Shrike River


Shrike femaleShrike maleTop: Female shrike. Bottom: Male shrike with impaled prey, proving the little shrikes are capable birds of prey. They are the river’s namesake.


Flowing from the south Kamelands up into Lake Tuskwater and then northeast towards Bevroy.

Places of Note on The Shrike River:
Nettle’s Crossing, Fort Tuskwater, Lake Tuskwater, Shrike Cascades, Sootscale Caverns

Geography of the Shrike River

Splitting from the Little Sellen, the Skrike is named for the numerous flocks of birds that nest along its length. Averaging 300 feet wide and sometimes reaching depths of 60 feet or more, the Shrike would make an excellent trade route between Brevoy and the southern lands, were it not for a pair of 30-foot-high waterfalls that make safe river travel impossible between the two points.

Shrike River

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