Lesser Deity


AKA: Ullr
Alignment: Neutral
Worshiper Alignments: N, NG, LN, CN, NE
Portfolio: Winter, winter survival, hunting, archery, craftmanship, winter sports
Worshipers: Hunters, sportsmen, druids, craftsmen, cold environment dwellers
Domains: Animal, Protection, Travel, Weather
Holy Symbol:
Favored Weapon: Long bow
Status in Svenheim:
Holy Sites in Svenheim:

Relations: Husband to Skadi, Son to Sif, Stepson to Thor.

Uller is a god of winter according to the stories of the skalds, and that is a force to be reckoned with since 6 months of the year are typically considered to be winter in the great North. A master marksman, hunter and the inventor of such sports as skiing and skating, Uller was a craftsman and an image of how someone with skill and desire might overcome and conquer the Winter that was such a constant threat.

Uller has a suspect moral compass, while exemplifying such virtues as sportsmanship and survival but on the other hand Uller is an opportunist. For instance, one of the faithfuls legends says that the All Father Odin would leave and wander the mortal realm Midgard during the Winter. Not uncommon among the Norse gods, since even the ever-vigilant guardian god Heimdall would leave his post disguised as a mortal named Rig from time to time. When Odin was gone though it was said that Uller took his place in Valhalla; Odin’s home, the home of the Einherjar and a feasting place attended by the valkyries. In some myths Uller even took Odin’s wife Frigga as his own. Uller, though powerful, was also hard and unforgiving. He gave no gifts and was darker and more brooding than Odin was. So when spring came it was said that Odin returned and that Uller would flee to the high peaks, where snow and cold seemed to reign all the year round.

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Faithful of Odin vehemently deny the legend, a favorite of Uller devotes. Because of the huge implications of the tale clergy (and to a smaller degree the faithful) of Odin tend to view Uller faithful with mistrust and disdain.

After a short and failed marriage to Njord, the God of the Seas, the goddess Skadi divorced him and married Uller. The two spouses are very similar in lifestyles both being deities of winter and hunting.

Uller is the son of Sif, the wife of Thor, but is a product of an unfaithful affair which is a common occurrence on both sides of that marriage. Uller’s father is unknown, possibly even hidden by Sif herself since there are rumors that Thor’s half-brother trickster Loki is the father. Many suspect a frost giant is Uller’s father because of the god’s command of cold and winter.


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