Kingmaker: Lures of Majesty

Bandit Camp Overran & Rumors of The Stag Lord

Game 3-
Lamashan 12 – 15

Jon, the captured bandit, began to once again trying to lead the party to the bandit incampment. By leading us, I mean after walking us around in circles and giving us nothing more than “It was next to a river.” and " I know it’s somewhere in the woods….on the border or forrest and plains.". Finally, Lindetheil noticed some horse tracks on the edge of the Thorn River and we followed them to a bandit imcampment.

Garin and Sven scouted ahead, as the rest of the party followed behind. Failing to properly hide themselves, the bandit standing in the guard tower began to fire shots at Sven and Garin (causing Sven to become wounded) Kruznic, shoots him down with his bow and arrow and Sven downs another with a throwing axe.

They observe the camp site only to see six bandits and one female leader. Two bandits are next to a fire, two more are next to a nearby tent, the leader stood several feet from the party and the last two bandits stood behind her. Lindetheil fires some arrows at the first two bandits next to fire and Sven throws his axe at one of them and charges in berzerk rage. Garin stands behind the party and begins to fire shots at the leader. Kruznic makes his way towards the leader and knocks her unconsicous, just as she is on the brink of dying. The two bandits next to the camp flee and are chased by Sven, still in berzerker lust, whom overtakes them in the woods and chops them dead. The remaining bandits surround Kruznic and the rest of the party surrounded them. The bandits dropped their weapons and surrender. The party immediately tied up the surrendering bandits and the unconsious leader.

The bandits are interrogated, they are eager to talk to save their lives, except for the leader. The bandits claim that a bandit lord by the name of ‘The Stag Lord’ is planning to take over the region with his bandits. They claim he is a mountain of a man, drinks like a fish and say he always wears a mask that makes some bandits believe it is his real face. The Stag Lord’s fortress is said to be further south through the wilderness and near a lake.

The party decides to spend the night in the bandit imcampment. Hylex makes rabbit stew with the rabbit Lindetheil’s pet caught. Lindetheil and Kruznic take guard in the watch tower. The rest of the party makes camp and lays down for the night. Hylex is awoken in the middle of the night to see his backpack has rollen into a nearby mud puddle. He finds out by picking up his book bag that it is frozen solid. He sees a small fairly walk out his bookbag. He then tries to speak to the fairy and it runs off in the woods. He then sees dancing lights appear in front of him and Lindetheil sees a devark (ghost of a suffered child) standing about fifteen feet away from Hylex. Suddenly, moans can be heard from the middle of the incampment and the noise wakes the party. As, Caleesee walks out of her tent the devark heads towards her. Garin pulls out his gun and shots it. The devark explodes in between Caleesee and Hylex, giving them both the babonic plague.

The next day, the party attempts to get information from the female bandit leader. She makes fun of Sven and the barbarian takes offense at a woman insulting his prowess. Sven attempts to fling a throwing axe at her. He misses and hits Caleesee instead. Sven takes another swing at the bandit leader (Caleesee moves away quickly) and kills her with a throwing hammer to the face, executing the leader in a fit of anger. After the party decides to bring the other two bandits with them to Oleg’s Trading Post. On the way there, while walking through the woods Lindetheil and Caleesee gets hit with a bee hive. Mischievious fairies strike again, these appear to be blue-skinned goblins known as Mites. Ignoring it, they keep riding, albeit faster.

When the party arrives at Oleg’s, they are greeted by several militas and a Sargent Keston Garris. Kruznic updated him on the party’s progress and on his plan to make the captured bandits repay their dept to society. Keston asks if the party has came across a guy named Fragen Sneed and then explains their is a bounty out for him for killing a merchant leading of a caravan that Keston was guarding. Fragen is wanted dead or alive and Kruznic promises to keep a look out for him. The party will recieve weapons if he is found.

