Barony of Svenheim
Location: Nomen Heights to the east of Svenheim
Baroness: Marshal Amelia
Former Ruler: Maegar Varn
Government: a barony of the nation of Svenheim
Capital: Varnhold

Relations with Svenheim:

As a sister frontier nation Baron Maegar Varn has sent out friendly overtones to Svenheim. Svenheim maintains an amiable, yet minimal, relationship with Varnhold.

During The Greenbelt War Varnhold sent an unannounced army of 50 cavalry to aim Svenheim. They fought with Svenheim in two battles and helped them achieve final victory against Hargulka’s monster kingdom.

Varnhold is a newly established frontier colony in the Nomen Heights region of the Stolen Lands. Recently founded by Duke Maegar Varn, Varnhold is a rugged settlement that has managed to claim a respectable amount of surrounding territory and attract several hearty and talented settlers.

The weather, terrain and fear of attacks from the Nomen Centaurs have kept this colony relatively small, however, with more of a focus on frontier crafts than ‘civilizing’ advancements.

Events & Updates

A year after Svenheim was founded diplomatic messengers returned with a friendly letter from Varnhold.

In the second year of Svenheim Varnhold sent word it is doing well but is having problems with a warlike tribe of Centaurs. They offer mercenaries to help Svenheim fight against Hargulka’s Monster Kingdom.

During The Greenbelt War, at a pivotal moment in The Battle of Svenheim, a small army of 50 Varnhold cavalry rode into Svenheim and helped the militia defeat an army of scrags attacking the town. A week later the same cavalry fought and bled side by side with Svenheim as Hargulka and his troll army was handed a final defeat at The Battle of Narlmarches.

Answering an invitation the Svenheim Council attended a Festival of Erastil in Varnhold as honored guests of Maegar Varn. Much discussing was made about politics and life on the frontier. Maegar Varn made no illusions that he wished for Svenheim and Varnhold to be allies for the betterment of both. The frontier, afterall, can be very dangerous especially with political changes in the wind north in Brevoy. A possiable civil war is looming there.

Baron Sven Ragnarsson and Maegar Varn did agree on an alliance of their two sister nations. Sven cut his hand and spit on it, Maegar did the same as the two leaders shook hands to formalize the alliance. To seal the deal Maegar offered his daughter to be wed to one of Sven’s sons. Sven agreed to marry his second son, Annar Haylex to Maegar’s daughter.

In Pharast (March), Third Year of Svenheim, General Kruznic Salvaris put forth a plan to Baron Sven to send military forces into Varnhold to help our ally defeat the Nomen Centaurs. Baron Sven approved of the plan and the Ruling Council paid a visit to Varnhold to discuss the offer with Maegar Varn. Maegar was happy his ally was willing to help but he politely refused. He stated that the situation with the centaurs is at a lull and he wishes not to stir up new trouble.

On Sarenith 8, Third Year of Svenheim, the Ruling Council of Svenheim gets disturbing news from Restov that Varnhold is mysteriously quiet. The Council heads to Varnhold the next day and on Sarenith 10 discovers that the entire population of Varnhold city, including to about 20 miles out, is completely missing. There is no signs of battle or struggle, it seems that everyone just suddenly disappeared. Several bands of spriggans were found and fought in Varnhold, perhaps a clue to the disappearance or perhaps just opportunist looters. Baron Sven and the Council vow to discover what has happened to their blood brother neighbor and ally, Varnhold.

After the Varnhold Vanishing the Svenheim Council discovered that Maegar, along with his entire council and many of his missing citizens, was indeed slain by Vordakai during his bid for immortality.

History since becoming a barony of Svenheim:

With Jarl Sven’s Sixth Decree Varnhold’s lands and surviving people have since come under the protection of Svenheim, becoming apart of that nation. Amelia, Varnholder, the Marshal of Svenheim and the slayer of Vordakai was granted the seat of the new Varnhold Barony.


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