Kingdom 1 year 1 month

KINGDOM MAP @ Year 1.1

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The greenbelt kingdom year 1.1 map


The first year was froth with economic hardships but the leaders laid down a foundation of the barony with a Norse style village and many farms to feed the new stream of settlers.

Svenheim (Town)

Population: 1,250
Base Value: 1,700 gp

1 Housing block
1 Pier
1 Inn
1 Smithy
1 Mill

Svenheim Barony:

1 town
5 hexes
4 roads
4 farms
1 gold mine


Bandits prey on the roads to the north but the merchants hire mercenaries and the problem is solved without action from the Barony.

Diplomatic contacts are established with the neighboring barony upstart to the east, Varnhold.

Kingdom 1 year 1 month

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