Nomen Heights




Ruling Sovereign: Kingdom of Svenhiem, Baroness Amelia
Cities: Varnhold
Major Inhabitants: Humans, Nomen Centaurs
Minor Inhabitants: unknown

Other Sovereigns: Aecora Silverfire, Nomen Centaur Lands

Geography of The Nomen Heights

The easternmost region of the Stolen Lands bordered by the The Greenbelt to the west. The Nomen Heights contain a low mountain range and border the long-ruined realm of Iobaria.

With a southern skyline dominated by the ragged, stony mountains known as the Tors of Levenies, the Nomen Heights are named after the aggressive tribes of Nomen Centaurs who view the eastern steppes of the region as their own. Ancient ruins dot the Tors themselves, hinting that the region may have once been the most civilized of the Stolen Lands.

The centaurs of the Nomen Heights have always been trouble, and in an attempt at a show of force, the swordlords sent a group of mercenaries led by one of their own, a low-ranking but eager-to-impress swordlord named Maegar Varn to establish a town and make peace with the Nomen centaurs.

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Current History:

After a large portion of Varnhold citizens vanished, including all the leaders, the Svenheim Council investigated to eventually discover that a powerful lich named Vordakai took their souls in attempt to become a demigod. Svenheim rallied to protect what was left of it’s ally, Varnhold, and defeated Vordakai’s undead armies ravaging the Nomen Heights.

To protect the remaining, and leaderless, citizens of Varnhold Svenheim annexed the barony into it’s kingdom. King Sven Ragnarsson chose Amelia, a Varnholder and hero, to be placed on the barony throne to unify the two peoples as one nation.

Nomen Heights

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