Kingdom 1 year 2 months

KINGDOM MAP @ Year 1.2 (Updated)

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The greenbelt kingdom year 1.25 updated 2


The first year was froth with economic hardships but the leaders laid down a foundation of the barony with a Norse style village and many farms to feed the new stream of settlers.

Svenheim (Town)

Population: 1,500
Base Value: 1,700 gp

1 Housing block
1 Pier
1 Inn
1 Smithy
1 Mill
1 Library (built to the dismay of Baron Sven but he relents to counsel’s advice)

Svenheim Barony:

1 town
6 hexes
5 roads
4 farms
1 gold mine


The party explores many miles of forest to the east of Svenheim discovering a holy statue, locating a tanzelwyrm lair, finding a dead unicorn and coming upon a couple of scared fae (a nymph and satyr) in a grove that need help. Offering to help neighbors, Baron Sven promises to hunt down the vampire tree that is eating the local dryads. The party confronts the tree and it is slain after a hard fought battle. Sven asks no reward for the deed but promises the fae that ‘neighbors help neighbors’ in the wilderness.

At Svenheim a werewolf is discovered as the cause of sheep and citizen deaths. The leadership counsel hunts down the beast in the middle of the night and slays it. Word is spread (by High Counselor Hylex) of the great deed and loyalty to Baron Sven Ragnarsson is increased.

A trope of traveling acrobats entertains at Svenheim.

Baron Sven calls in a debt, summoning Larry the Hunter and his three daughters to Svenheim to have one daughter marry Treasurer Oleg Leveton. This will fulfill a promise to Oleg, from Counselor Hylaex, that a love will be found for him. Oleg chooses the hot daughter and Baron Sven declares the wedding to be performed at next month’s Honey Badger Wedding Festival.

General Kruznic’s wife reports she is 6 months pregnant with child.

Baroness Svetlana likewise reveals to be pregnant, very pregnant. High Priestess Caleesce believes Svetlana is carrying quadruplets!

Update for Late Gozran (April):

Trolls are making sounds of war when they try to recruit the Sootscale tribe but the diplomatic team dispatched of Lindenthiel, Calessee and Kruznic convince the kobolds not to join and stay allied with Svenheim. They learn that the trolls are warlike and are from the south.

Baron Sven orders scouts to the southern regions to find the trolls.

Baron Sven gathers the Council and goes south by boat past Tuskwater Lake and past Candlemere and into the hills of the southern Kamelands. There they find a somewhat friendly hill giant whom tells them about the trolls. And his crappy map gives away the location of the troll village. Having found the information they need the council heads back home and prepares defenses for the kingdom as well as make plans for their own attack.

Kingdom 1 year 2 months

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