out the remaining bandit is named Skylen and that Dovan is now in charge of new bandits in the region. Kruznic decides to let Skylen live and take him back to town to be reformed.

They continue on exploring the forest and from the distance Garin can see what looks to be a wingless white dragon sitting on a rock at the edge of the Skunk River. Lindethiel can tell that this a tantzlewyrm and that it is poisonous. Caleesee remembers Oleg saying that he wanted the head of this animal, unharmed of course, as a conversation piece for his trading post. Suddenly, the creature hisses a warning in draconic and disappears into the water. The river here is very fast flowing and it was dammed up by logs. They decide not to harm the animal and to move on.

Further to the west the party comes across an area that looks as though no animals have inhabited in a very long time. Lindethiel notices several rare flowers and decides to put one in her bag. They make camp and when Lindetheil wakes the next morning she discovers she is covered in pollen. She spends part of the morning sneezing and trying to get it off of her. She also notices her pet is very drunk, but it eventually wears off. Inspecting the flower closer, she can see a pillow, blanket and a small lantern. Seeing this, she realized she had disturbed some tiny Far’s home. The pollen and drunk badger was most likely it’s revenge.

Exploring the area more, it is discovered a clearing where statue that is covered in thorns. They can tell that is a statue of a deer headed man. Caleesee can tell that this is statue of of the god Erastil. Lindetheil tries to figure out if it is surrounded by magic. She discovers it is, but she is unable to figure out what kind of magic.

Exploring the forest further south the next day, the party still notices no animal activity. Looking around, they see a swamp area surrounded in bugs and a pond fill with blood colored water. In the middle of the foul bog they see a white horse that seems to be dead, sticking head first in the swamp. For some odd reason it is one of the only things that is not covered in bug or maggots. Also, it looks like it is not rotting as well. Lindetheil thinks that maybe the water is red because of the red clay surrounding the pond. Caleesee can tell that the magic aura on the horse is necromancy. Garin debates on whether or not to walk out into the foul bog to the horse, but decides against it. Lindethiel summons a horse and gets it to walk around in the pond to see if anything will happen, but nothing does. They decide to come back to this enigma at a later time.

After a couple days of exploring more, they come across a gorgeous girl with fiery red hair weeping next to a pond. She has a small bright bird with red feathers perched on her shoulder and she seems to be wearing nothing, but thorns. Hiding behind a nearby tree, Haylex sees a satyr. Lindetheil knows the girl is either a Fae or a nymph. She communicates with the woman and finds out that there is a monster nearby that attacks local animals and eats the local Dryads. The creature is known as a Skyth Tree and that it is nearby. Sven promises to help the Fae because neighbors help neighbors in the wilderness. The woman points at a game trail and tells us that it will lead us straight there.

Sven asks the satyr to show us the way and when the party reaches it, they notice several bones, some possibly dryad, at the base of a large normal looking tree. Kruznic cautions that maybe the tree isn’t dangerous afterall. Sven says he made a promise to help and throws a throwing ax at the tree. The tree bleeds and lets out a wine. Sven throws another ax and roots suddenly spring up from the ground as the tree rushes forward.

The tree attacks Sven, Garin and Kruznic. Kruznic is knocked down and roots grab him, dragging him closer to the trees toothy maw. Lindetheil begins to summon an animal and her bager tries to attack, but misses. The satyr runs up and pulls Kruznic five backwards from danger. Lindethiel’s summoned wolf appears. Sven uses his rage to set his ax on fire and he hits the tree with a flaming ax. Kruznic uses his lance to slice into the tree. Garin attempts to shoot, but misses. The bager runs up and rips the tree to pieces. Sven hails the badger for it’s battle awesomeness.

The satyr thanks them and Kruznic tells him the location of the kingdom, so he can contact us if are ever in trouble again. Lindethieil questions him about whether of not the tantzlewyrm is evil. The satyr explains that he is not openly evil. He warns us to avoid the swamp to the north. Lindetheil explains that we have already been there and describes what she saw to him. He looks surprised at the mention of the horse and he decides to investigate.

