Nomen Centaur Lands




Inhabitants: Nomen Centaurs
Ruler: War Priestess Aecora Silverfire

A large 60 × 15 miles wide stretch of the easternDunsward plains in the Nomen Heights that include a 25 × 12 miles wide area of hills to the south of the Dunsward Plains.

Places of Note in The Nomen Centaur Lands

Geography of The Nomen Centaur Lands_

The Nomen Centaur Lands are in the frontier region known as the Dunsward on the easternmost side of the Stolen Lands borders the steppes of Casmaron. The hills to the south of the Dunsward were a recent addition a to the Nomen Centaur Lands, added to their nomadic range when borders were fixed with the neighboring Kingdom of Svenheim.

The plains are characterized by low, grassy plains, and its most common inhabitants are proud and suspicious Nomen Centaurs. They avoid what are traditionally considered human lands, adhering to some unwritten and age-old truce between themselves and the humans, but should their plains feel the imprint of human boot, they are quick to anger and violence.

In the northern part of the Centaur lands is found a large area of ancient centaur cairns that are sacred to the Centaurs. The centaurs have fought many bloody battles with Restov in the past to keep the resting place of their ancestors free of human influence.

The Brevic city of Restov lies just north of the Centaur lands. Varnhold City lies 25 miles to the west.

The centaurs have agreed to a verbal treaty (treaty one) agreeing to fixed borders with The Kingdom of Svenheim to the west. Svenheim has recognized 2/3 of the plains as ancestral Nomen centaur lands. Svenheim farmers have settled the western Dunsward and are left alone by the Centaurs as long as they stay on their side of the new borders.

Nomen Centaur Lands

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