With promises of nation building a dynamic group of personalities are tossed together into a cold, dangerous frontier land.

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This is a campaign blog for a group of Pathfinder players that are attempting their second adventure path: Kingmaker. Our group meets every Thursday night for about five hours and occasionally (when schedules permit) for a day long weekend game. My name is Anthony and I will be your campaign blog master.

CURRENT PROGRESS: Started Book IV: Blood for Blood in October 2012

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Title Name Descriptor Link
Ruler Jarl Sven Ragnarsson PC – human barbarian Sven Ragnarsson
Co-Ruler Queen Svetlana NPC – human spouse (expert) Svetlana
Councilor Hailex Durdan Krull PC – human bard Hailex Durdan Krull
General Kruznic Salvarus PC – half-elf cavalier Kruznic Salvaris
Grand Diplomat Calessee Kel’Marcavia PC – half-elf oracle Calessee Kel’Marcavia
High Priestess Jhod Kavken NPC – human cleric Jhod Kavken
Magister Samaritha NPC – human mage Samaritha
Marshal Baroness Amelia PC – human paladin Amelia
Executioner Sir Walter NPC – human fighter Squire Walter
Spymaster Mal Curesion PC – gnome wizard Mal Curesion
Treasurer Oleg Leveton NPC – human merchant Oleg Leveton
Warden Garin Loxley PC/retired – human gunslinger Garin Loxley

Geography of the Stolen Lands Region


South of Rostland, the hills rise and forests bloom into a land that has long remained wild, despite numerous attempts by colonists from both north and south to claim and civilize it. Taldor made the most ambitious attempt to settle this realm, but even that great nation failed to tame the wilderness that lies in a green swath between Brevoy and the River Kindoms proper. This region is known as the Stolen Lands, as the wilds are viewed as territory unfairly claimed (and lost) by the other. It has lain fallow for decades since the previous attempt at colonization, and some whisper that the time is ripe for another attempt. Yet before the Stolen Lands can be claimed, they must be known. Old ruins, monuments to previous failures, dot the landscape, home now to all manner of savage humanoid tribe and ravenous glowering monstrosity. Bandits and barbarians are the cloest thing to civilization an explorer can expect to encounter in these deadly but beautifil wilds.
-from Taldan hisotiran Gustav Devarr’s “Kingdoms of the Lost”

The Stolen Lands encompass an area that covers approximately 35,000 square miles of a territory about the size of the state of Maine. The four regions of the Stolen Lands are briefly summarized below.

The Greenbelt: With the tangled woodlands of the Narlmarches to the west and the rugged hills of the Kamelands to the east, the Greenbelt is a haven for bandits. The lack of dangerous inhabitants other than indigenous tribes of kobolds and mites makes this the safest of the four regions for freelance banditry, although recent rumors hold that a particularly powerful bandit known as the Stag Lord has risen to unite and lead the regions brigands. To the south, tribes of trolls and more dangerous creatures provide a quite effective buffer between Brevoy and Mivon.

The Nomen Heights: With a southern skyline dominated by the ragged, stony mountains known as the Tors of Levenies, the Nomen Heights are named after the aggressive tribes of Nomen Centaurs who view the eastern steppes of the region as their own. Ancient ruins dot the Tors themselves, hinting that the region may have once been the most civilized of the Stolen Lands.

The Slough: East of the Glenebon Uplands, the rugged hills and rolling grasslands soon give way to a swath of reeking swampland known as Hooktongue Slough. Inhabited by lizardfolk, boggards, and stranger beings, this region has long been a battleground between the Tiger Lord barbarians and the more monstrous tribes of the swamp.

The Glenebon Uplands: The westernmost quadrant of the Stolen Lands is a contested zone between the barbarian tribes known as the Tiger Lords to the north and the bandits of Pitax to the south. Further complicating this scene is the not-insignificant presence of several powerful fey and dangerous monsters in the Branthlend Mountains and the forest of Thousand Voices.

Kingmaker: Lures of Majesty

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