Hylex sees a guy at Oleg’s and reconizes him as Jerod Coven, a guy who is form the Nomaria and that he is a priest. He worships Aristotle and has a neutral alignment. Hylex remembers hearing that Jerod was a town near North Issia and he was convinced that a guy who lived in town was a werewolf and had him lynched. Turns out the guy was innocent and it was a dire wolf doing all the killing in the town. Hylex asks Jerod to cure him and Caleesee. He agrees, but asks for a favor in return. He asks that we try to find a temple of his god that is located in the woods and explore it because he had lost it’s location. Hylex gives him his word and they are healed.

Later that night, the party treats themselves to a nice meal. Little did the party realize at the time but Sven had been missing for most of the earlier evening … Svetlana was also absent. Kruznic buys the captured bandits some food and sits at the bar to enjoy his meal. A gorgeous red headed girl, named Aleesha sits down next to him. Kruznic learns she is a merchant and that she is only here to look for a few things to buy. She ask him several questions about himself and they head to bed. Being that there a very few beds, Kruznic gives her his bed and sleeps on the floor next to her bed. The next morning, he finds her gone and the scarf that she was wearing the following night laying across his chest when he wakes up.

A Rift Emerges, a Wizard Booted

Game 2-
Lamashan 6 – 12

We began using our new map to explore the lands. Our captured bandit, Jon, from the combat at Oleg’s Trading Post when we ambushed the bandits starts to lead us to where he believes the bandit camp is located. Traveling through the woods, we came across a traveler. Wind approachs the traveler and begins to question him about the location of a bandit camp, offering him 30g to lead us there. Wind motioned for the party to come to him. Meanwhile, those pesky fairies unattached Garin’s dogs from his dog sled. Garin and Sven stay behind to attach the dogs back to the sled. The party rides to Wind on their horses. Hylex, the bard notices immediately that the traveler is hiding something. Kruznic questions him about what is hiding and he admits that he is a reformed bandit. Hylex senses his motive once again and picks up that the traverler is nervous about something. Kruznic and Wind continue questioning him about the wereabouts of a bandit camp. Wind then tries to haggle with him some more. He refuses and replies “Fuck you” to Kruznic. Kruznic tramples him with his horse and proceeds to arrest him. Hylex then tries to intimidate him, trying to persuade him to lead us to bandits. The traveler replies with yet another “Fuck you” and Kruznic jabs him in the eye with his lance. Wind is very upset with the events and demands a trial to put Kruznic to death for the killing of an innocent. He looks to the party for their thoughts on it.

( The following occured as email RP ):

Kruznic: “Since we are all supposed to be working together as a group, the Captain of the Guard will no longer perform executions unless more the half of the group sees it for the better good and lawful. Sorry if i have seemed a little agressive with the laws, i guess we need to come to the understanding that sometimes that laws can mean different interpetaions to other people, we will be nobles in this land soon enough and it will be up to us to govern and punish how we see fit to better run the lands. So i am sorrry for taking matters into my own hands tonight and i ask fellow comrades for forgivness, we need to all act more like the nobles we will one day be instead of ruthless dictators, other wise we will never rule with love but only fear, and a kingdom run with fear will never have a great era. remeber God, King, family, friends, the people, then money.”

Garen: “I agree we need to be a council of one mind and voice when we come across those we are to punish, and if only 50% of the group agrees and the other 50% disagree then more deliberation needs to take place, so that it’s a democracy and not a dictatorship like tonight’s example, or else we aren’t any better than those we punish. Today’s example of how one can interpret the law, pass judgement of the law, and execute the law by interpreting it in their own mind and not in unison brings up a very good point of how when we let our emotions take control of us how we can act on our own accord and alienate ourselves from our fellow adventures. So Kruznic, my friend and fellow adventurer, I forgive you of your hasty actions because of your rash thinking that drove you to do what you did. Now we all have done things at one point that we may not be proud of, but like you’ve always said everyone can be given a second chance, I agree as I am doing with you in this matter and what’s makes you 100% different those the majority of the bandits we have and will come across is that you’ve recognized your wrong doings and have sought us out seeking redemption for your actions, but remember we have the tools and means to know if someone is lying to get out of an execution and letting that party off because of simply thinking everyone can be redeemed is foolish thinking, because a bandit who lies, steals, rapes, murders, etc will say anything, lie, to get away so that they can do so again, but if we use our tools together and find out that they are telling the truth then by all means we should try and redeem and accept them without passing judgement on them in our hearts and minds. So my friend, from me to you, all is forgiven and you have redeemed yourself in my eyes. Welcome back!”

