The Greenbelt


Green belt


Ruling Sovereign: Svenheim
Major Inhabitants: Humans, Fae (of all types), Sootscale Kobolds
Minor Inhabitants: Mites

Geography of The Greenbelt

The Greenbelt is a vast, resource rich land. With fertile soil in the hills and grasslands; forests filled with lumber and game; and waters teeming with freshwater bounty.

Dominated by the huge forest known as the Narlmarches and the rolling hills of the Kamelands, the Nation of Svenheim was founded here and claims the region.

To the north of the region are flat, idyllic grasslands that make perfect fertile farmlands.

Many rivers run through The Greenbelt, most notably the mighty Shrike River. All of the regions rivers eventually flow into, or through, Lake Tuskwater. Tuskwater is especially bountiful with freshwater fish and eels.

Seasons in The Greenbelt

Winters are long and harsh in The Greenbelt, snow covers the lands and temperatures plummet; life comes to a near stand still. The spring brings rapid rebirth as the rivers flow high with snow melt and fields are plowed for new crops. Summers are mild and pleasant, a time of activity and farming. The falls are colorful, especially in the Narlmarches. Harvests are brought in before the first freeze to ensure enough food until next growing season.

The Greenbelt

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