Public Display of Murdering Bandit


Date: Pharast (March) 30th, second year of Svenheim
Type: Execution & Justice

The leadership council personally tracked down and destroyed a bandit organization operating in the town of Svenheim and executed the one bandit taken alive, the leader of the bandits.

The body and severed head of the bandit was displayed in the town center with a sign on the body.

The sign reads in common:

‘Banditry and murder against the citizens of Svenheim will never be tolerated. This bandit was executed for banditry against the people of Svenheim and for the murder of Foreman Joe. So says the Leadership Council of Svenheim on the 30th of Gozran, the second year of Svenheim.’

The body and head are displayed until it rots then the remains are destroyed by fire.

Public Display of Murdering Bandit

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