Svenheim Capitol


Viking settlement


Ruler: Jarl Sven Ragnarsson
Council: Leadership Council
Location: 20 miles north of Lake Tuskwater on the Frostfang River in the northern Kamelands hills.

Places of Note: Places in Svenheim

Geography of Svenheim

Settled in the Kamelands hills on a bend in the Frostfang River. The Narlmarches Forest is to the west, in viewing distance. The Frostfang empties into the Shrike River about 15 miles downstream from the town.

Svenheim (large town – small city)

Council Hall: Frostfang Castle

City District Maps Svenheim Districts

Population: 5,000
Base Value: 1,700 gp

1 Castle
1 Townhall
1 Arena
1 Garrison
1 Housing block
1 Pier
1 Inn
1 Smithy
1 Mill
1 Library
1 Bakery
1 Graveyard

Districts of Svenheim

Frostfang District
The oldest district it is a fair blend of government, military, culture and business. It is the heart of the capitol where the city’s government and strongest defenses are found. Built on a bend in The Frostfang River there is amble waterfront to produce a bustling economy. Jarl Sven Ragnarsson and his Queen Svetlana lives here in Frostfang Castle which dominates in the middle of the district. The very popular Arena of Svenheim is here, bringing in many spectators and glory hungry warriors. More than in any other district the influence of Ulfen and Northsman culture is seen in the architecture and local customs.

Places of Note in Svenheim

Places in Svenheim

Svenheim Capitol

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