They accompany the satyr to the bog where he begins to weep. When they reach the area with the dead horse the satyr begins to pray continuously and becomes frantic. The party quickly gets him out of there. That is when the satyr reveals that that the horse was actually a unicorn.

They all agree to go back for it and give it a proper burial. Kruznic uses his horse to pull the animal out. Looking at the unicorn, Lindetheil can tell that the creature was blinded before it died. She questions the satyr about how they should go about burying it and he says that he will take care of it. Satisfied the party heads back to Svenheim only to discover a flock of slaughtered sheep.

Svenheim a Year Later and the Druid's 'New 'Pet'.

Game 15

Game Dates: Sarenith (June) – Pharast (March)

After a year of working hard to found a barony, the following is achieved:

The first year was froth with economic hardships but the leaders laid down a foundation of the barony with a Norse style village and many farms to feed the new stream of settlers.

Svenheim (Town)

Population: 1,250
Base Value: 1,700 gp

1 Housing block
1 Pier
1 Inn
1 Smithy
1 Mill

Svenheim Barony:

1 town
5 hexes
4 roads
4 farms
1 gold mine

One year after the barony founding, Grand Diplomat Lindethiel’s envoys have managed to make contact with a nearby settlement in the east. The settlement is led by Magar Varn and named Varnhold. Everyone can remember him from long ago, when our former party member, Wind Stark bartered with him in order to get a map that we needed. Magar Varn has invited us for a visit to come enjoy the fruits of his labor.

The council debates on whether or not to except his invitation. Baron Sven finally decides to just have High Councilor Hylex write a polite letter thanking him for the the invite but declines due to pressing matters and extends an invitation in return.

TO the north of Svenheim, on the road the party built leading to Oleg’s Post, bandits strike. The bandit that escaped during the fight with the Stag Lord has organised men and is attempting to rob a caravans. Fortunately, the merchants hire mercenaries to guard the caravans and the problem solves itself.

The party sets out to explore to the west of Svenheim and come across an area filled with thorns. As annoying as the thorns are they press on to the west, into the forest. In the forest, they hear noises of a tasmanian devil and Lindethiel tries to track it. She follows it and reaches a pit where the animal is trapped. She can tell that the trap seems pretty old.

Lindethiel throws down a piece of deer sausage and the animal eats it greedily. She can tell the creature is very hostile, being a cornered animal that is of no surprise. She continues to feed the animal and communicates with it using animal speech. After trying for hours to make it friendly she finally succeeds. She ties a rope around it neck until she is able to fully train it. With a new pet for the druid the party returns to Svenheim to secure the animal.

The Founding of Svenheim, All Hail the New Nobles!

Game 14.5

Game Dates: Pharast (March) 1st – Desnus (May) 30th

When the party returned with the Stag Lord’s head to Oleg’s Post they are greeted with cheers of triumph. Aleesha the merchant informs her lover Kruznic that a huge caravan will be arriving from Brevoy within two weeks. It will have all the resources and manpower to begin a new nation, one to be ruled, and built, by the charter holders as they see fit.

After the Brevoy caravan arrives advisers speak with the adventurers to help them begin the nation building. The party discusses leadership roles, every member agrees that the leadership council should not be a dictatorship but that all will have a say in important matters. They also agree to be silent to anyone else about the council agreement so that future citizens do not know that the ruler is not an absolute ruler.

After much debate a vote is made for ruler; Kruznic, Sven and Hylex are the nominees. Kruznic wins the vote to become ruler and by default Sven becomes General. However, after more debate, it is decided to make Sven the ruler and Kruznic the general. It seems Kruznic had much more interest in being general of the military and that Sven had more interest in leading the nation.

