Kingmaker: Lures of Majesty

In the Beginning, there was a tavern.

The Swordlords of Restov announced that they had need of entreprenuers and heroes, they were to meet at a local tavern to find more information. Once there the individuals would form expedition forces to fulfill their charters. At the tavern there were all manner of people and several groups had already almost completely formed, most very large in size. It so happens that this group of adventurers was bestowed with the charter in the Greenbelt. After a short time in Restov the party set out for Nikta’s Crossing, where they caught up with an adventurer known as Maegar Varn.

*Note: Didn’t take any notes when we met at the tavern, so fill in what you remember. I pretty much just started when Wind started gambing with Magar Varn (the guy who offered a spot in his party for Wind and Hylex offering them 1/10 of earnings). *

The fledgling party:

Calessee Kel’Marcavia – half-elf oracle
Garien Loxley – human ‘mountain man’ gunslinger
Hylex Durdan Krull – human bard
Kruznic Salvoris – half-elf cavalier
Lindetheil ‘Melody’ Arden – elf druid and her badger companion
Sven Ragnarsson – human barbarian
Wind Stark – human wizard

Game 1-
Lamashan (October) 1 – 5

The next day, after the party was formed at the “Pirates Well” tavern, Lindetheil used her knowledge and predicted that there would be bad weather for at least a few days. Deciding to stick around the tavern for awhile, the party came from there rooms to find Magar Varn gambling and doing quite well. Wind decides to gamble also. The first time, he betted against the house. The second time, it was against Magar. Third time, Magar wanted to make things more interesting by betting for items instead. Wind asks Magar if he has any maps of the area (which he does) and after much deliberation Magar offered Wind a deal. Either pay 100 gold to copy one of the four regions that Magar had maps of or bet 50 to be able to copy it. Wind decided to pay 100 gold (party split the cost) to copy the map of Noman Heights.

*Note: Magar spoke of Breg (a nobleman) that is missing in the greenbelt region.

We come across Oleg’s trading post and hear some sort of pounding noise coming from inside. Wind walks in to find a goblin dressed in half plate that does not seemed too interested in us (his name is Getsthepig). Oleg Leveton was hammering on the roof when Getsthepig called him down. When Oleg comes down he goes into another room. Out of that room comes a russian “mail ordered bride” girl greets us happily offering food and drink, happy that we are here (her name is Svetlana). Oleg (50 something) and Svetlana (28) are together. Hylex shows Oleg the charter that we recieved. Oleg directed Hylex toward Svetlana and Hylex hands the charter to her. She claims that bandits come on the first of the month to rob them calling it taxes. Last time, they stole her ring, threatened to burn down the trading post and kill Svetland. The bandit’s first vist was three months ago. The party immediately sets up a plan to ambush the bandits on the following day.

The party devised a cunning plan to trap the bandits inside the walls and have them surrounded. Thus when the bandits returned to the outpost they all entered by horseback into the courtyard. Oleg greeted them nervously as the bandits demanded their monthly ‘tribute’.

The trap was then sprung, the gate came crashing down by the tug of a rope by Lindetheil. Kruzinic had rigged the gate to do so the day before. Up on the walls Lindetheil, Garien and Calessee stood. In front of the bandits rode out Kruznic on his mount, Wind and Hylex. From the side of the courtyard Sven and Getsthepig (offered to help beat up the badnits) flank the brigands.

As planned Wind throws a spell at the bandits making a few collapse into unconsciousness. Kruznic demands that the bandits surrender but when they refuse he charges a bandit put fails to land a lance blow. From the walls Garien fires his musket but it misfires. Hylex casts a spell and a bandit collapses to the ground laughing uncontrollably! The bandits are surprised but fight back as they have a competent, smartass leader whom proclaims himself a bandit lord. The bandits rally shooting arrows all around, one bandit makes a racial slur against elves and fells Linetheil with an arrow!

The bandit leader demands that everyone surrenders or they will be killed, for they are no match for him. Sven and Getsthepig attack. Sven aims his axe at the bandits as he proclaims, ‘I got your surrender right here!’ before jumping up on a cart with a bandit and cleaving the life from him with his war axe. The battle ensues, Garien attempts some jumping maneuver from the wall but instead falls straight down impacting the hard ground. Kruznic engages more bandits, as does Getsthepig. Hylex sings a song to rally his friends.

Sven aims his axe at the next bandit and proclaims, ‘Do you want my surrender too!?’, before leaping over and cleaving him dead. The bandits find themselves losing and the remainder surrender to the party when Kruznic tells them to do so. The first bandit to surrender is spared, taken under Kruznic’s watch. The rest are executed by the sword, by Kruznic’s hand. Except for the leader whom pissed everyone off as the party tried to interrogate him and is killed by a magic missile to the face.

With the defeat of the bandits they gain information from Jon the Captive about where the bandit camp is. Also gained is a sizable amount of bows, arrows, equipment and about eight horses. Oleg and Svetlana are very grateful that the party rid them of the bandit thugs and offer them a permanent place to stay in the post’s cramped lodging cabin.

A Rift Emerges, a Wizard Booted

Game 2-
Lamashan 6 – 12

We began using our new map to explore the lands. Our captured bandit, Jon, from the combat at Oleg’s Trading Post when we ambushed the bandits starts to lead us to where he believes the bandit camp is located. Traveling through the woods, we came across a traveler. Wind approachs the traveler and begins to question him about the location of a bandit camp, offering him 30g to lead us there. Wind motioned for the party to come to him. Meanwhile, those pesky fairies unattached Garin’s dogs from his dog sled. Garin and Sven stay behind to attach the dogs back to the sled. The party rides to Wind on their horses. Hylex, the bard notices immediately that the traveler is hiding something. Kruznic questions him about what is hiding and he admits that he is a reformed bandit. Hylex senses his motive once again and picks up that the traverler is nervous about something. Kruznic and Wind continue questioning him about the wereabouts of a bandit camp. Wind then tries to haggle with him some more. He refuses and replies “Fuck you” to Kruznic. Kruznic tramples him with his horse and proceeds to arrest him. Hylex then tries to intimidate him, trying to persuade him to lead us to bandits. The traveler replies with yet another “Fuck you” and Kruznic jabs him in the eye with his lance. Wind is very upset with the events and demands a trial to put Kruznic to death for the killing of an innocent. He looks to the party for their thoughts on it.

( The following occured as email RP ):

Kruznic: “Since we are all supposed to be working together as a group, the Captain of the Guard will no longer perform executions unless more the half of the group sees it for the better good and lawful. Sorry if i have seemed a little agressive with the laws, i guess we need to come to the understanding that sometimes that laws can mean different interpetaions to other people, we will be nobles in this land soon enough and it will be up to us to govern and punish how we see fit to better run the lands. So i am sorrry for taking matters into my own hands tonight and i ask fellow comrades for forgivness, we need to all act more like the nobles we will one day be instead of ruthless dictators, other wise we will never rule with love but only fear, and a kingdom run with fear will never have a great era. remeber God, King, family, friends, the people, then money.”

Garen: “I agree we need to be a council of one mind and voice when we come across those we are to punish, and if only 50% of the group agrees and the other 50% disagree then more deliberation needs to take place, so that it’s a democracy and not a dictatorship like tonight’s example, or else we aren’t any better than those we punish. Today’s example of how one can interpret the law, pass judgement of the law, and execute the law by interpreting it in their own mind and not in unison brings up a very good point of how when we let our emotions take control of us how we can act on our own accord and alienate ourselves from our fellow adventures. So Kruznic, my friend and fellow adventurer, I forgive you of your hasty actions because of your rash thinking that drove you to do what you did. Now we all have done things at one point that we may not be proud of, but like you’ve always said everyone can be given a second chance, I agree as I am doing with you in this matter and what’s makes you 100% different those the majority of the bandits we have and will come across is that you’ve recognized your wrong doings and have sought us out seeking redemption for your actions, but remember we have the tools and means to know if someone is lying to get out of an execution and letting that party off because of simply thinking everyone can be redeemed is foolish thinking, because a bandit who lies, steals, rapes, murders, etc will say anything, lie, to get away so that they can do so again, but if we use our tools together and find out that they are telling the truth then by all means we should try and redeem and accept them without passing judgement on them in our hearts and minds. So my friend, from me to you, all is forgiven and you have redeemed yourself in my eyes. Welcome back!”

Wind: “I believe a full court needs to be held to judge his sincerity or guilt in the matter of the massacre of an innocent, helpless man that was no threat and just trying to earn a living in this cruel world. A cruel world made worse by Kruznic actions, giving aid to the bandits by murdering our only real lead as to their location. A location he helped covered up, just when Wind was successfuly negotiating to receive that location. Wind believes any wrong doing and murder the bandits have done over the last few days is at the help of Kruznic, and he should be held accountable as an accomplice. Let’s go back to Oleg’s and have a proper trial.”

