Major Deity

AKA: Freya, Valkyrie Mistress
Alignment: Neutral good
Worshiper Alignments: NG, LG, CG, N
Portfolio: Love, beauty, fertility, warriors, magic
Worshipers: Lovers, the vain, women, female warriors, arcane users, falconers
Domains: Charm, Community, Good, Healing, Magic, War
Holy Symbol: Falcon
Favored Weapon: Broadsword
Status in Svenheim: Freyja is a co-patron deity of the Svenheim’s annual Gozran Wedding Festival.
Holy Sites in Svenheim:

Relations: Sister to Freyr

Freyja (modern forms of the name include Freya, Freja, Freyia, Frøya, and Freia) is considered to be the goddess of Love and Beauty, but is also a warrior goddess and one of great wisdom and magick. She and her twin brother Freyr are of a different “race” of gods known as the Vanir. Many of the tribes venerated her higher than the Aesir, calling her “the Frowe” or “The Lady.” She is known as Queen of the Valkyries, choosers of those slain in battle to bear them to Valhalla (the Norse heaven).

She wears the sacred necklace Brisingamen, which she paid for by spending the night with the dwarves who wrought it from the bowels of the earth. The falcon is her sacred symbol. There seems to be some confusion between herself and Frigga, Odin’s wife, as they share similar functions; but Frigga seems to be strictly of the Aesir, while Freyja is of the Vanic race. The day Friday (Frejyasdaeg) was named for her (some claim it was for Frigga).

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Clergy & Worship of Freyja

Clergy of Freyja are primarily women, and very attractive ones. Holy vestments include ornate caps or hats, beautiful yellow cloaks adorned with falcon feathers and leather gloves for falconry. Indeed, falconry is a required skill for Freyja clergy and a popular pastime for Her devout followers.

All clerics of Freyja receive a +2 insight bonus when using the handle animal skill for any interactions or training with falcons. A +1 insight bonus is granted for any other avian besides falcons. The handle animal skill is always considered a class skill.

Freyja clerics are blessed with beauty and a sacred gift to enthrall others with romantic infatuation granting them a +1 sacred bonus to the DC of any enchantment spells they cast. The sacred bonus increases by +1 every 5 levels, so +2 at level 5, +3 at level 10, etc.

Her priests gain a +1 insight bonus to all diplomacy skill checks and the bonus doubles when dealing with an individual whom would find the priest sexually attractive. This bonus increases by +1 each 5th level.

Masters of seduction, a Freyja cleric may, once per day, automatically enthrall a single humanoid. The humanoid must find the priestess sexually attractive or the enthrall will fail. An enthralled individual will also be affected as if having a suggestion spell, of the priest’s caster level, cast upon it. The DC to save against the suggestion effect is 10 + cleric’s charisma bonus + 1/2 her cleric level. Any actions the enthralled takes against the priestess will be at -1 per cleric level on all rolls (attack, damage, skill checks, etc.) for 1 round per level of the priestess. The -4 on rolls applies even if the enthralled succeeded in saving against the suggestion DC. On his judgement this ability can be extended to effect any non-humanoid individuals whom the DM deems is sexually attracted to the cleric.

Monthly holy days are celebrated at the full moon in beautiful temple halls lit with majestic fires. Into those fires are offered ornate forms of art, the more beautiful the better.


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