The other leadership roles are more easily filled as every party member had a role they felt best suited for. Hylex was a shoe in for High Councilor, making him the ultimate communicator for and with the people. Lindetheil’s father is a High Diplomat so that role was in her blood. Calessee took the mantle of High Priestess, a job that suits her charm and oracle abilities. Garian was at first made Assassin but later changed to Spymaster, not a perfect fit for him but he enjoyed the challenges of the role.

Leadership roles left vacant are filled by others outside of the party. Hylex represents the party and uses his persuasion to talk each person into the job. The biggest hold outs are Jhod and Keston Garris. Jhod had no interest in being a leader until Hylex convinced him it is best for the stability of the region and for the best interest of his rediscovered temple. Keston had no interest in being an Executioner and it took some fancy word-smithing by Hylex to bring forth a sense of honor from Keston so that he would help build and protect the new nation.

The new Leadership Council was formed:

Title Name Descriptor Link
Ruler Baron Sven Ragnarsson PC – human barbarian Sven Ragnarsson
Co-Ruler Baroness Svetlana NPC – human spouse (expert) Svetlana
Councilor Haylex Durdan Krull PC – human bard Haylex Durdan Krull
General Kruznic Salvarus PC – half-elf cavalier Kruznic Salvaris
Grand Diplomat Lindetheil Arden PC – elf druid Lindetheil Arolen
High Priestess Calessee Kel’Marcavia PC – half-elf oracle Calessee Kel’Marcavia
Magister Jhod Kavken NPC – human cleric Jhod Kavken
Marshal Squire Walter NPC – human fighter Squire Walter
Royal Assassin Keston Garris NPC – human fighter Keston Garris
Spymaster Garin Loxley PC – human gunslinger Garin Loxley
Treasurer Oleg Leveton NPC – human merchant Oleg Leveton
Warden Sir Kaldarin Larvus NPC – elf knight Kaldarin Larvus

On Pharast (March) 3rd a new nation was founded, Svenheim Barony was born.

A site was chosen for the capitol, in the hills north of Lake Tuskwater and just south of the gold mine. The new town would be named after the new ruler, Svenheim.

In the next few months much building and hard work was to be done by all, including the council. The barony expanded to the north and to the south by making roads and then farms to feed all the new settlers coming in from Brevoy. In Svenheim houses, piers, inns and a lumber mill are constructed as fast as they could be built by the new citizens.

Baron Sven decreed that ‘there would be a wedding’, and so the annual Gozran Wedding Festival had its beginnings. At the festival the Baron married his love Svetlana. The new baroness would rule by her husband’s side using her kind heart and friendly words to compliment Sven’s more aggressive, direct approach.

Also at the festival General Kruznic married his fiancee’ Aleesha, joining the two after a long courtship froth with long absences from one another.

The new nation’s economy was floundering and Sven suspected that Treasurer Oleg may be the cause of it. He sends Hylex to check up on Oleg and his accounting books but Hylex is confident he found no wrong doings. Despite the economic woes settlers continue to pour in by the hundreds looking for a new life where hard, honest work was to be found.

Assault on the Stronghold of the Stag Lord - Part II

Game 14
Game Date: Calistril (February) 24

Through the magical fog Hylax summoned, a man comes running towards us. He says " I’m Bif, the messenger. If you are to deal with the Stag Lord, you will be greatly rewarded." and then quickly runs off. The party stands bewildered but shrug it off and prepare to attack.

Lindetheil begins to summon an eagle, standing behind Kruznic and Sven. From the fort several blind shots are fired into the fog and Kruznic is slightly injured. The party hears someone casting a spell from over the wall and Hylex can tell that it is a summon monster spell.

With the party ready, Hylex casts a spell to project an image of him walking out of the fog. The bandits fire many arrows at the image and it is able to distract the bandits while the party charges the wall. Lindethiel casts warp wood causing the timber wall to create a man-sized opening. The badger through the hole rips one of the bandits throats open.

