Treaties with Foreign Nations



First Treaty

Treaty to Normalize Borders with The Nomen Centaur Peoples

Date: Rova (September) 20th, Third Year of Svenheim

Participants: Svenheim & The Nomen Centaurs
Purpose: Friendship and Border Settlement
Type of Treaty: Verbal

Treaty Elements:

1. Svenheim & The Peoples of the Nomen Centaurs agreed to borders. The Nomen Peoples cede to Svenheim the northwestern lands (432 sq. miles) of The Dunsward Plains in return for the remainder of The Dunsward Plains (720 sq. miles) and the adjoining hills (288 sq. miles) to the south of The Dunsward.

(Game Terms: Svenheim gets 3 hexes of Nw Dunsward Plains. Nomen get the rest of the 5 Plain hexes plus the 2 hill hexes directly south of plains.)

2. Svenheim recognizes The Dunsward Plains (inside of the new Nomen borders) as the ancestral home of The Nomen Peoples.

3. Svenheim agrees to aid The Nomen Peoples in disputes between them and Restov (Brevoy).

Verbally agreed upon between:

War-priestess Aecora Silverfire (Chief of The Nomen Peoples)
Calessee Kel’Marcavia (Chief Diplomat of Svenheim)

Rova 20, Third year of Svenheim

Second Treaty

Treaty of Friendship Between Mivon and Svenheim

Date: Calistril 13, Third Year of Svenheim

Participants: Svenheim & Mivon
Purpose: Friendship, Trade Agreement, Mutal Defense Pact and Border Settlement
Type of Treaty: Written

Treaty Elements:

I. Svenheim & Mivon agree to normalize borders.

1A. Mivon cedes to Svenheim 290 square miles of territory in the far southeastern corner of The Greenbelt for the price of 16,000 gold pieces to be paid in gold or an equal amount of goods over one years time.
1B. Mivon cedes to Svenheim 720 square miles of territory including southern Silverstep Lake and the lands south of the lake to 4 miles south of The Little Stellan River for the price of 40,000 gold pieces to be paid in gold or an equal amount of goods over one years time.
1C. Svenheim & Mivon recognize the newly agreed upon borders between the two nations.

(Game Terms: New border is south of Greenbelt map and south of Nomen Heights map except for the following hexes in Nomen Heights which are Mivon’s: A10-11, B 10-11, C10. C11 is not claimed by either nation.)

II. Svenheim & Mivon agree to a military pact to defend one another against the military aggression from the nations of Brevoy and/or Kyonin.

III. Svenheim & Mivon agree to promote trade along a river trade route connecting the two capitals. Each nation agrees to maintain and promote the trade routes in their territories through economic activity and guarding the route with adequate military defenses to ensure trade security in the wilderness.

(Game Terms: Once trade route is completely explored, claimed and adequate security built the route will open granting Svenheim +3 economy points per month.)

IV. Svenheim agrees to send one or more volunteers to take part in the annual Mivon festival to hunt red dragons.

Treaty signed by:

High Diplomat of Mivon
Calessee Kel’Marcavia (Chief Diplomat of Svenheim)
Lord Mayor of Mivon
Jarl Sven Ragnarsson (King of Svenheim)

Calistril 13, Third year of Svenheim

Treaties with Foreign Nations

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