Hylex: “If the court is to be held the entire party will be on trial. We are just as guilty for this mans execution. The Captain did exactly what he was supposed to do, he carried out an execution for adding the bandits and did so by giving multiple chances for intervention or redemption. The Captain asked twice for assistance in restraining the man with Calessee and Loxely being the only ones to repond by saying they would not touch the prisoneer. I myself didnt want to touch or go near him so I tried to convience him to be truthful in the information he was giving, he was not and he would not yield to the Captain, so the sentence was just. Captain Kruznic, after hearing Wind’s attempt to rid you of the party, I am certain he is trying to gain control over the group with outlandish claims because he fears you and the rank you carry, I will gladly accompany you back to Restov with any one else who wants to go to reform a group that will explore a new sector. You only decide to call it a crime after the Captain apologized for being too stern. Captain no apology is needed, you served the Gaurd and you King well.”

Lindethiel(Melody): “I dont know much in the way of foreign laws but I can say that we all..including you wizard…stood by and did nothing when kruznic asked for assisstance in securing this man and taking him back to Olegs. No trial is needed. The only thing I see as needing question on is your want and need for this power and control over people in this group. If I remember correctly, the bard was the one who put this group together, so why dont we let him and the captain lead for now at least. I have more faith in a man of honor than in a man of wanting power. Power leads to things if evil as I have seen. No good can come from you leading right now.”

Caleesee: “Before I say what I need to I will say that I am not faulting anyone. I believe that Kruznic truly thought that the traveler was hiding something other than him just being a recovered bandit. I also believe there was a misunderstanding in the party and that Kruznic was looking out for the good of the party. I do not believe a trial is nessesary in this case. Kruznic is sorry for what he has done and he apologized to the group. If it was not for the misunderstanding he would not have taken that action towards the situation. From what I see so far, he is a firm believer of the law and he would not have done it if it was not for the misunderstanding. I am not faulting the bard though……so there is my vote. Wind I beg of you to accept his apology and continue on our journey to rid these lands of bandits and make it our own. Please lets move on.”

Wind: " As we gather new information I am changing the search to meet this new information. I have been trying multiple ways to get the information, one was talking to the man Kruznic slaughtered right before he gave us the information, the other is trying to make contact with the “little folk”. To quote a very popular author in my homelands “the little folk are everywhere, and when I need information they are the best there are”. I have not seen anyone else, even Hailex, trying to gather information or make suggestions about which way to go. If Hailex has some information that he isn’t sharing or thinks relevant to finding the bandits now would be the time to speak up.I tried to intervene to a point, but I did not see any reason to kill an innocent person on the side of the road so I didn’t think Kruznic would really kill him. Wind thought it was a negotiating tactic like good cop bad cop, or in the colloquial good town guard/bad town guard. Wind has not known Kruznic long enough to know that he wasn’t just making an idle threat, especially after letting one of the bandits from Oleg’s live. Considering this guy was missing a hand, Wind considered him a reformed bandit and as such not a threat to the party, especially when he was going to sell the information of the bandit base allowing us to go directly there and not have to wonder around in the wood searching for them.
Calessee did you not intervene because you weren’t sure which way to go, thought the guy was guilty, or didn’t think he was actually going to kill him, or other? Was anyone else up there besides Wind, Calessee, Kruznic or Hailex? If you were there which way were you leaning?
Wind was carrying on a conversation and was using his own money to try to purchase the information but was stopped by someone that seemed all to eager to keep that information hidden. Kruznic executed all but the most weak and stupid of the bandits, including the one that was the leader and actually knew the way back, even after the lead bandit offered to take us there. That one Wind overlooked just thinking Kruznic was caught up in the moment, but this latest murder was cold hearted and helped the bandits more than anything else.
If Haylex thinks that allowing Kruznic to get away with murder without even a trial, and running back to Restov is the way to go, they should depart. Wind will not abandon these people that need our help or forget his promise to clean out this portion of the Riverlands, any member of the party who still thinks these bandits need to be hunted down and brought to justice are more than welcome and needed to stay and stand up for what is right. Wind hopes the rest of the party sees the honor in what we are doing and decides to stay to fight the good fight and help out our new friend Oleg and his wife Svetlana."

Hylex “Melody I do appreciate the confidence in my abilities but it was a group effort between myself and Wind to pull the party together. I dont intend to lead or at least I wasnt trying to but I will not allow party members to be wrongly accused of murder. The man was being dishonest and had ample time to chage course, he did not and the correct judgement was dealt. My main concern is the motive behind Wind’s accusations that this man was somehow innocent. If he had priveledged information then he should have shared it, I knew the man was being dishonest and let the party know, Wind should have done the same if he thought differently. This is why I am concerened. It seems aweful curious that it took so long to speak up and he claims him innocent at that.
You speaking in 3rd pearson is odd. I said right off the bat, the man was being dishonest. But back to the execution, I wasnt going to stop Kruznic as the judgement was just. You seem to have issue with trusting every single person we come across. He was not being honest and was warned the consequences of his actions multiple time. He chose his fate.”

Lindetheil (Melody): “Well then we can take a vote on whether or not it was unjust. I vote it was okay. No wrong doing.”

Hylex “No wrong done.”

Sven points towards John the Captive with his axe as he proclaims “If it was not for this slave misleading us in the first place we wouldn’t be having these arguements better meant for henpicking old women! I say give me a few minutes with this slave and he will painfully understand the errors of failing his masters!”

Hylex “Sven he honestly thought he was leading us in the correct direction, we know now that Geography is not his strong suit. We will not be making the same mistake again.”

Sven: “Bah! You put to much faith in a slave Little Buddy.”

Sven steps over to John the Captive and punches him hard across the face knocking him down with a brusied jaw.

Sven: “That was for refusing to answer my question during the exploration, slave. Remember your place!” Sven walks way.

Sven winds up and stepsover to John the Captive and punches him hard across the face knocking him down with a brusied jaw.

Hylex “Sven he…….. (pop)…….nevermind.”

Lindetheil “Wind, you are going to be leaving us would you please give us our map that we all helped pay for???”

( The following happened early in game 3 ):

Wind hands map to party and rides off quickly.

Lindetheil studies the map carefully and notices within a few moments that it was the wrong map. The party comes after Wind and quickly captures him. They take his map, weapons, spell components and his horse. The group discusses what to do with him and the concensous is to let him go at the nearest town. They also refund him his 20g for putting in his share for the map. We walked him to the nearest civilization and let him go.

Bandit Camp Overran & Rumors of The Stag Lord

Game 3-
Lamashan 12 – 15

Jon, the captured bandit, began to once again trying to lead the party to the bandit incampment. By leading us, I mean after walking us around in circles and giving us nothing more than “It was next to a river.” and " I know it’s somewhere in the woods….on the border or forrest and plains.". Finally, Lindetheil noticed some horse tracks on the edge of the Thorn River and we followed them to a bandit imcampment.

Garin and Sven scouted ahead, as the rest of the party followed behind. Failing to properly hide themselves, the bandit standing in the guard tower began to fire shots at Sven and Garin (causing Sven to become wounded) Kruznic, shoots him down with his bow and arrow and Sven downs another with a throwing axe.

They observe the camp site only to see six bandits and one female leader. Two bandits are next to a fire, two more are next to a nearby tent, the leader stood several feet from the party and the last two bandits stood behind her. Lindetheil fires some arrows at the first two bandits next to fire and Sven throws his axe at one of them and charges in berzerk rage. Garin stands behind the party and begins to fire shots at the leader. Kruznic makes his way towards the leader and knocks her unconsicous, just as she is on the brink of dying. The two bandits next to the camp flee and are chased by Sven, still in berzerker lust, whom overtakes them in the woods and chops them dead. The remaining bandits surround Kruznic and the rest of the party surrounded them. The bandits dropped their weapons and surrender. The party immediately tied up the surrendering bandits and the unconsious leader.

The bandits are interrogated, they are eager to talk to save their lives, except for the leader. The bandits claim that a bandit lord by the name of ‘The Stag Lord’ is planning to take over the region with his bandits. They claim he is a mountain of a man, drinks like a fish and say he always wears a mask that makes some bandits believe it is his real face. The Stag Lord’s fortress is said to be further south through the wilderness and near a lake.

