Important Dates in Svenheim History



Before Founding

LAMASHAN (October)

  • The future heroes & founders of Svenheim receive a Charter for Greenbelt Exploration and strike out to explore The Greenbelt and to cull the hordes of bandit’s holding it hostage.
  • The heroes arrive at Oleg’s Trading Post and defeat the bandits terrorizing it.
  • The heroes discover a bandit camp along the Frostfang River (then Thorn R.) and put to justice all the bandits found there by combat, execution or enslavement.

NETH (November)

  • Future Svenheim General Kruznic Salvaris is slain by a beast but is miraculously resurrected by the hands of the goddess Sarenrae for a holy purpose.

CALISTRIL (February), 24th.

  • The bandit lord calling himself the Stag Lord is defeated by the future founders at Fort Tuskwater breaking the hold of banditry on The Greenbelt. The Stag Lord’s head is sent to Restov as proof of his defeat.

PHARAST (March), 1st.

First Year of Svenheim

PHARAST (March), 3rd.

GOZRAN (April), 30th

LAMASHAN (October)

  • An economic bust hits the fledgling Barony causing a lean winter and some unrest among the new settlers.

ABADIUS (January)

  • The economy of Svenheim recovers, refilling the coffers and allowing the nation to grow once again.
Second Year of Svenheim

GOZRAN (April), 30th (Gozran Wedding Festival)

SARENITH (June), 16th

  • Baroness Svetlana gives birth to quadruplets, the future heirs of Svenheim.
    • Hrathgar Svensson is born, first son and heir of Svenheim.
    • Annar Haylex Svensson is born, second son and heir of Svenheim.
    • Buliwyf Svensson is born, third son and heir of Svenheim.
    • Idonea Svensdottir is born, first daughter and heir of Svenheim.


ARODUS (August)

ABADIUS (January)

  • The Leadership Council attends Varnhold’s Winter Festival.
  • Baron Sven Ragnarsson declares Varnhold as a blood brother of Svenheim as he and Baron Maegar Varn form an alliance between the two nations. Sven agrees to marry one of his sons to a daughter of Varn’s in the future.
Third Year of Svenheim


  • Varnhold Vanishing occurs as everyone within 20 miles of Varnhold City disappear.

ROVA (September)

Neth (November), 30th

Important Dates in Svenheim History

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