Divine Beings (Quasi-Deities)

AKA: Choosers of the Slain, Air Maidens, Rhine(Golden) Maidens, Handmaidens of Freyja, Odin’s Messengers
Alignment: Neutral (chaotic) good
Worshiper Alignments: NG, LG, CG, N, CN, NE
Portfolio: Choosers of the slain, messengers
Worshipers: Women, warriors, messengers
Domains: Glory, Repose, Travel
Holy Symbol: Winged Horse (Pegasus)
Favored Weapon: Spear
Status in Svenheim: Valkyries are worshiped alongside their mistress Freyja and by warriors whom wish to ascend to Valhalla.
Holy Sites in Svenheim: Anywhere Freyja is worshiped.

Relations: Handmaidens of Freyja, foster daughters and messengers of Odin

The Valkyries carry out the will of Odin and that of their Mistress and Head Valkyrie, Freyja. Their primary duty is to choose the bravest of those who have been slain in battle, gathering the souls of the dying heroes or warriors found most deserving of afterlife in Valhalla. From far above a battle they ride their flying mounts and scout the battle ground in search of mortals worthy of the Grand Hall of Odin. When Valkyries ride across the night sky on their flying horses it is they that spread the dancing lights of the aurora.

Valhalla, the Great Hall of Odin, is located in Asgard, the realm of the Norse Pantheon. Inside this immense hall is a central feasting hall the size of an entire castle surrounded by garrison rooms numbering in the tens of thousands. There the warriors, called Einherjar, spend their days in fierce battles and are returned to life at evenings to feast in celebration.

The Valkyries also have duties at Valhalla as Odin’s foster daughters. There, having changed their armor into pure white robes, they will serve the warriors with mead, food and non-sexual companionship. When not serving Valhalla the Valkyries are tasked with the sacred trust of being The All Father’s personal messengers. Having been blessed with the ability to always know how to find a message’s recipient and possessing the finest of flying steeds the Valkyries are second to none at making delivery.

Valkyries appear as tall, beautiful women, strong of body with blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin. They wear polished chain mail and war helms that glow with the dancing lights of the aurora. For weapons Valkyries wield spears that shimmer with the same aurora effects as their armor. They can change the appearance of their armor to almost anything except a heavier type armor; from robes to clothes to almost wearing nothing. Each Valkyrie rides a glorious flying steed that as it gallops across the night sky leaves a trail of dancing aurora in it’s wake.

Valkyries swear an oath to Odin to remain virgins, as long as they do they will be gifted as divine and thus immortal. Eventually a strapping legendary hero will capture the heart of a Valkyrie and she will marry him making way for another to take her place among the Handmaidens of Freyja.

Because of their granted quasi-divine status Valkyries are immortal and if slain in combat will rise from the dead the next dawn at Odin’s Hall, Valhalla.

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Clergy & Worship of Valkyries

Although not true deities themselves the Valkyries are powerful divine beings and are so revered that many faithful worship them as Gods. Freyja allows this and powers the divine abilities of Valkyrie priestesses since the worship of Her Handmaidens is performed almost exclusively inside Her own churches. Valkyrie clergy are always female, most being strong and fit. Priestesses wear polished chain mail of pearl color, use shields and don decorated war helms. When not in armor clerics wear exquisite flowing white robes and scarlet jewelry.

Temples of Freyja are places of worship for clergy as the Valkyries fall under Freyja’s rule as Her Handmaidens. They are also worshiped in Temples of Odin, for Valkyries are The All Father’s messengers and foster daughters. Shrines constructed in the open where aurora’s frequent the overhead night sky are very sacred places. Burnt offerings are accepted in the forms of spears, horseshoes and colorful items like rainbow colored jewelry and clothing.

Valkyrie clergy will try to emulate those they worship by becoming expert riders and galloping out to local battles to watch over the bravest heroes as they fight. The priestess also sponsor a church owned hall where they frequently invite warriors and heroes to come and feast after dusk. The clerics serve the men food and keep the drinking horns filled as they attend to warriors while dressed in their finest white robes.

All priestesses of Valkyries are required to be good riders, the Ride skill is always a class skill for them.

Valkyrie clergy may, once per day, call upon the sacred aurora to aid them. This help can be summoned in one of several ways, functioning exactly like one of the following spells: color spray, dancing lights, faerie fire, flare burst. At 4th level the priestess may also choose one of these: defensive shock, glitterdust, hypnotic pattern, resist energy (electricity or fire only). These spell-like abilities will have aurora effects when used.