The party decides to spend the night in the bandit imcampment. Hylex makes rabbit stew with the rabbit Lindetheil’s pet caught. Lindetheil and Kruznic take guard in the watch tower. The rest of the party makes camp and lays down for the night. Hylex is awoken in the middle of the night to see his backpack has rollen into a nearby mud puddle. He finds out by picking up his book bag that it is frozen solid. He sees a small fairly walk out his bookbag. He then tries to speak to the fairy and it runs off in the woods. He then sees dancing lights appear in front of him and Lindetheil sees a devark (ghost of a suffered child) standing about fifteen feet away from Hylex. Suddenly, moans can be heard from the middle of the incampment and the noise wakes the party. As, Caleesee walks out of her tent the devark heads towards her. Garin pulls out his gun and shots it. The devark explodes in between Caleesee and Hylex, giving them both the babonic plague.

The next day, the party attempts to get information from the female bandit leader. She makes fun of Sven and the barbarian takes offense at a woman insulting his prowess. Sven attempts to fling a throwing axe at her. He misses and hits Caleesee instead. Sven takes another swing at the bandit leader (Caleesee moves away quickly) and kills her with a throwing hammer to the face, executing the leader in a fit of anger. After the party decides to bring the other two bandits with them to Oleg’s Trading Post. On the way there, while walking through the woods Lindetheil and Caleesee gets hit with a bee hive. Mischievious fairies strike again, these appear to be blue-skinned goblins known as Mites. Ignoring it, they keep riding, albeit faster.

When the party arrives at Oleg’s, they are greeted by several militas and a Sargent Keston Garris. Kruznic updated him on the party’s progress and on his plan to make the captured bandits repay their dept to society. Keston asks if the party has came across a guy named Fragen Sneed and then explains their is a bounty out for him for killing a merchant leading of a caravan that Keston was guarding. Fragen is wanted dead or alive and Kruznic promises to keep a look out for him. The party will recieve weapons if he is found.

Hylex sees a guy at Oleg’s and reconizes him as Jerod Coven, a guy who is form the Nomaria and that he is a priest. He worships Aristotle and has a neutral alignment. Hylex remembers hearing that Jerod was a town near North Issia and he was convinced that a guy who lived in town was a werewolf and had him lynched. Turns out the guy was innocent and it was a dire wolf doing all the killing in the town. Hylex asks Jerod to cure him and Caleesee. He agrees, but asks for a favor in return. He asks that we try to find a temple of his god that is located in the woods and explore it because he had lost it’s location. Hylex gives him his word and they are healed.

Later that night, the party treats themselves to a nice meal. Little did the party realize at the time but Sven had been missing for most of the earlier evening … Svetlana was also absent. Kruznic buys the captured bandits some food and sits at the bar to enjoy his meal. A gorgeous red headed girl, named Aleesha sits down next to him. Kruznic learns she is a merchant and that she is only here to look for a few things to buy. She ask him several questions about himself and they head to bed. Being that there a very few beds, Kruznic gives her his bed and sleeps on the floor next to her bed. The next morning, he finds her gone and the scarf that she was wearing the following night laying across his chest when he wakes up.

Spiders, Siblings, Love & Hate

Game 4-
Lamashan 16 – 19

The party heads to explores more of the land. Lindetheil’s horse falls in a hole, she jumps off the horse before it falls. She falls to the the ground immediately, unable to move because she is now entangled in a spider web. While lying next to the pit, she looks down the pit and sees nothing but spider webs and bones. Kruznic rides over to save her, becoming slowed by the spider web while trying to get there. The rest of the party can see that the web surrounds the hole. Sven looks for spider tracks. He ends up finding some older tracks and he notices some leading in a different direction. Sven continues to keep watch on where the tracks led to. Suddenly, a spider appears by Kruznic and Lindetheil. Another appears next to Hylex and one more comes up next to Sven. After the spiders bite a few party members, they jump back inside their pit that is ten feet deep. The spiders then attack Sven and Kruznic. They both become posioned from the spider and begins to loose their strength rather quickly. Sven throws spear down the hole and misses. Lindetheil shoots her bow and misses also. She also sends a pet bager to protect Caleesee. Kruznic continues to be posioned. He gets off his horse and tries to hit the spider with his lance and misses. Caleesee heals Kruznic some. Garin shoots one of the spiders causing it to explode. Sven hits another one of the spiders with his axe and continues to be posioned. Lindetheil tries to shoot a nearby spider and she misses. One of spiders jumps out and tries to bite Kruznic in the the nuts and misses. Berzerking, Sven throws down his shield, takes a hand axe in his free hand and jumps down into the spider hole striking the spider below with two sxes turning it into giant spider goo. Garin shoots the last one and it explodes also. The party heads back to Oleg’s.

The party reties back to Oleg’s Trading Post to heal posioned wounds. Later that evening it is discovered that Oleg is very angry. It turns out that Sven and Svetlana had attempted to find a private spot to sleep with one another and are caught in the act by an enraged Oleg. Sven and Oleg had words as Sven kept pushing the man down into the mud when he tried to repeatedly attack him. Svetlana tells Oleg she wants to be with Sven instead of him and Oleg stomps off in anger.

Kruznic pulls Sven to the side. Kruznic told him that Oleg’s wife is not the right women for him to be sleeping with since it would be nice for us to be friends with Oleg. Sven tells Kruznic that Svetlana is a Northwoman and does not deserve to be with a weak man like Oleg. Turns out this is not the only time that Kruznic has fussed at Sven for this. Kruznic has walked in on Svetlana and Sven awhile back and he already talk to him.

When they return Oleg had kicked Svetlana out. Kruznic then talks to Svetlana to see what she wants to do. She tells him she would like to follow Sven around. He tries to persuade her to work things out with Oleg. She refuses and tells him that she wants to follow Sven. Kruznic tries to persuade Oleg to keep Sventlana here to work and he tells him that she can find him love. Kruznic and Hylex try to “whore off” Caleesee to Oleg.

Sven notices Hylex casting something on Svetlana as Sven throws an axe in between Hylex’s legs to show him he notices what he is doing. Sven realizes the party needs to feel the situation out themselves and does not interfer when Hylex pulls Svetlana over to talk while under his charm spell. Hylex discovers Svetlana married Oleg in an arranged marriage and she does not love him. Hylex then talks to Sven about her coming with us and Sven agrees she is not coming with them and will find a place for her to stay. Kruznic speaks to Oleg again and convinces him to allow Svetlana to stay and work at the trading post albeit they will stay out of each other’s way.

Aleesha, (Kruznic’s girl) show up and they have a conversation about Svetlana and Oleg. Aleesha decides she doesn’t care for Sven because of his actions. They then began to discuss Kruznic’s background. He pulls out a elven blade that was a graduation gift when he graduated from Order of the Sheild of Restov. Lindethiel asks to see it and then tosses it on the table and storms off telling him " So this is where your money went.". Hylex then asks Lindetheil what she is angry about. She explains that a blade like that is only supposed to be given to a elven son from his father, not to a flilthy half elf. As she thinks about it she also remembers that the crest on the blade that Kruznic had is her family crest. Hylex connects the dots and figures out that Kruznic is probably her half brother. Lindetheil is sickened by the thought of a affair between her dad and a human. She feels her dad could of waited till she bore a son, instead of wasting it on a bastard.

A old smelly drunk hits on Caleesee and Hylex and Garin makes jokes about her saying “she charges too much.” She gets irritated and punches them both. Aleesha and Kruznic head out on a hunt.

The captives are tasked with building an additional courtyard for the trading post. It will be surrounded with a log wall then opened to the rest of the post by removing the adjoining old wall. Kruznic takes responsibility for the captives and their work, he thinks the work will help ‘reform’ them from their criminal ways.

The Crazy Hermit, An Odd Merchant, A Disgusting Mud Giant and Cunning Worgs

Game 5-
Lamashan 20 – 27
Garian & Hylaex absent

Kruznic and Aleesha go on a hunt to look for food. While walking, they noticed a grove a trees. Aleesha walks towards it, with a confused expression on her face. She tells Kruznic that she could of swore she saw a glowing ruby in there. Walking into the trees, they see a giant scarecrow looking down on them from a nearby mound. As Kruznic gets closer, a tree branch with hardened spikes swings out and hits him, knocking him off his horse.

Aleesha hops off her horse and binds his wounds. They hear a strange noise coming from the woods. Kruznic then notices several more scarecrows standing on a nearby hill. Kruznic decides to head back and tell the party. Aleesha agrees and says they need a better tracker to continue. They then get into a conversation about Lindetheil and her racism. Aleesha questions whether or not Kruznic should trust her since she hates his kind. Kruznic replies that he trusts her anyway reguardless of her beliefs.

Sven goes to check on the progress of the building they told the captives to build. He begins to help them out by intimidating them to work harder like the ‘slaves’ they are. One of the bandits works so hard he gets hurt and Jarrod thinks that it would be dumb to heal the bandit and recommends that we put the guy on bed rest for a few days. Sven dismisses Jarrod as useless and calls over Caleesee whom heals the bandit anyway and tells him to get back to work.

