Temple of Erastil


Temple ruinsThe old Temple of Erastil was discovered in ruins.


Location: Northern Narlmarches, middle of the forest in a valley.
Religion: Erastil
Head Priest: Jhod Kavken
Status: Being rebuilt from ruins.

A stone ridge approximately 300 feet across and 100 feet tall looms over a clearing in the forest. The side of the ridge has been carved to resemble a giant stone elk. Its antlers hang down to frame a fifty foot wide cave. Stone steps lead down from the cave entrance to a circular clearing about 150 feet in diameter. A fifty foot long oval pool is in the center of the clearing and ruined stone pillars mark the edge of the clearing. The interior of the cave contains five alcoves around a large central cavern, all currently empty.

Despite the large size of the temple, it is easy for travelers to overlook the site due to the thick, thorny underbrush in the area.

The temple was originally sought by Jhod Kavken, a helpful priest of Erastil that settled at Oleg’s Post and asked the party if they could find the lost temple for him.

When the party found the ruined temple the waters of the pool were stagnant and thick with algae. A large bear resided within the temple and despite attempts to parley with it, it only grew more enraged and eventually attacked the party. In spite of it formidable strength the party was able to kill the animal, ending its misery. Upon its death, the bear changed into the form of an old man who briefly looked peaceful. A moment later the old man crumbled away into a skeleton and then to dust. Jhod believed that this removed a curse that had afflicted the temple.

Upon lifting the curse, the area around the temple seemed to become more vibrant and colorful. The water in the pool at the center of the clearing became sparkling and clear.

Jhod has declared his intention to rebuild this temple and spends most of his non-council time at the temple ruins getting it back into order.

—Description borrowed from the campaign blog of ericmgregg.

Temple of Erastil

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