• Amelia


    A young guardian paladin she is headstrong, idealistic and seeks justice by upholding the law.
  • Calessee Kel'Marcavia

    Calessee Kel'Marcavia

    Youthful, vibrant and gorgeous this innocent young woman perfers heals, spells and charm over fighting.
  • Garin Loxley

    Garin Loxley

    The very image of a man whom lives on the land, with guns in hand he tames the wilds.
  • Haylex Durdan Krull

    Haylex Durdan Krull

    Tall, attractive, manipulative and silver-tongued, the world is his oyster.
  • Kruznic Salvaris

    Kruznic Salvaris

    The Story of Kruznic Salvaris
  • Lindetheil Arolen

    Lindetheil Arolen

    An elf druid with a noble bearing whom hails from a far away nation of elves.
  • Mal Curesion

    Mal Curesion

    A smart gnomish wizard whom has a talent for necromancy.
  • Nerissys Talonspell

    Nerissys Talonspell

    A young gold dragon that has taken a liking to adventure and the people whom saved her.
  • Sven Ragnarsson

    Sven Ragnarsson

    Headstrong, tall and proud, this Ulfen northsman seeks too weave his own 'saga of majesty' through bloody battle and great deeds.