Oleg's trading post


O leg

Location: Far northeast of The Greenbelt


Oleg and Svetlana have divorced. Oleg has taken the leadership role of Treasurer in the new nation of Svenheim. Svetlana has married the new nation’s ruler, Sven Ragnarsson.

Today the post is maintained by Oleg although he must split his attention with his treasurer responsiabilites. Settlers stream through the post on their way south to the new nation of Svenheim.

Old News:

Owned and recently renovated by Oleg Leveton Leveton. He had brought a wife, Svetlana, with him but she left him for one of the adventurers.

The post contains stables, lodging house (4 beds), storage shed, main building, six two story cabins and 4 towers with catapults.


Getsthepig often frequents the post and has befriended Oleg as well as the adventurers.
Sargent Keston Garris leads a small squad of soilders from Restov and garrisons the post. Keston has since taken the position of Executioner of Svenheim and has moved to the capitol, Svenheim to carry out his duties.
Jhod Kavken is a priest that worships Erastil and stays at the post. He is looking for an old temple. Since the temple ruins was found he has been dividing his attention between it and his leadership role as Magistar of Svenheim.
Wanted Posters at Oleg’s Trading Post found in the lodging cabin.
Labors have arrived at the post to help build additions. The additions are done and the laborers have moved to Svenheim where nation building is needed.
Moody the merchant has a contract with the PCs to bring them supplies on a monthly schedule. Since the adventurers founded Svenheim he has been doing business there with the entire town.
Captives help with labor under the watch of Kruznic. They have been moved to Svenheim and Fort Tuskwater to do construction there, for a wage.
Aleesha frequents the post as a traveling merchant and has Kruznic wrapped around her little finger. Aleesha has married Kruznic and lives with him in Svenheim. The merchant business is in limbo at the moment.

PC Cache:

The adventurers have kept a Cache at Trading Post for storage, emergencies and future endeavors. The entire cache has been moved to an Armoury of Svenheim.

Building Additions/Plans for the Trading Post:

An additional courtyard has been constructed on one of the post’s outer walls. Inside the addition is six Log Cabin, two story. Originally intended for the adventurers they can now be used for extra housing and storage of goods.

Oleg's trading post

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