Linetheil’s summoned eagle flies up and lands on the wall attacking the nearest bow wielding bandit. Sven rages into battle, charging through the wall and knocks one of the bandits backwards. Garin shoots at a bandit atop the wall with an arrow but misses. A bandit’s arrow wizzes towards Garin in return fire and hits him. Inside, a hidden bandit hurdles a dagger inflicting a wicked wound on Sven’s back. A huge bandit slams his big club into Sven, wounding him further. Because Sven is blocking the wall’s opening Kruznic decides to climb it, landing gracefully atop the wall’s catwalk.

Suddenly, one of the bandits comes over to Sven and draws back his weapon. He says “You think you can win this??”. Sven, raging, thinks this is a challenge but is then quickly suprised when then man attacks a nearby bandit! The remaining bandits shoot at the traitor with a puzzled look. Together, Sven and the traitor bandit turn on the huge bandit, wounding him greatly. The huge bandit drops his club and starts to cry. Sven, still raging, swings his axe into the huge bandit’s chest, felling him.

A creature then appears on the wall. Caleesee can tell this is a small fire elemental, able to set anything on fire, vulnerable to spells and cold condition. Lindetheil shoots the elemental with her bow and hits it. The same shifty bandit who attacked Sven with the dagger turns his attention to attack Kruznic, but he fails. Kruznic swings his sword and jabs it into the Stag Lord, injuring him. Hylex casts a spell, causing the Stag Lord to laugh uncontrollably. Kruznic takes advantage of Hylex’s spell and easily dispatches the Stag Lord. The bager uses his teeth and claws to tear one of the remaining bandits to shreds. Lindethiel shoots at the elemental again, this time slaying it. The shifty bandit runs off towards a building.

Without warning, a loud noise echos through the encampment. Lindetheil and Sven earnestly believe there is a red dragon nearby. Hylex knows that it is actually an owl bear. Sven sneaks over to the building where the noise is coming from and peaks through the door. Inside he sees the shifty bandit whom injured him during the battle and watches as he opens a cage with an enraged owl bear inside of it. The shifty guy quickly runs out of the building before anyone can react. Sven courageously charges the owl bear and with a leaping, powerful swing with his ax chops the beast’s head off.

Garin runs up the wall and flips over it, landing on his feet with ease. Looking around, he sees the shifty bandit trying to escape unnoticed. He quickly pursues on the rooftops but the fleeing bandit is quick and is about to get over the wall. Garin raises his gun to shoot but he misses and the man escapes.

Hylex begins to question our newly acquired ally, the traitor bandit. The man says his name is Akiros and explains there is a prisoner held in the basement and that he is the previous Stag Lord. Akiros admits to them being a murderer and a thief. Hylex remembers that he is wanted in Issia. That he was an ex-paladin that killed the girl he was having an affair with. When her husband found out about the affair, she lied claiming she was raped and forced into the affair. When Akios found out he killed them both in a blind rage.

The party decides to visit the previous Stag Lord in the dungeon and ask Akiros to take us there. He leads us to the door way of a room that smells strongly of alcohol. Akiros explains that the man is a druid and is a drunk, but that he is also very dangerous and powerful. He further explains how the new Stag Lord would beat him constantly to keep him in his place. Hylex decides to go in to talk to the prisoner with Akiros accompanying him.

Looking around, Hylex sees several bottles that cover a good bit of the floor and several rations piled up in the corner. “I hear that you are tired of being beat”, Hylex says to the druid. “That’s true…..I was a much better ruler in my day”, he replies. “I bet. I want to get you out of here, but we have to pose you as a prisoner to do so”, Hylex slyly lies. The prisoner looks reluctant, but agrees. Hylex and Akios gags the man, blindfold him and ties the prisoner’s hands.

Hylex, Kruznic and Sven discussing the situation about the ex-Stag Lord prisoner. After much consideration, they decide to execute him for his crimes of murder and banditry. Justice is quickly carried out.


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