Wind: “I believe a full court needs to be held to judge his sincerity or guilt in the matter of the massacre of an innocent, helpless man that was no threat and just trying to earn a living in this cruel world. A cruel world made worse by Kruznic actions, giving aid to the bandits by murdering our only real lead as to their location. A location he helped covered up, just when Wind was successfuly negotiating to receive that location. Wind believes any wrong doing and murder the bandits have done over the last few days is at the help of Kruznic, and he should be held accountable as an accomplice. Let’s go back to Oleg’s and have a proper trial.”

Hylex: “If the court is to be held the entire party will be on trial. We are just as guilty for this mans execution. The Captain did exactly what he was supposed to do, he carried out an execution for adding the bandits and did so by giving multiple chances for intervention or redemption. The Captain asked twice for assistance in restraining the man with Calessee and Loxely being the only ones to repond by saying they would not touch the prisoneer. I myself didnt want to touch or go near him so I tried to convience him to be truthful in the information he was giving, he was not and he would not yield to the Captain, so the sentence was just. Captain Kruznic, after hearing Wind’s attempt to rid you of the party, I am certain he is trying to gain control over the group with outlandish claims because he fears you and the rank you carry, I will gladly accompany you back to Restov with any one else who wants to go to reform a group that will explore a new sector. You only decide to call it a crime after the Captain apologized for being too stern. Captain no apology is needed, you served the Gaurd and you King well.”

Lindethiel(Melody): “I dont know much in the way of foreign laws but I can say that we all..including you wizard…stood by and did nothing when kruznic asked for assisstance in securing this man and taking him back to Olegs. No trial is needed. The only thing I see as needing question on is your want and need for this power and control over people in this group. If I remember correctly, the bard was the one who put this group together, so why dont we let him and the captain lead for now at least. I have more faith in a man of honor than in a man of wanting power. Power leads to things if evil as I have seen. No good can come from you leading right now.”

Caleesee: “Before I say what I need to I will say that I am not faulting anyone. I believe that Kruznic truly thought that the traveler was hiding something other than him just being a recovered bandit. I also believe there was a misunderstanding in the party and that Kruznic was looking out for the good of the party. I do not believe a trial is nessesary in this case. Kruznic is sorry for what he has done and he apologized to the group. If it was not for the misunderstanding he would not have taken that action towards the situation. From what I see so far, he is a firm believer of the law and he would not have done it if it was not for the misunderstanding. I am not faulting the bard though……so there is my vote. Wind I beg of you to accept his apology and continue on our journey to rid these lands of bandits and make it our own. Please lets move on.”

Wind: " As we gather new information I am changing the search to meet this new information. I have been trying multiple ways to get the information, one was talking to the man Kruznic slaughtered right before he gave us the information, the other is trying to make contact with the “little folk”. To quote a very popular author in my homelands “the little folk are everywhere, and when I need information they are the best there are”. I have not seen anyone else, even Hailex, trying to gather information or make suggestions about which way to go. If Hailex has some information that he isn’t sharing or thinks relevant to finding the bandits now would be the time to speak up.I tried to intervene to a point, but I did not see any reason to kill an innocent person on the side of the road so I didn’t think Kruznic would really kill him. Wind thought it was a negotiating tactic like good cop bad cop, or in the colloquial good town guard/bad town guard. Wind has not known Kruznic long enough to know that he wasn’t just making an idle threat, especially after letting one of the bandits from Oleg’s live. Considering this guy was missing a hand, Wind considered him a reformed bandit and as such not a threat to the party, especially when he was going to sell the information of the bandit base allowing us to go directly there and not have to wonder around in the wood searching for them.
Calessee did you not intervene because you weren’t sure which way to go, thought the guy was guilty, or didn’t think he was actually going to kill him, or other? Was anyone else up there besides Wind, Calessee, Kruznic or Hailex? If you were there which way were you leaning?
Wind was carrying on a conversation and was using his own money to try to purchase the information but was stopped by someone that seemed all to eager to keep that information hidden. Kruznic executed all but the most weak and stupid of the bandits, including the one that was the leader and actually knew the way back, even after the lead bandit offered to take us there. That one Wind overlooked just thinking Kruznic was caught up in the moment, but this latest murder was cold hearted and helped the bandits more than anything else.
If Haylex thinks that allowing Kruznic to get away with murder without even a trial, and running back to Restov is the way to go, they should depart. Wind will not abandon these people that need our help or forget his promise to clean out this portion of the Riverlands, any member of the party who still thinks these bandits need to be hunted down and brought to justice are more than welcome and needed to stay and stand up for what is right. Wind hopes the rest of the party sees the honor in what we are doing and decides to stay to fight the good fight and help out our new friend Oleg and his wife Svetlana."