Lindetheil decides to help also, but instead thinks that it would be a good idea if the bandits tied the wood together with a vine. During construction a vine somehow got caught on fire from a captive’s torch, so of course so did the building. Sven tells Kruznic when he returns that the captives did it. Kruznic tells them all to get some sleep and start again tomorrow. He then goes out and the woods to hunt again, to prove to Aleesha to he can find something. He comes back with a squirrel and makes her some squirrel stew.

The next day, the party returns to the where Aleesha and Kruznic had sited the giant scarecrows. They notice one with set of tracks with one small track and one big one. Sven notices it as the track of the mud giants. He remembers that mud giants smell horrible, some what itellegent, they love to set traps and they are loners. They also like to make horrible noises to scare people. Lindetheil begins to look around for traps and finds 3 pit traps with spikes all the way down.

The party follows the giant tracks into a hilly area and they find more scarecrows up ahead. Suddenly, the party sees one of the scarecrows move. Sven throws an ax into the scarecrow taking off it’s head to reveal it is nothing but a dummy. Kruznic charges another scarecrow with his lance and destroys that scarecrow to reveal it is also a dummy.

Suddenly a rock rains down on Sven bouncing off of him. The party looks up to see the nasty mud giant up on the hill with a string tired to his finger so too tug and make the scarecrows move. Kruznic and Lindetheil fire arrows at the foe on the hill. Sven will have none of this, grabs the string and with a mighty tug pulls the giant down off the hill! With the giant on the ground now Kruznic charges and jabs his lance in its heart. Sven runs up and slices its head off with his war axe claiming the head as a trophy. The party returns to Oleg’s.

When they return, the party notices a strange looking human sitting next to a goblin servant at the campfire. Caleesee walks up and introduces herself. She then notices his freakish looking face, snake eyes and bronze hair. He has a large backpack on his back that has tons of smoking viels. He introduces himself as Moody and as an alcemist that can make them things to purchase. He also offers to sell us anything else that we need and for a discount. Kruznic buys a cure light wounds. Moody also tells us anything he doesn’t have he can get for us. The party makes him a list and has Hylaex draw up a contract for monthly supplies to be delievered at Oleg’s post.

Contract includes:
-guard dogs
-building supplies (lots)
-seeds/farming equipment
-labors whom want to work

The next day, the party goes out to explore east of Oleg’s and comes across a log cabin. Sven and Lindetheil sneak up and peak into the cabin. Inside the cabin lives an old man named Bocan that the party soon believe to be crazy. He told us of how he wanted desperately to kill his brother because his brother chopped his finger off. The party tries to have a sane talk with Bocan but that seems impossiable. Confused by visitors, Bocan hands Sven an anti-toxin potion and the barbarian pockets it. The party moves on.

While walking through the woods, Kruznic notices a trail of clothes that look like they belong to a nobleman. He notices very quickly that they are his. He follows the clothes trail and finds that some are all the way up a tree. He climbs the tree in attempt to retrieve his clothes. While in the tree, Kruznic sees a fairy dragon appear and use his breath weapon. Kruznic begins to giggle uncontrollably. The fairy dragon then takes his underwear from a higher branch and dissapears. When Kruznic comes down from the tree, he notices his underwear are now on top of his horse’s head and his horse is now walking in circles. For the remainder of the day, Kruznic’s horse remains high and wonders off the trail without being told to. Caleesee and Sven try to bribe the dragon to come out, but nothing happens.

The party then hears the sound of a grizzly bear. Then, the party sees a brown bunny coming towards them making grizzly bear notices. Lindetheil then notices her saddle has came unbutton. Lindetheil then notices several sets of horse tracks and begins to follow them. After awhile they dissapear completely. Lindetheil and Caleesee cast detect magic and learn that it happened because of some magic they both do not understand.

Up the road ahead, they hear the sounds of a woman screaming for help and wolves howling. We see a cave and on the outside of the cave are snarling wolves. From the inside of the cave we is heard more screaming. As Kruznic approaches the cave onhis mount, the wolves run. He tells the person in the cave to come out and that it is safe now. When they come out he sees that the woman was no woman, but a huge dire wolf. The wolves that had ran away return and the party can see clearly that this was a trap.

Kruznic charges one of the dire wolves and jabs his lance through its chest. One of the wolves attempted to bite Kruznic and misses. The other one standing next to it, bit Kruznic’s horse and it pulled it quickly to the ground. Lindetheil attempts to shoot and misses. One of the other wolves bit Caleesee and Lindetheil’s bager. Sven runs up in berzerk fury and engages the dire wolves with his war ax. Sven gets bitten by one of the dire wolves in return. Lindetheil’s bager tears one of the wolf’s face off. Sven got bitten once again. Sven grapped the wolf and headbutted him in the face, bashing the wolf’s face in. Kruznic jumps fearlessly past one wolf that was attacking and run towards the wolf that was attacking his horse and slices it in half. The remaining wolf tries to flee and Kruznic shoots it.

Caleesee knows from her knowledge that these wolves were worgs. Worg are very large, intellegent and a daemonic version of the wolf. She knows Sven is in no danger of becoming a werewolf, but decides to see what Kruznic is gonna do. Kruznic quickly rushes the party to Oleg’s to save Sven from a horrible fate. Sven has no worries, the wound was healed and he has no idea what the big fuss is about? When they arrive at Oleg’s Kruznic rushes to Jared to see if he can cure werewolf bites. Jared explains that he can’t help. Kruznic begins to ask if there is someone in the next town that can help and asks how long would it take to get there. Seeing that Kruznic is frantic, Caleesee tells him the truth and has a good laugh.

Explorations West & South Reveal Friends, Foes & a Forgotten Gold Mine

Game 6-
Lamashan 28 – Neth (November) 7
Hylex & Garian absent

As we are leaving Oleg’s to explore more parts of the land. Caleesee sees a dead animal in the distance off the side of the road. The party goes to investigate and sees that it is a grizzly bear that looks like it exploded from the inside. Looking around Sven sees several tracks leading away from Oleg’s, finds remains of the ice trolls in the bear’s claws and finds a piece a spear. He notices that they are the tracks of the ice troll. Lindethiel remembers that they are intellegent (enough to wear armor), hearty and hard to kill. Sven knows that you need fire acid to kill them because the regenerate.

The party heads back to warn the people at Oleg’s to put some extra guards out to be safe. Sven thinks it would be a good idea to throw deer sausage in the woods as a distraction if the trolls attacks. Kruznic thinks it would a better idea to sit behind the wall and shoot. Unfortuanatly, Sven is more convincing in the arguement.

The party continues to explore and stumbles on a camp site. Kruznic can tell that the fire is at least ten days old at the camp site. The party only find some disguarded bones at the campsite, as if some one was skinning a deer there. We then make camp next to a nearby river.

The next day, we continue to explore. In the distance, the party sees a glowing man that spouts with fire. Lindetheil notices some mushrooms nearby that are not normally known to grow here. As we get closer we see that is a two headed goat man made of stone , surrounded with lights. Both heads are spouting fire. Upon closer inspection, we notice that the statues seem to be painted. Sven attempts to get closer unseen, but fails. He began to dance and sings. Lindetheil suddenly thinks that she saw the statue move and also that there are dragons nearby.

Kruznic rides up as several roots shoot up out of the ground and attempt to grab him, but the all miss. He scoops up Sven and rides off. As he leaves, he notices that the statue is holding a halberd weapon. As soon and Sven gets far enough away, he stops dancing. Lindethiel tells the party that it may very well be a fairy dragon and Sven throws out gold coins in attempt to talk to them. Lindetheil suddenly thinks she hears singing and looks around with a confused expression. Sven then throws deer jerky out also and nothing happens. Sven notices that both his coins and jerky have dissapeared. Lindetheil is still supicious of the statue and Sven throws out silver coins instead of gold in a last ditch effort to communicate with the fae.

Almost as soon as they hit the ground they dissapear. Lindetheil sees several tracks down in the (that are very recent) when she looks down. Caleesee notices the tracks as being from a grig or a pixie. She knows they are tiny, not evil, micheivious,that they crave alcohol, shiny things, song and dance. Kruznic and Sven try to communicate with them once again. Kruznic notices then that all of his clothes have turned purple. Kruznic pours ale in a cup and holds it out in his hand, but nothing happens. Caleesee attempts to sing to try to get them to come out, but sucks at it horribly. Lindetheil in then surrounded by a cloud of fumes and she falls off her horse. Kruznic goes to examine the statue. He notices several paintings on the statues. One of them Caleesee notices that it is a painting of a demon that is the servant of Lammashtu. Kruznic uses his horse to knock the statue to the ground. The party continues to explore.

