Svenheim Barony



Leadership Council: Leadership of Svenheim Roster

Last Updated: 10/2/2012


Ruler Baron Sven Ragnarsson

Latest Barony Summary with Map & Events: Kingdom 3 years 9 months

Population: 10,500

Founding: Pharast (March) 3rd
Kingdom Age: 3 Years, 9 Months
Government: Feudal Monarchy

Kingdom Alignment: Chaotic Good

Taxes: Normal
Kingdom Promotion: None
Festivals: 1 Gozran Wedding Festival

3 towns


General: Kruznic Salvaris
Standing Army: 260 *
Vassals: 200 kobolds
Fortresses: Fort Tuskwater, Garrison at Svenheim

  • (Basing the peacetime standing army numbers at .025% of total population.)

History of Founding:

Excerpt from the Adventure Log 14.5:

When the party returned with the Stag Lord’s head to Oleg’s Post they are greeted with cheers of triumph. Aleesha the merchant informs her lover Kruznic that a huge caravan will be arriving from Brevoy within two weeks. It will have all the resources and manpower to begin a new nation, one to be ruled, and built, by the charter holders as they see fit.

After the Brevoy caravan arrives advisers speak with the adventurers to help them begin the nation building. The party discusses leadership roles, every member agrees that the leadership council should not be a dictatorship but that all will have a say in important matters. They also agree to be silent to anyone else about the council agreement so that future citizens do not know that the ruler is not an absolute ruler.

After much debate a vote is made for ruler; Kruznic, Sven and Haylex are the nominees. Kruznic wins the vote to become ruler and by default Sven becomes General. However, after more debate, it is decided to make Sven the ruler and Kruznic the general. It seems Kruznic had much more interest in being general of the military and that Sven had more interest in leading the nation.

The other leadership roles are more easily filled as every party member had a role they felt best suited for. Haylex was a shoe in for High Councilor, making him the ultimate communicator for and with the people. Lindetheil’s father is a High Diplomat so that role was in her blood. Calessee took the mantle of High Priestess, a job that suits her charm and oracle abilities. Garian was at first made Assassin but later changed to Spymaster, not a perfect fit for him but he enjoyed the challenges of the role.

Leadership roles left vacant are filled by others outside of the party. Haylex represents the party and uses his persuasion to talk each person into the job. The biggest hold outs are Jhod and Keston Garris. Jhod had no interest in being a leader until Haylex convinced him it is best for the stability of the region and for the best interest of his rediscovered temple. Keston had no interest in being an Executioner and it took some fancy word-smithing by Haylex to bring forth a sense of honor from Keston so that he would help build and protect the new nation.

The new Leadership Council was formed: Leadership Roles.

On Pharast (March) 3rd a new nation was founded, Svenheim Barony was born.

A site was chosen for the capitol, in the hills north of Lake Tuskwater and just south of the gold mine. The new town would be named after the new ruler, Svenheim.

Historic Events

At the first annual Gozran Wedding Festival Baron Sven Ragnarsson married Svetlana, making her the Baroness of Svenheim.

On Sarenith (June) 16th, in the second year of Svenheim, Svetlana gave birth to quadruplets. The heirs are 3 sons and one daughter.

Erastus (July) 1st – Erastus 21st, second year of Svenheim, The Greenbelt War rages for 3 weeks and Svenheim holds it’s own. Svenheim wins all 3 battles of the war and ends it by attacking Hargulka’s home and slaying him and his army.

Varnhold Vanishing: (need info)

Arodus (August), third year of Svenheim, the Varnhold Barony was incorporated into the Kingdom of Svenheim. Marshal Amelia

Svenheim Barony

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