Hylex “Melody I do appreciate the confidence in my abilities but it was a group effort between myself and Wind to pull the party together. I dont intend to lead or at least I wasnt trying to but I will not allow party members to be wrongly accused of murder. The man was being dishonest and had ample time to chage course, he did not and the correct judgement was dealt. My main concern is the motive behind Wind’s accusations that this man was somehow innocent. If he had priveledged information then he should have shared it, I knew the man was being dishonest and let the party know, Wind should have done the same if he thought differently. This is why I am concerened. It seems aweful curious that it took so long to speak up and he claims him innocent at that.
You speaking in 3rd pearson is odd. I said right off the bat, the man was being dishonest. But back to the execution, I wasnt going to stop Kruznic as the judgement was just. You seem to have issue with trusting every single person we come across. He was not being honest and was warned the consequences of his actions multiple time. He chose his fate.”

Lindetheil (Melody): “Well then we can take a vote on whether or not it was unjust. I vote it was okay. No wrong doing.”

Hylex “No wrong done.”

Sven points towards John the Captive with his axe as he proclaims “If it was not for this slave misleading us in the first place we wouldn’t be having these arguements better meant for henpicking old women! I say give me a few minutes with this slave and he will painfully understand the errors of failing his masters!”

Hylex “Sven he honestly thought he was leading us in the correct direction, we know now that Geography is not his strong suit. We will not be making the same mistake again.”

Sven: “Bah! You put to much faith in a slave Little Buddy.”

Sven steps over to John the Captive and punches him hard across the face knocking him down with a brusied jaw.

Sven: “That was for refusing to answer my question during the exploration, slave. Remember your place!” Sven walks way.

Sven winds up and stepsover to John the Captive and punches him hard across the face knocking him down with a brusied jaw.

Hylex “Sven he…….. (pop)…….nevermind.”

Lindetheil “Wind, you are going to be leaving us would you please give us our map that we all helped pay for???”

( The following happened early in game 3 ):

Wind hands map to party and rides off quickly.

Lindetheil studies the map carefully and notices within a few moments that it was the wrong map. The party comes after Wind and quickly captures him. They take his map, weapons, spell components and his horse. The group discusses what to do with him and the concensous is to let him go at the nearest town. They also refund him his 20g for putting in his share for the map. We walked him to the nearest civilization and let him go.

In the Beginning, there was a tavern.

The Swordlords of Restov announced that they had need of entreprenuers and heroes, they were to meet at a local tavern to find more information. Once there the individuals would form expedition forces to fulfill their charters. At the tavern there were all manner of people and several groups had already almost completely formed, most very large in size. It so happens that this group of adventurers was bestowed with the charter in the Greenbelt. After a short time in Restov the party set out for Nikta’s Crossing, where they caught up with an adventurer known as Maegar Varn.

