Golarion Calendar


The months in Golarion correspond to our own, with each new year starting shortly after the solstice. The name of each month is etymologically tied to a specific god: Abadar, Calistria. Pharasma, Gozreh, Desna, Sarenrae, Erastil, Aroden, Rovagug, Lamashtu, Nethys, and Zon-Kuthon. Natives of Golarion see the gods reflected in the changing of the seasons, and their names for the months reflect this. (Gozreh’s month, for instance, is a time of budding and new life, while Zon-Kuthon’s is seen as the death of the old year.) Holidays in a given month are generally tied to their patron deity. In order, the months are:

Golarion Month Roman Calendar Month
Abadius (ah-BAY-dee-us) January
Calistril (KAHL-izz-trihl) February
Pharast (fah-RAHST) March
Gozran (GOHZ-ran) April
Desnus (DEZ-nuhs) May
Sarenith (sa-REHN-ihth) June
Erastus (eh-RAS-tuhs) July
Arodus (AIR-oh-duhs) August
Rova (ROH-va) September
Lamashan (lah-MAHSH-ahn) October
Neth (NEHTH) November
Kuthona (koo-THOH-nah) December

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Golarion Calendar

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