Sven (" the guy who almost rolled three twenties in a row") sees several elk in a nearby field. Also, he spots a guy in a nearby tree that is most likely trying to hunt. Sven tries to sneak up on him and succeeds. Lindetheil steps on the a loud dry twig and causes all the elk to run away. The guy in the tree begans to curse at Lindetheil and she laughs. Sven continues to sneak up to observe. Kruznic rides up to the guy that was in the tree with Caleesee following. Kruznic asks what the problem is and the guy tells him that some stupid elf messed up his hunting. Kruznic gives him 20 g for his trouble. The guy asks what we were up to out here and Kruznic explains that we are clearling the lands and Lindetheil mumbles something about clearly the lands of rednecks. The party learns that the guy’s name is Forrest and he tells the party about some strange people that are chanting and doing evil magic inside a nearby ruined barn to the north.

As the party goes to explore the ruined barn that Forrest said was the place that the people were chanting in. Sven smells a weird odor as they come up on the barn and Caleesee reconizes the smell as incents that are used for chanting. Sven and Lindetheil peaks through the boards to observe. They see several guys in black robes, standing next to a fire with a dead animal, chanting.

The party enters the barn and Caleesee notices that these guys are worshippers of Phrasma, the goddess of natural death. They ask if the party would like to join them next to the fire while they are discussing the death of a hedge hog and they agree. They invite us to join them for a meal. Sven asks how to get in contact with them in the future and they tell him that have a temple in Restov. A small conversation about the priests setting up a shrine or temple at Oleg’s is discussed. The party decides to camp there for the night.

The next day, the party tells the group good bye and they cast “bless” on all of us. The party continues to explore and find a totem that has foxes and wolves chasing owls. Sven reconizes it as a barbarian territorial totem for the Oogamoggie. The party continues on exploring. At some point of the day, Lindetheil notices that Sven has wondered offand she sees some ruins of a small buildings in the distance. Sven sees a pile of rocks diliberatly piled close by in some woods and he waves the party over to look. He explains that it is most likely a burial mound. Sven moves a few rocks around but leaves it alone there after in respect for those buried.

The party goes on to explore the ruins and we see a small halfling female child run away from us out of the buiding. We can see that she has sticks in her hair and she jabbering. She runs into the nearby woods. Kruznic follows her and grabs the girl. She attempts to bite him and appears to be wild. Sven looks in the building and sees that there are several chewed bones inside. Kruznic explains that he is not here to hurt her and she calms down a little bit. He sees several scars on her. Lindetheil follows and holds out a piece of deer jerky. She snatches it from her and eats it hungerly. Kruznic and Lindetheil give her more food. Kruznic tells her that if anything happens to her, she needs to come find him. He gives her extra food and lets her go. She runs off.

Sven continues to look through the den in the ruins. He notices that several scratch marks are all over. Caleesee enters the den and looks around. The girl comes back to the den and growls at her. Caleesee tries to calm her and the girl stops growling. Kruznic enters the den and finds some human bones located underneath a board and a chewed long bow. None of teeth marks looks like halfling teeth mark. Looking around, he sees several large scratch marks on the walls like a large animal had once occupied this place. Lindetheil tries to communicate with her and nothing really works. Kruznic has plans to come back with a cage to capture and reform her. Lindetheil is appalled at the idea explaining that it is the girl’s natural state to be wild. She notices that bad weather is coming and the party decides to head back to the barn when we found the guys in black robes. The party waits out a snow storm in the ruined shelter.

The next morning the party continues on. They come on a traveling caravan that has about 25 gypsies and notice that they have taken a prisioner. Caleesee begins to question the gypsies about the prisioner asking what he has done. They tell her that this guy attempted to rob their caravan. Caleesee thinks that this prisioner may be the guy that Keston Garris is looking for. She asks if the party can take him and explains that we reform prisioners. Kruznic pulls the guys on his horse keeping him tied. He gives him food and furs. Caleesee notices that his feet have frost bite and she cast endure elements on him. She also attempts to heal him and she knows that with a few days of rest he should be okay.

Kruznic tries to communicate with him and he tells Kruznic that he is innocent. Kruznic can tell that he is lying and he punches him in the face. The guy tells Kruznic that is innocent once agian. Kruznic asks him if he is right or left handed. The guy replies that is right hand and Kruznic steps on his right handed and raises his sword above it as if to cut it off. But it was a bluff to intimidate the prisoner into telling the truth, the gamble failed and the man kept his hand. Caleesee asks him what he name is and replies that his name is Undred (which means he may not be the guy Keston is looking for).

As the journey continues, we came across a pond and Lindetheil found a pair of large tracks. She notices them as the tracks of a large owl bear. Suddenly, we see the owl bear about fifty feet in front of us on a frozen lake. Kruznic charges him and strikes him with his lance. The owl bear knocked down his lance and picked him up and slammed him in the frozen ice still keeping his fist on him. Sven runs up and strikes him with his axe. Lindetheil runs forward and hits him with her scimitar. The ice can’t support all the weight and cracks around them and they all fall into freezing water. Caleesee rushes forward and heals Kruznic. The owl bear falls in the water and climbs out. Sven climbs out after the creature and uses his axe to slice the owl bear in twine. The barbarian takes another skull for his totem pole.

The party continues on. While exploring, Sven gets off his horse to go take a piss. He gets his foot caught in a bear trap. He forces it open with great strength and Caleesee heals him. Kruznic and Caleesee get off their horse (for some reason). They both get caught in a trap also! Sven forces both of the traps open. As the party looks around they see several traps and several dead animals. As we look around more, we notice that most of this area is just covered with traps. Caleesee heals the prisioners frost bite completely and the party heads towards Oleg’s.

When they get back Kruznic learns that one of the captured bandits, Deonte tried to escape. He goes to talk to the rest of the bandits and ask them why they did not run with him. Tavaris tells him that he gets a steady meal here. Jon says that it is better than life on the outside. He also asks them how they would deal with Deonte if they were in his shoes. Jon says that you should teach him a lesson. Tavaris says that maybe you should forgive them. Kruznic thinks that he should maybe meet him in the middle and he gives them the day off.

Kruznic goes to see Deonte and asks him what tried to escape for. Caleesee follows to see what Kruznic is going to do. He tells Deonte that he has done all of this nice stuff for him and asks him is this how he repays him. Kruznic tells him he is gonna make his life hell for a few weeks to show him how good he had it. He also tells him that if he betrays him again he will have his head. Kruznic tells the guards that Deonte’s feet and hands shackled. His feet and hands should be only far enough apart for him to work. He should also not be allowed to socialize with any of the other workers and he should go straight back to confinment after he is done working. Also, he is not allowed to have hot food only bread and water.

Kruznic and Sven determine that the lodging cabin is too far too cramped for them and Sven’s woman (Svetlana) so they starting making plans to build six log cabin homes. Worried, Kruznic also says that he is going to pay the other two workers (Jon and Tavaris) 2 silver a day, so they will feel like workers instead of slaves. Moody the merchant had arrived back at the post with the party’s building supplies and some labors we hire to help build the additions to the post.

Lindetheil, with Sven’s help, determine that nearly a week of bad weather is on the way. So after six days of being snowbound in the trading post the party then decides to head south into the Kamelands to investigate why the kobolds of the region are causing trouble.

While exploring, Sven finds a well hidden cave entrance and derelict man-made cut stones around it. He calls the rest of the party over. We enter the cave and notices there is no roof to the cave, but vines have grown enough that it covers as a roof. Also, we notice a gigantic shaft in front of us that is about forty feet down and with about a foot of water at the bottom. Sven and Kruznic climb down. They don’t see anything that interesting at the bottom of the shaft.

The hole looks to be man made to Kruznic and there are the three tunnels leading off. Caleesee climbs down the hole after them. Lindetheil tells the party she thinks going down a hole is a terrible idea, perfect for an ambush, and turns around to inspect the area one last time. She notices a pixie on a nearby flower but it is no where to be seen when she goes to look for it. She tells the party again that she feels uncomfortable about it the shaft, but she goes down anyway. As soon as she gets to the bottom the rope falls with her. Sven then sees a shiny pebble fall down and hit him in the head, it is a tiny nugget of gold. The party can hear the sound of scrapping metal coming from one of the tunnels. Kruznic climbs up the side of the shaft to reattach the rope.

Out of one of the tunnels comes a nine foot tall, fury Minotaur with a great axe. As he walks he drags his axe along the tunnel wall making sparks and deep gouges. He seems to be irritated at the light. Lindetheil remembers that menator are man eaters, hostile and are known to live in dark places. Sven readies his shield and war axe as he calls out that we wish not to fight, but to talk. Kruznic starts to climb down the rope to help. The Minotaur charges the party!

