Gozran Wedding Festival


Wedding festival

AKA: The Rose Festival
Date: late Gozran (April)
Where: Svenheim Capitol
Type: Spring Wedding Festival
Representing Religions: Shelyn & Freyja

One of Svenheim’s earliest traditions was started by an early decree (Second Decree) from Baron Sven that stated ‘there will be a wedding next month’. The Gozran Wedding Festival was thus created and Baron Sven married his love, Svetlana. Also at the same festival General Kruznic married his fiancee’ Aleesha.

Now a tradition, the Gozran Wedding Festival is held every Gozran late in the month. The later date is to take advantage of warmer days and more plentiful early crops to feed the festival goers. Huge numbers of citizens marry at the festival, having arranged to marry at that time.

The festival has come to represent not only weddings but love, commitment and family. Many citizens, especially young adults, attempt to seek out love during the festival. Those that succeed may find themselves being married at the next year’s festival!

The festival is also known as The Rose Festival by those that worship Sheyln because of the deity’s title The Eternal Rose. Sheyln worshipers will adorn the festival with early blooming roses. And they will plant one new rose bush per marrying couple to represent the continued blossoming of the their love.

Notable Marriages of the Festival:

First Wedding Festival
Baron Sven Ragnarsson weds Svetlana
General Kruznic Salvaris weds Aleesha

Second Wedding Festival
Treasurer Oleg Leveton Leveton weds Naudia
Spymaster Garin Loxley weds Hilda

Gozran Wedding Festival

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