Varnhold City




Lord: Baroness & Marshal Amelia
Location: 70 miles due east of Svenheim Capitol, 35 miles south of Nikta’s Crossing on the banks of the Kiravoy River and 10 miles southeast of Varnhold Pass.

Places of Note:

Geography of Varnhold

Founded by Maegar Varn Varnhold has it roots as a militaristic frontier town nestled inside a defensible wide valley in the northern Tors of Levenies mountain range. It is only open to attack from the east and northeast. Varnhold pass is to the east, the only passage from the west to the city. The Kiravoy River runs south from Nikta’s Crossing giving Varnhold a trading route to the north.

VARNHOLD (small city)

Council Hall: Varnhold Garrison

City District Maps: Varnhold Districts

Population: 5,250
Base Value: 2,000 gp

1 Garrison
3 Tradesman Shop
1 Brewery
1 Temple
8 Housing block
1 Inn
1 Smithy
1 Grainry
1 Tanner
1 Exotic Craftsman

Districts of Varnhold

Varnhold District
The original district and still growing. This district has no official name as the Baroness has yet to name it.

Places of Note in Varnhold

Varnhold City

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