Expanded Building Choices


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We are using the Book of the River Kingdoms expanded kingdom building rules. It includes expanded building rules, upgrades for castles, new building types and an abstract mass combat rule set. It also includes options for developing open space hexes which is a much need utility for kingdom making. The mass combat rules is worth the cost of the book alone (at least a download) as it gives DMs and players a nice core rule set to fight their wars!

Link to Piazo’s River Kingdoms Book Click Here

Kingdom building


Mead Hall

Created by Uktena66

A large building where, for a modest fee, citizens can enter the great hall to drink cheap mead and eat at an all evening feast. People can freely crash in the hall for a free night’s rest after the festivities have died down. This type of establishment will not turn a profit but is aimed at making the populace happy.

BP 22, must be adjacent to a house.
City base value +250 gp (while not making a profit it does give a place for visitors (and citizens) to sleep thus they can spend their money elsewhere in the city)
Economy +1, Loyalty +3

(I basically combined the Inn and Tavern as a base for the above building with a little jiggling around of numbers.)

Created by: uktena66

A Mead Hall:

Trelleborg hall

Expanded Building Choices

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