Minor Deity

AKA: Idunn, Iduna, Idhunna, She Whom Renews, Guardian of the Apples of Youth
Alignment: Chaotic good
Worshiper Alignments: CG, NG, CN
Portfolio: Youth, spring, fertility, rejuvenation
Worshipers: Children, druids, farmers, those whom want children
Domains: Animal, Good, Healing, Sun, Weather
Holy Symbol: Apples in a basket
Favored Weapon: Hand sickle
Status in Svenheim:
Holy Sites in Svenheim:

Relations: Wife to Bragi.

Idun is the Goddess of spring, immortal youth and eternal life. According to some, Idun, who had no birth and is never to taste death, was also warmly welcomed by the Gods when she made her appearance in Asgard with Bragi. To win their affections she promised them a daily taste of the marvelous apples which she bore in her casket, which had the power of conferring immortal youth and loveliness upon all who partook of them.

“The golden apples
Out of her garden
Have yielded you dower of youth,
Ate you them every day.”

Thanks to this magic fruit, the Gods, who are not all immortal, ward off the approach of old age and disease, and remain vigorous, beautiful, and young throughout the countless ages. These apples are therefore considered very precious indeed, and Idun carefully treasures them in her magic casket. But no matter how many she draws out, the same number always remain for distribution at the Feast of the Gods, to whom alone she offers a taste, although dwarfs and giants are eager to obtain possession of this fruit.

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Loki, the god of mischief and fire, was once responsible for arranging Idun’s abduction by the giant Thajazi. Without Idun’s apples, the gods soon began to age, and threatened Loki until He agreed to rescue Isun, which he accomplished by borrowing Frejya’s falcon robe and fleeing with Idun who he had changed to a nut.

Clergy & Worship of Idun

Idun’s clergy are women whom wear their hair bare and adorn themselves with loose fitting, costly robes of apple green color. Although they arm themselves with hand sickles Idun’s clerics prefer to concentrate their talents on healing and rejuvenation rather than weapon training.

Idun’s holy day is the spring equinox when the rejuvenation of life is celebrated in forest meadows. Crafted items are sacrificed into bonfires for the Goddess.

Clerics of Idun may, once per day, bless an apple so that it will restore 3 hit points per bite eaten from it. The maximum amount of hit points that may be healed by the blessed apple is equal to 5x the cleric’s level. At 6th level the cleric’s blessing will also restore 1 year of life unnaturally suffered per bite and if completely consumed removes any conditions of being fatigued, exhausted or sickened. In addition, at 10th level the blessing will also cure any one disease or poison of the eater after the apple is completely consumed. In addition, at 16th level the consumer is also healed of 2 negative levels or cured of any one condition suffered. And at 20th level the consumer is additionally treated as if a heal and regeneration spell was cast upon them.

A typical apple will have about 14 + 2d4 bites worth and if in a hurry can be completely eaten (minus the core of course) in about 1 minute.

The blessing lasts for only 24 hours, after which the apple returns to normal. A new apple must be used for each day’s apple blessing, an apple may not be used twice even if it was not eaten upon.

Idun’s clerics are blessed with the power to rejuvenate by touch. As a standard action they may remove any suffered condition from one touched ally, or themselves. This ability is usable once per day plus an additional use for every four cleric levels (twice per day at 4th level, three times per day at 8th, etc.).

A symbol of favor from Idun would be the discovery of a apple tree loaded with fresh, ripe fruit. Those that are lucky enough to receive Her greatest gift will receive an apple of youth from Idun’s own apple basket. The magical apple will restore 1 year of life and 50 hit points per bite. If the entire apple is consumed the creature will benefit from the following: heal spell, regenerate spell, all negative levels restored and all drained abilities restored.


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