Fort Tuskwater


Stag lords fort

(Formerly known as the Stag Lord’s Stronghold.)
Location: Middle of the Greenbelt on the northern shore of Lake Tuskwater.
Commander: Colonel Akiros
Garrison: A handful of militia and former bandits reformed into soldiers.
Defenses: Timber wall, 4 towers, half-ruined keep and a lake on one side.
Battles: Battle of Fort Tuskwater

Renamed Fort Tuskwater soon after the defeat of the Stag Lord and his bandits. The fort was acquired in a half-ruined state but it is the only walled, defensible structure (besides Oleg’s Post) in the early Svenheim region.

Baron Sven ordered General Kruznic Salvaris to use the fort as a military camp and to get it back into working order. General Kruznic has sent his second in command, Colonel Akiros, to command the fort. Kruznic also uses the fort as a training camp and as a place to keep prisoners to make them work on the rebuilding as part of their punishment.

The fort was abandoned as scouts reported a small army of goblins in the area ready to attack. The fort was retaken a few weeks later during an overwhelming victory at The Battle of Fort Tuskwater.

Fort Tuskwater

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