Lindetheil walks up slicing the Minotaur with a scimitar and Sven swings his axe at it. The Minotaur runs up and upper cuts Sven with the great axe. Then, he bucked Lindetheil with his horns, throwing her up in the air and she lands with a thunk in the water. Caleesee channels immediately healing Sven and Lindetheil. Lindetheil’s bager runs up, jumps on the Minotaur’s face and digs his claws in, pulling its face completely off, making the kill, before it lands gracefully. Caleesee notices that the spot where the axe drug across the wall there is gold veins revealed, they have found the old gold mine rumored to be south of Oleg’s.

The party climbs back up the wall. Sven attempts to communitcate with the pixie and nothing happens. Sven throws all evidence of man-made stones down the shaft to help conceal the mine from others.

The party moves on. Walking through the hills Lindetheil finds some 5 dead kobolds and 3 dead mites. There are kobold tracks leading into the location but not out. There are nine mite tracks that lead out. There is also blood everywhere and it is easy to tell that a battle happened here. In the distance the party can see a big tree that occupies a good bit of the area. We head towards the tree where the mites tracks lead off to. Up head, coming towards us we see no less than fifteen mites. As the past by, a small rabbit runs by and the mites run and stab it immediately saying “doom” as they kill it. Caleesee picks up that they are casting spells at the rabbit when they say “doom”. They walk past us without doing it anything.

The Mites Put Down and a Kobold Coup d'etat

Game 8
Neth (November) 10 – 12
(Hylex and Garin absent)

The party finds themselves covered in mud, squatting in a room with a low ceiling that is covered in garbage and dead mites. Looking around, they see the way out through a long tunnel going upward and a small cramp hole in the wall, filled with roots and mud. Also, we see big clumps of green eggs in piles. Sven cuts a bigger hole through the root wall and the party enters into the room beyond.

In the middle of the room, there is a big table with a bunch of twigs, sticks, rocks and gravel arranged in a way that looks like a map. There is a bright red table cloth on the table and a potato sack underneath. Also, sitting on the table is a reptilian statue. Looking around they also notice that there is a very large hole that is fifteen foot across. There is a giant tick like creature standing in the room with a mite riding on the back of it with a lance in it’s hands and three more mites standing close by.

Kruznic runs up and hits one of the mites with such force that he slings it into the mite standing nearby. Kruznic then sees that across the large hole there is six more mites. Suddenly, the party hears “doom!!!” echoing through the room. Kruznic begins to shake all over from the spell effects. All the mites attack him and the tick grapples him, slinging him in the air. He also becomes diseased. Lindetheil tells the badger to “sick em” and kicks the badger at the mite riding on the tick. The bager rips the rider mite to shreds.

Sven runs up and grapples the tick off of Kruznic. Sven begins to wrestle in the mud with the tick. Kruznic is no longer grappled and in anger he slices another one of the mites in half. The room echos once again with cries of “doom!!!” and Sven begins to shake from spell effects. The badger rips another mite into pieces and claws at the tick. Sven tries to use his hand axe to kill the tick and misses.

Kruznic runs and leaps over the fifteen foot hole barely making it. He lands on tops of a mite, squishing it. A giant centipede comes out of the hole and snatches Kruznic by the stomach as its pincer pierce through his abdomen, critically wounding him. Lindetheil fires at the centipede piercing its skin. Kruznic falls down the hole bleeding to death. A mite throws a dart at Lindetheil. Caleesee heals Kruznic and the party. Kruznic stands up and attacks Centipede in desperation only to be knocked back to the ground by the huge creature.

Lindetheil fires more arrows at the centipede. The badger runs up to attacked the tick and becomes diseased. The centipede knocks Caleesee to the ground. Sven stops wrestling the tick to stand up and slice it in half with his war axe. Lindetheil backs away with her badger. The centipede crawls over Caleesee and heads towards the badger, Lindetheil and Sven. The centipede slices through the badger wounding it badly. Next it attacks Lindetheil sending her to the ground for a dirt nap.

Sven runs up and slices the centipede head off with his axe. He chops off the head of the centipede and shows it to the mites causing them to run away. Looking across the pit the party sees several kobolds that are chained up that looked like they were tortured and all are dead except one. The party climbs over the fifteen foot hole to free a kobolds. Kruznic holds up the idol to him. The kobold says " Which ever kobold possessed the idol becomes the chieften." The kobold looks at Tuck Tuck and says “You Tuck Tuck, me Mack Mack.”.

Sven and Kruznic began questioning Tuck Tuck and Mack Mack about their tribe. They learn that every since the new chieften came into power problems have been started. Kruznic starts to believe that the raven is some form of a demon because the problems started when it came around and starts thinking about killing the new chief. The party begins discussing what to do and start to head back to the kobold cave.

The party is greeted by the lower cheif, Sut’Scale. He asks several times for the idol to remove the curse. Caleesee dazzled the group of kobolds with her charisma and tells them that no matter what happens she wants them to stand behind her and that she wants to take the idol directly to the higher cheif, Nak’Pick.

The big group of kobolds follow Caleesee and the rest of the party to the chief. Nak’Pick reaches his hands out for the idols and Kruznic tries to slice him and half but he misses. The group of kobolds surround and kill Nak’Pick. Caleesee and Kruznic pull Sut’Scale to the side and explain that we will protect them. Sven tells Caleesee that the kobolds should trade silver for trinkets at Olegs. The kobolds began to refer to Caleesee as their goddess and she gains Mack Mack as a permant follower (worshiper).

We began to travel back towards Oleg’s. We come across a herd of elks being chased by a tazmainian devil. Lindetheil tries to tame it, but fails. The party continues on.

We then arrive back at Oleg’s just before a predicted blizzard. While we were gone Svetlana got a really good deal on a dwarven waraxe for Sven. The axe is entirely made of ice and when you hit something it breaks, but it will form again in one day. Mack Mack found Caleesee a light pick. Kruznic goes to the priest to get healed of his tick disease. Kruznic talsk to the sargent to tell him that we have formed an alliance with the kobolds and to not kill them on site.

We notice that are several hunters and trappers that are talking about several local events. Sven warns them about the bear traps that we came across. One of the hunter knows the guy who did it. His name is Breg and Caleesee knows that that is the name of a nobleman who hunts in the area. Kruznic tells the hunters to start leaving the kobolds away. Kruznic then hears someone talking about cultist that wear silver amulet that have a stag on it. They worship hideous animal demon.

Kruznic goes out to check on the workers. Deonte seems to be ready to go back and Kruznic removes the shackles. He also removes Undred’s shackles.

After the blizzard Kruznic leaves for Restov to collect the money for bringing peace to the Kobolds and to visit his family. Kruznic’s travels will take him two weeks before returning to the post.

The Death and Resurrection of Kruznic, Deadly Creatures in the Wilderness and a Family Squabble

Game 9
Neth (November) 13 – Kuthona (December) 9

While Kruznic was gone in Restov, Hylex heard around the trading post that some monks and clerks of a lesser god of extortion, Gyrona, are on the northern edge of the Tuskwater River. Supposedly, they are behind all the banditry in the area. Also, he heard a friend of a friend’s brother was a wizard and went missing losing a spell book somewhere in some underbrush.

Lindetheil goes out into the woods and comes across a group of elks. They look like something had attacked them. One of them is almost dead, one is missing its antlers, one is injured, two have broken legs and one of them is fine. They are all covered in mud and twigs like they had fallen down a hill.

Garin and Kruznic begin drawing up plans to build a new catapult at Oleg’s. They plan to build it when they have more money.

Lindtheil comes back from the woods and informs the party of the elk that were attacked. She believes that it must of been a winged creatures because she did not see any tracks leading away from them. The party goes to investigate. The elk that was almost dead is now dead. Lindetheil tries to speak with them and asks them what happened to them. The elk seem to think that the forrest is hungry and it is chasing him. Caleesee heals their wounds. Lintheil has the elk show her what woods “attacked” them.

The party gathers and goes about 20 miles southeast of the post, just into the forest where we believe the elk are from. As we are investigating we discover a giant plant and Lindtheil thinks it is a treant. Hylex, the ever learned and observant bard, looks a little closer and tells Lindethiel that is actually a shambling mound. He knows that it has resistant to electricity and fire. Also, it is intellegent, very territorial, and that it can swim.

Kruznic mentions that he is going to chop it up and the shambling mound attacks him! Kruznic and Lindetheil got grappled. Garin shot at the creature and Sven attempted to sling his axe at him. As Kruznic is being slung back and fourth in the air he pulls out his sword and slices off one of the roots. Lindetheil sends her pet in to attack and he misses. Sven tries to attack and misses. The creature tears Kruznic into pieces killing him without mercy. Lindetheil’s badger fianlly kills the monster in a fit of brutal rage. Lindethiel takes the elven blade from Kruznic.

