Kingdom 1 year 4 months

KINGDOM @ Year 1, 4th month

Date: Erastus (June) 1st, second year of Svenheim

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Svenheim (Town)

Population: 1,750
Base Value: 1,700 gp

1 Housing block
1 Pier
1 Inn
1 Smithy
1 Mill
1 Library
1 Baker

Svenheim Barony:

1 town
8 hexes
5 roads
4 farms
1 gold mine (upgraded)
1 coachwood lumber grove
1 fort, ruins (Fort Tuskwater)
Sootscale Kobold Caverns

Events: (Two months worth)

The party defeats the tantzlewyrms and give Korax and is loggers the right to harvest the Coachwood Trees there. Thus relieving some of the pressure felt by the logging industry.

A wandering bard,Grigori stirs up rabble rousing in Svneheim, he is hotly debated by High Councilor Haylex.

Lord Loy and his wife petition Baron Sven to allow him to start a trade town near the old tantzlewyrm lair. The Council tell him they support his plan but can’t afford to help build it now. They tell him they will inform him in the future when the town can be built.

The Gozran Wedding Festival is held and is a huge success, bringing some extra funds to Svenheim. Treasurer Oleg weds Naudia. And Spymaster Garin weds Hilda, a hunter’s daughter.

The elven Kingdom of Kyonin cut off diplomatic relations with Svenehim and imprisoned their High Ambasador (and father of Svenheim’s High Diplomat) for treason. Evidence points to the action being orchestrated by Kyonin’s hard-line Winter Council.

General Kruznic and High Priestess Calessee are sent to Sootscale Caverns to debate some Trolls about the loyalty of the kobolds. The Trolls wanted the kobolds to join their ‘monster kingdom’ to the south. The trolls made it clear they want to fight and that they will attack Svenheim soon.

Scouts are sent out to scout the southern regions for signs of trolls. The party sets out on their own scout expedition using a boat. They find information from a hill giant where the trolls live and the party heads back home to make plans.

A Cult of Gyronna is discovered in Svenheim, the party captures them all and executes them publicly for high crimes ( Public Executions ).

For two weeks the party patrols in the south looking for troll patrols with mixed results.

The party sets out to explore the south and west as they have heard of many things there to investigate. They stop off at Fort Tuskwater to camp. That night they fight off a couple of werewolves that the goblins set loose on the guards. Baron Sven orders General Kruznic to send the 4 surviving soldiers to Svenheim, it is obvious that the goblin army nearby will easily take the fort when they wish.

The party visits an old hag named Elga on the shores of Lake Tuskwater and do a favor for her to gain her trust by gathering special mushrooms from across the lake. She gives some information about the lands nearby.

The party finds and slays the crazy druid that the hag warned them about.

A small enclosed camp of lizardfolk on Candlemere Lake is visited. They make friends with the king just to have a pretend ‘god’ show out and order the lizardmen to kill the party. After the battle is won the party intimidates the remaining lizardfolk and install a new leader that agrees to ally with Svenheim and not the ‘monster kingdom’.

The party finds the old Elven keep and slay the evil Fae living inside, including the ‘dancing woman’. They free an elven woman, Quellandria, whom tricks them and flees through an elven ‘stargate’ back to Kyonin. Lindetheil reveals she was really a powerful succubus and has agreed to free her father. Lindetheil has disturbed emotions about sending a demon into her homeland. Soon after he father appears through the sargate saying that Quellandria convinced Kyonin to free him but now that he and Lindetheil owe her a big favor in the future.

The party returns to Svenheim.

Baroness Svetlana has a difficult delivery and gives birth to quadruplets. They are named Hrathgar Svensson, Annar Haylex Svensson, Buliwyf Svensson and Idonea Svensdottir.

The very next day Aleesha, General Kruznic’s wife, gives birth to a son, Kruznic Salvaris IV.

Fort Tuskwater is occupied by a goblin army and Baron Sven orders General Kruznic to raise the army. A week later the fort is liberated in a rout at The Battle of Fort Tuskwater.

Kingdom 1 year 4 months

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