Coachwood Trees


Coachwood bark


Only two grooves of these rare trees are known of in The Greenbelt. Both grooves are along the Skunk River near the middle of it’s run in the Narlmarches Forest.

The coachwood tree is very rare and prized for it’s exquisite wood. One logger likened the find of a groove of coachwood as if finding a silver mine. The trees are slow growing and hard to propagate, this only adds to their value as a precious resource.

When the Svenheim council was exploring the forest along the Skunk River they came upon some loggers at a coachwood groove. They were at odds with a water fae about the trees. Through much negotiations and help from other friendly Fae the situation was settled. It seems that the coachwood trees are part of the river fae’s ‘lifeforce’ so it was decided that they must not be harmed. This angered the loggers but they were told they will be compensated then sent packing back to the capitol. The Fae, however, were delighted and promised to the help Svenheim in return, adding stability to the region by watching out for the peoples and lands around the Skunk river.

That particular coachwood groove and the lands surrounding it are decreed (Third Decree) as Baron Sven’s private preserve and is protected by Svenheim forever. This was the promise he gave to the Fae, to protect their area of lands.

The other coachwood groove is currently in an area inhabited by a Tantzlewrym and the location is being kept quiet for fear of loggers being killed.


The Tantzlewyrms have been defeated after a failed attempt to communicate with them.

The loggers are given permission to harvest the groove of coachwood where the wyrm lair use to be.

Loy Rezbin, his wife and some settlers went to the area of the former tantzlewyrm lair and founded a new settlement, Tantzleford, with help from Svenheim. The new town does lumber business including coachwood.

Coachwood Trees

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