The party carries Kruznic’s broken body back to Oleg’s and they put him in his house. That night, Oleg’s goes dark and all the fires go out. The temperature falls rapidly to bitterly cold conditions. The party comes out to see what is going on. Hylex, Lindethiel and Caleesee cast light on certain objects in camp. Caleesee and Hylex detected an unatural magical pressence. The party notices that Oleg is now frost bitten and he is taking lethal damage. Caleesee casts endure elements and Oleg begins to heal.

Everyone crowds into Kruznic’s house as they figure out something is happening in there and attempt to guard his body. The party sees a shadowy figure standing next to Kruznic’s body. One more shadowy figure slowly comes from Kruznic’s mouth. The shadowy figures attack Caleesee and Lindtheil. Lindetheil uses a magic stone to fight off the figures and Caleesee channels positively. One of the creatures explodes. Hylex sings words of encourgements. Lindetheil uses her magical stones again and Sven uses a cure light potion as a positive energy weapon and the last of the evil shadows explodes. Suddenly, the nearby torches light up and the party can see sunshine coming through a nearby window. Sven shoves another positive energy potion into Kruzinic’s mouth to kept other shadows from coming out.

Oleg seems to think that Hylex had spoken to him several hours ago and he had came to check on him. Hylex steps outside the cabin and tries to explain to him that it was only few minutes ago that he had spoken to him. Oleg seems to not believe Hylex. Lindetheil looks at Kruznic and sees that he is breathing. She calls for Hylex. Hylex comes in and lightly slaps Kruznic on the face. Kruznic wakes up and Sven holds his axe near Kruznic throat thinking his body is possessed by some devil. The party demands for Kruznic to tell us his name and finally he says “Kruznic.”. Kruznic explains that he does not know how he is alive. He claims he saw all the shadowy figures we saw and then a big bright light, then he woke up.

Kruznic looks around and he is not able to find his elven blade. Hylex tells him Lindethiel has it. Hylex and Caleesee step away. Lindetheil refuses to give the blade to him and refuses to tell them where it is. After awhile of arguing, Hylex explains to Kruznic that him and Lindtheil are half brother and sister. Kruznic begins to question Lindetheil on her motive for being here and begins to think that she is only here to take it from him. Kruznic finally decides to just let her have it. The party learns that she has other motives that are unknown and other than ridding the lands of bandits. Lindethiel tells the party that she needs to leave to go report to someone and that she will gone for awhile. Hylex decides to go with Lindethiel to Restov. When Hylex gets to Restov he, like a sneaky noisy bard, begins to do research on Lindetheil’s and Kruznic’s family.

While Lindetheil and Hylex were gone construction continued at Oleg’s post. Sven and Svetlana’s log cabin is finished, they move in.

When Lindetheil returns a couple of weeks later, she is following by a handsome elven noble and 5 other people that are his servants. Hylex tells us that they have returned to do something for our party. Kruznic continues to be angry about the theft of his sword. The party decides to go exploring and to searching for the Tatzetworm that is otherwise known as the “boogy man” that Oleg wants as a conversation piece at his trading post. They are normally found in caves, but not in open areas. They are known to be posioness and if the party kills it they will recieve 600 gold. The party consults their map and begins to look for possible spots where caves are located. While we are exploring, Lindetheil notices that we have been followed for awhile by a large creature that seems to be tracking the group. She can tell after awhile that it is an owl bear.

We track the owl bear and Sven sneaks up on it to find it sleeping. Garin shoots it from a distance. Lindetheil attempts to shoot it from a distance. Kruznic attempts to attack, but instead rolls with horse and falls to the ground. Sven runs up throws an axe at it telling it to ‘wake up!". Garin shoots and blows the creatures hand off. Kruznic tries to hits but misses. Sven slings his war axe and slices the owl bear’s head off, thus collecting another head for his totem pole.

Looking into the distance, we see a huge cliff. At the base of the cliff we see ruins and a broken crumpled stair case that leads into the cliff face. There is also a small pool with pretty green water in it. In frount of us, is a huge valley. Coming from the valley we hear a huge bear let out a loud roar. Searching for awhile, we notice some dire bear tracks. The party hears yet another loud roar. Lindethieil thinks it is rather strange that they would roaring like that so many times. Hylex expects that the bear is just very mad at the moment or maybe he is just like that all the time.

The party searches for the dire bear. The dire bear begins to charge through the woods. Sven stands firmly ready to intercept it with his axe ready. It charges enraged, straight into Lindetheil and attacks knocking her to the ground with her head in it’s maw. Sven attempts to swing at it, but instead misses and becomes prone. Caleesee heals the non deserving elf that is always making racist comments about half-elves and Lindetheil wakes up in the bears mouth. Kruznic takes his lance and slices the bears arm off. Hylex coats Lindethiel with a magical lube spell and attempts to free her, but the bear doesn’t let go. Lindetheil attempts to hit and misses. The bager runs up and attacks.

Sven runs up, jabs his war axe into the bear’s mouth and forces it to drop the poor elf before she is chewed up dead. The dire bear then heads towards Kruznic and malls him. Garin runs over to him, shoots in the air and uses his hot gun to stop Kruznic from bleeding out. Lindethiel stabs at the bear from the ground. Lindethiel sends her bager to attack and he scratches it leaving a bloody wound. The dire bear, enraged, swallows the bager whole!

Garin blows a hole through the dire bears head, but its still alive. Lindetheil stabs at the bear and the bear falls over on top of her. As the bear hits the ground it becomes a human and then it just turns into ash. In the ash, is Lindetheil’s bager.

Kruznic comes up to the pool and a sticks his hand in it. His wounds are suddenly healed up.

The party returns to Oleg’s post and reports back to Jerod that we had found his lost temple.

Ambushed, Captives & Relationship Building

Game 10
Game Dates: Kuthona (December) 10 – Kuthona 14

While the party explores the wilderness to the southeast, Hylex finds a old merchant path and believes that we should travel that way. Lindetheil informs the party that there is a tribe of barbarians that are not terribly nice and also thinks that this is a good way to go. Up ahead we see something that looks to be a large bear laying in the middle of the road. Looking closer, Lindethiel can tell that it is a owl bear and clutch in its hand is an expensive pair of pearls.

Lindethiel reaches out to grab the pearls. Sven, being wiser than the druid in this situation and smelling a trap yells out, “Don’t touch that woman!” As she picks it up (ignoring the warning), she can see that it has a bell attached to it because it was a trap. Suddenly, we see several bandits flip up out of concealed holes covered with dirt, twigs and gravel. There are several of them that are shooting arrows at the party. They let arrows fly and injure Caleesee, Hylex, Kruznic and knock Lindetheil to the ground.

Garin shoots at one of the guys in the back. Sven charges one of them and uses his axe to cut into its chest. Kruznic charges on horseback runs his lance through one bandit, leaving him dangling lifeless from the lance.

The bandits shoot several more flights of arrows at Caleesse and Garin. Caleesee heals everyone and brings Lindetheil back to consciousness. Sven charges a bandit and runs him over, while at the same time burying his axe into the now nearly dead bandit’s stomach. Kruznic charges and kills the guy Sven hit.

Several arrows fly and hit Caleesee as bandit calls of “Kill the healer!” echo through the woods. Lindethiel pushes the healer down and covers her to prevent her from becoming a pin cushion of death. Sven rushes across the woods and slings his axe at another ambusher, wounding him. Kruznic charges another and kills them immediately. Garin shots his guns and wounds another bandit. Sven chops off the head of a bandit, grabbing it, and runs up shaking the dead bandit’s head at another terrified bandits. Kruznic gets shot by arrows and falls to the ground, because he is made of fail sauce.

Caleesee heads towards Kruznic. Sven charges in rage at the bandit who knocked out Kruznic, severed head still in his hand. Garin attempts to kill off one of the three remaining bandits. Kruznic gets back on his mount and impales one of the ambushers. Alas, the bandit corpse is stuck on his lance. The two remaining guys attmept to flee. The bager chases after one of them and kills them. Kruznic tries to convience the remaining guy to surrender. Garin shoots him in the ankle and then stabilizes him for questioning. Caleesee heals the captive and Kruzinic binds him and then puts him on his horse.

Hylex pulls aside all of the party except for Kruznic. He expresses concern that the bandit
“workers” will soon outnumber us and be able to retaliate.

Kruznic begins questioning the prisioner. He finds out that his name is Coma. Kruznic offers him food in exchange for answers. Coma has no real answers about the leader of the group.

The party continues to explore. Lindetheil sees torches in the distance that appear to be people traveling. The party tries to sneak up to them. Sven sneaks closer and can make out a pair of floating fiery skulls. Sven recognizes these as will-o-wisps. The party choses to avoid them.

The party has the captive, Coma, him lead them to where his camp and the bandit slaves are kept.