*Note: Didn’t take any notes when we met at the tavern, so fill in what you remember. I pretty much just started when Wind started gambing with Magar Varn (the guy who offered a spot in his party for Wind and Hylex offering them 1/10 of earnings). *

The fledgling party:

Calessee Kel’Marcavia – half-elf oracle
Garien Loxley – human ‘mountain man’ gunslinger
Hylex Durdan Krull – human bard
Kruznic Salvoris – half-elf cavalier
Lindetheil ‘Melody’ Arden – elf druid and her badger companion
Sven Ragnarsson – human barbarian
Wind Stark – human wizard

Game 1-
Lamashan (October) 1 – 5

The next day, after the party was formed at the “Pirates Well” tavern, Lindetheil used her knowledge and predicted that there would be bad weather for at least a few days. Deciding to stick around the tavern for awhile, the party came from there rooms to find Magar Varn gambling and doing quite well. Wind decides to gamble also. The first time, he betted against the house. The second time, it was against Magar. Third time, Magar wanted to make things more interesting by betting for items instead. Wind asks Magar if he has any maps of the area (which he does) and after much deliberation Magar offered Wind a deal. Either pay 100 gold to copy one of the four regions that Magar had maps of or bet 50 to be able to copy it. Wind decided to pay 100 gold (party split the cost) to copy the map of Noman Heights.

*Note: Magar spoke of Breg (a nobleman) that is missing in the greenbelt region.

We come across Oleg’s trading post and hear some sort of pounding noise coming from inside. Wind walks in to find a goblin dressed in half plate that does not seemed too interested in us (his name is Getsthepig). Oleg Leveton was hammering on the roof when Getsthepig called him down. When Oleg comes down he goes into another room. Out of that room comes a russian “mail ordered bride” girl greets us happily offering food and drink, happy that we are here (her name is Svetlana). Oleg (50 something) and Svetlana (28) are together. Hylex shows Oleg the charter that we recieved. Oleg directed Hylex toward Svetlana and Hylex hands the charter to her. She claims that bandits come on the first of the month to rob them calling it taxes. Last time, they stole her ring, threatened to burn down the trading post and kill Svetland. The bandit’s first vist was three months ago. The party immediately sets up a plan to ambush the bandits on the following day.

The party devised a cunning plan to trap the bandits inside the walls and have them surrounded. Thus when the bandits returned to the outpost they all entered by horseback into the courtyard. Oleg greeted them nervously as the bandits demanded their monthly ‘tribute’.

The trap was then sprung, the gate came crashing down by the tug of a rope by Lindetheil. Kruzinic had rigged the gate to do so the day before. Up on the walls Lindetheil, Garien and Calessee stood. In front of the bandits rode out Kruznic on his mount, Wind and Hylex. From the side of the courtyard Sven and Getsthepig (offered to help beat up the badnits) flank the brigands.

As planned Wind throws a spell at the bandits making a few collapse into unconsciousness. Kruznic demands that the bandits surrender but when they refuse he charges a bandit put fails to land a lance blow. From the walls Garien fires his musket but it misfires. Hylex casts a spell and a bandit collapses to the ground laughing uncontrollably! The bandits are surprised but fight back as they have a competent, smartass leader whom proclaims himself a bandit lord. The bandits rally shooting arrows all around, one bandit makes a racial slur against elves and fells Linetheil with an arrow!

The bandit leader demands that everyone surrenders or they will be killed, for they are no match for him. Sven and Getsthepig attack. Sven aims his axe at the bandits as he proclaims, ‘I got your surrender right here!’ before jumping up on a cart with a bandit and cleaving the life from him with his war axe. The battle ensues, Garien attempts some jumping maneuver from the wall but instead falls straight down impacting the hard ground. Kruznic engages more bandits, as does Getsthepig. Hylex sings a song to rally his friends.

Sven aims his axe at the next bandit and proclaims, ‘Do you want my surrender too!?’, before leaping over and cleaving him dead. The bandits find themselves losing and the remainder surrender to the party when Kruznic tells them to do so. The first bandit to surrender is spared, taken under Kruznic’s watch. The rest are executed by the sword, by Kruznic’s hand. Except for the leader whom pissed everyone off as the party tried to interrogate him and is killed by a magic missile to the face.

With the defeat of the bandits they gain information from Jon the Captive about where the bandit camp is. Also gained is a sizable amount of bows, arrows, equipment and about eight horses. Oleg and Svetlana are very grateful that the party rid them of the bandit thugs and offer them a permanent place to stay in the post’s cramped lodging cabin.


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