Ruler: Baron Sven Ragnarsson
Council: Lord Thane Loy Rezbin
Founded: Gozran, Third Year of Svenheim
Location: 30 miles WSW of Svenheim Capitol and 30 miles WNW of Fort Tuskwater on the Skunk River in the Narlmarches forest.

Geography of Tantzleford

Settled in the Narlmarches Forest on a bend in the Skunk River where a ford is located. Once this was a Tantzlewyrm Lair but the founders of Svenheim defeat the creatures when they refused to be talked too.

Loy Rezbin and a large number of settlers came into the area and made a home. Loy and his wife went to Svenheim and proposed that he build a new settlement there called Tantzleford. He convinced Baron Sven Ragnarsson and High Councilor Haylex Durdan Krull that he had a well thought out plan to use the ford and river to start a thriving economy where settlers could come too. At the time Loy’s plan was rejected due to lack of kingdom funds to help the endeavor. However, the Baron was impressed with Loy and his plans and promised to contact him when funds do become available.

In the meantime Loy promised to keep his people in the area and clearing trees to prepare the land for a town.

In Gozran (April) of the Third Year of Svenheim the Baron approved resources, workers and money to be sent to Loy’s settlement to have construction of Tantzleford started. With the work already done by Loy’s people the forest near the ford was cleared in a less than a month. Additional housing was constructed to make room for future settlers.

Tantzleford (Hamlet)

Council Hall: Loy Rezbin’s Home

Population: 250
Base Value: 200 gp

1 Housing block

Places of Note in Tantzleford

Places in Tantzleford


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