Kruznic rides his mount into the bandit encampment, finding it void of bandits, saying to the slaves that we are not there to harm them and offers to let them come with us. There are two dwarven girls in the incampment, one named Apple and one named Carrie. They grab the mule and follow us. Hylex begins talking to both them and learns a little about their past. We head back to Oleg’s and when we arrive Aleesha is there waiting for Kruznic. Kruznic introduces Coma to the rest of the “workers” and puts him to work. After he gets done he goes to see Aleesha. Garin tells the “workers” that for everytime that call Kruznic “master” he will give them each a gold piece.

Lindetheil gets a summon from her elven courtier. She cleans up and heads to see him. Svetlana manage to find a masterwork breastplate that has several tigers fighting on the front of it for Sven. Sven reconizes the symbol is the symbol for a tiger lord barbarian. He gives her an “extra special thank you” that evening.

Aleesha brought Kruznic a book of knowledge about the elven side of his family. Aleesha mentions that she has noticed several elven nobility in the area and asks Kruznic if he thinks it is some kind of message to the sword lords. She also asks if he could have good relations with them in the future. He believes he could have good releations with the elves until they had stolen from him and called him white trash. Aleesha convinces him to go speak to them and find where they stand.

Garin goes and hangs out with the workers that night. They attempt to get him to gamble and he refuses. Instead, he convinces them to go and have a few drinks. Caleesee builds Mack Mack, her fanatical kobold worshipper, a bed next to the fireplace in her log cabin.

Kruznic goes with Aleesha to speak with the elven nobility but they find a guardian barring them enterance. The gay fellow tells him that the master is engaged and currently indisposed. Kruznic tells him to come by for tea later or to come speak with him when he is ready.

Bear Problems, Troublesome Camp Mates & Kruznic Nearly Dies Yet Again

Game 11
Game dates: Kuthona (December) 15 – Kuthona 22

The party hears some hollering from across Oleg’s post coming from the workers building the additions outside. The workers are hollering about a bear that is coming near them. Kruznic, Garin, Hylex, and Caleesee hurry to go see what is going on. Lindetheil is still having dinner with her elven courtier. Hylex begins to try to communicate with the bear. It begins looks drowsy and inattentive. Sven watches from atop the post’s walls, looking down at the party near the bear. He cautioned them to just leave the animal alone so it will leave.

Kruznic thinks that the bear would make good for furs and food. But Sven tries to convince the party to leave it alone because it is just the animal’s nature and it will go away. However, Kruznic runs over the bear with his horse stabbing it with his lance and Garin shoots at the bear. The bear turns towards Kruznic and knocks him to the ground, nearly killing him with powerful blows. S

From atop the walls, a purturbed Sven yells down at the party, “Stupid dumb asses!”, just before he throws his spear through the bear’s skull, slaying it. Caleesee heals Kruznic. Hylex goes home to bear proof his home. Sven takes the bear as his prize, bringing it to his woman to make sausages and fur blankets from.

Several hunters are in town the next day. One hunter speaks of a trading trail being closed because of boggart creatures.

Caleesee tells Mack Mack that she is growing tired of waiting on the stupid elf and Mack Mack tells her that he is going to get breakfast. Mack Mack crawls underneath the elven tent where Lindetheil is and tells her that Goddess is looking for her. Lindetheil gives him five gold pieces and he leaves. Mack Mack returns to Caleesee with breakfast and five gold pieces. She asks him where he got the gold and he tells her it is a offering. Kruznic informs the party that he is now courting Aleesha.

One of the hunters, his name Larry, tells the party how bandits stole all of his stuff and pushed him down a cliff, leaving him for dead. Sven asks if the hunter if he knows where the stag lord. The hunter replies that he is in the south east near the water.

Sven gives Larry a new bow and arrows to replace those stolen, telling Larry “Neighbors look out for one another out here”. Larry thanks him and proclaims that if the party finds and kills the stag lord, he will give Sven a pick of his one of his three daughters.(Larry lives at C4 with 3 daughters) Larry also tells the party about some strange creature that looks like an amphibian man, a boggart.

With good weather returning the party sets out to explore and camps out for the night in a cave. Kruznic, Sven, and Garin take turns keeping watch. Sven sees a torch out in the distance and tries to quietly wake everyone up. He is not so quiet though and see a ball of flickering light appear in the cave entrance. It looks like a will-o-wisp to Sven. It goes straight for Kruznic and deals some electricity damage. The monster is incrediably hard to hit, the party misses it repeatedly in combat. Sven fights with his axes and Garin shoots at it as it runs past. Lindetheil attmepts to shoot but misses. Hylex convinces the party that we can take this thing, giving them confidence with his oratory.

Garin quick draws his weapon and accidently touches the will o wisp’s orb shocking him some electrical damage. Caleesee heals Kruznic. Sven hits the wisp with his off hand weapon dealing it a glancing blow. Lindethiel tries to hit and misses. The will-o-wisp heads straight for Garin. Garin attacks it with his sword and electricity is sent down his sword shocking him. Kruznic attacks the wisp as it goes past. Sven and Lindethiel attempt to attack and misses. Hylex continues singing to encourage the party. Garin, Kruznic and Sven try to hit and miss. Sven, Kruznic and Garin flank the creature and attack it. The group tactics win out as blows connect and the creature explodes into death.

Hylex spots a pixie in the back of the cave. He tells the creature “Hey” and says that we will not hurt it. The pixie asks what we are doing here and Hylex explains about the will-o-wisp. The pixie tells him that it will share its cave and offers him food. Hylex asks if there is anything that it needs and the pixie tells him the only creatures that really bother anyone are the mites. Hylex tells him that we are clearing the lands of them.

Sven interjects and points at the pixie to proclaim, “Your kind has caused us alot of trouble!”. Hylex asks the pixie and if he gives him something will they stop playing pranks on him. The pixie tells him he likes stories, magic and songs. Hylex decides to stay up and tell him stories while the party sleeps. Sometime during the story, the stupid bard really offends the pixie. The pixie attempts to cast a lesser geas on the bard in anger but Hylax is able to fend off the effects of the fae magic. The pixie immediately flees and dissapears.

The party continues exploring. The party encounters a group of 13 mites that going around screaming “doom!” at nearby grasshoppers. Hylex attempts to communicate with them in hopes to convince them to just leave the Greenbelt. They cast “doom!” six times at Hylex. The party attacks and slays all of them will shocking ease.

The party continues on with exploring. Late that evening the party meets a hunter walking through the woods. Sven asks him how the hunting is going. The hunter tells him its going well. Sven asks him what is in these parts. The hunter tells him the woods are full of bears and sometimes they bother him. The hunter then asks if the party would like to camp with him and Hylex quietly tells the party that he seems okay.

The hunter tells of a nearby river that many people die attempting to cross called the Shrike River. Kruznic, Sven and Garin take turns taking watching. The hunter seems a little weary about the woods to Kruznic. On Kruznic’s watch the Hunter expresses his suspicion of something being in the woods. The hunter tells him that he is going to climb a nearby tree to get a better look, but falls out of the tree injuring himself. Kruznic peers into the darkness and thinks he sees something but his eyes are playing tricks on him.

Kruznic feels a hot breath down his neck and turns around to see a werewolf standing in the same place where the hunter was standing. The werewolf bites him. Kruznic gains lycanthropy and he screams out in pain.

None of the party wakes up to the sound of his screaming. After, a few seconds Lindethiel, Caleesee and Sven wake up as the screams from Kruznic getting killed continue. Lindethiel and the bager attempt to attack but miss. Lindethiel drags Caleesee away from combat. Caleesee stands up and wakes Garin. Hylex wakes up also. Kruznic gets clawed gravely by the werewolf several more times.

Hylex remembers that werewolves are only hurt by silver, very fast, very intellegent, cunning, on nights on the full moon they are in the werewolf side is in complete control Hylex also recalls tales about an entire village that got infected by lycanthropy.

Sven attacks in a rage to save Kruznic but the wounds his axes score on the werewolf immediately heal. Lindetheil attempts to hit but misses. The werewolf bites Sven, Hylex continues to inspire the party with stunning oratory. Sven barely knicks the werewolf with his weapon. Kruznic attempts to hit but misses. The werewolf attacks Sven and knocks him to the ground. Sven, pissed, throws his axes away and grabs a hold of the werewolf wrestling it to the ground. Sven now has him in a grapple and he is the only on that can be attacked by werewolf for now. Garin tries to shoot, but misses. Kruznic stabs the werewolf with his his silver dagger. The werewolf latched on to Sven with his claws and pulls off a big piece of flesh. Sven shrugs off the pain during his rage and pins the werewolf making it unable to fight back. Kruznic administers the coup de grace with his silver dagger.


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