Once per week, starting at 3rd level, a priestess may summon an einherjar to aid her in battle. This functions just like a summon monster spell with the following summoning restrictions:

  • Cleric levels 3-4 – summon monster II; 1 einherjar level 1.
  • Cleric levels 5-6 – summon monster III; 1 einherjar lvl 2 or 1d2+1 einherjar lvl 1.
  • Cleric levels 7-8 – summon monster IV; 1 einherjar lvl 3 or 1d2+1 einherjar lvl 2 or 1d4+1 einherjar lvl 1.
  • Cleric levels 9-10 – summon monster V; 1 einherjar lvl 4 or 1d2+1 einherjar lvl 3 or 1d4+1 einherjar lvl 2.
  • Cleric levels 11+ – summon monster VI; 1 einherjar lvl 5 or 1d2+1 einherjar lvl 4 or 1d4+1 einherjar lvl 3.

Einherjar summoned will be of random class: d100 = 1-33 fighter; 34-65 barbarian; 66-73 cleric; 74-80 ranger; 80-85 paladin; 86-90 bard; 91-93 wizard; 94-96 sorcerer; 97-98 oracle; 99-100 rogue. Einherjar have the Einherjar Template added.

Once per month a Valkyrie cleric may intervene when a person dies in battle. She may ‘hold’ the soul of the battle dead (if it chooses) until a Valkyrie arrives 2d10 rounds later to take his soul to Valhalla. In doing so the soul of the person can be brought back to life by a breath of life at anytime until the Valkyrie arrives. And if the soul if brought to Valhalla it may be raised from the dead or resurrected at half the cost of the spell casting. This power must be used within a number of rounds of death equal to half her cleric level (1 minimum) or the soul departs.

Because Valkyries are not true deities their clergy may not advance higher in level than 9 + Wisdom or Charisma modifier. If a Valkyrie priestess wishes to continue in her clergy career at higher levels she converts to a cleric of Freyja.

Holy days mirror those of Freyja on the full moons of every month. Nights of particularly strong aurora displays are deemed signs of favor from the Valkyries.

Medium Outsider (extraplanar)
CR 15 – 16
Alignment Neutral (Chaotic) Good
Initiative +9 Speed 40 ft., fly 110 ft (perfect)
Senses Darkvision 60’, Deathwatch, Perception +29
Hit Dice 18d10+108 (207 hp); regeneration 10 (evil, gold)
AC/touch/flatfooted: 32/23/27 (+5 Dex, +7 armor, +2 natural, +8 deflection)
Saves: Fort +20, Ref +24, Will +25
DR 12/evil, gold; Immune cold, electricity, poison; Resist acid 15, fire 15;SR 26
Melee + 3 aurora* returning spear + 28/23/18/13 (1d8+2d4+9/19-20 x3)
Ranged + 3 aurora* returning spear + 26 (1d8+2d4+9/19-20 x3)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 15th, concentration +20)
Constantdeathwatch, tongues, speak with dead
At Willaid, bless weapon, death ward, gentle repose, searing light
3/Daybreath of life, maximized call lightning storm (DC 23), divine power, geas/quest, greater teleport, maximized holy smite
1/Daymaximized chain lightning (DC 23), heal, find the path, prismatic spray (DC 26), summon (level 9, 3 8th level Einherjar 100%)**
Str 22, Dex 21, Con 22, Int 16, Wis 23, Cha 26
Base Atk +18; CMB +24; CMD 45
Feats Critical Focus (Spear), Improved Initiative +4, Mounted Combat, Penetrating Strike, Power Attack, Ride-by Attack, Skill Focus (Ride), Spirited Charge, Trample
Skills Diplomacy +22, Fly +30, Handle Animal +25, Heal +25, Knowledge (planes) +25, Knowledge (geography) +27, Perception +29, Ride +33, Sense Motive +26
Languages Celestial, Common, Ulfen; tongues, speak with dead
SQ Aurora armor, chooser of the slain, divine grace, holy zeal, prophecy, smite evil, valkyrie steed
Special Abilities
Aurora Armor (Su) A Valkyrie wears armor the equivalent of chain mail and a shield, both of masterwork and mithril qualities. This armor may appear however the Valkyrie chooses from chain mail & shield to almost nothing at all. She may change it’s appearance at will, often choosing to have it softly glow with the colorful lights of the Aurora. Aurora armor never impacts a Valkyrie’s speed, nor does a Valkyrie take any armor check penalties, just as if she is wearing no armor at all. Aurora armor worn by any being except a Valkyrie loses the Aurora Armor special abilities except the qualities of mithril and masterwork.
Chooser of the Slain (Su) A Valkyrie can draw the soul from a newly dead body and give the soul a ride on her mount for transport to Odin’s Hall in the plane of Asgard. This functions as soul bind, but the dead creature must be willing to have its soul taken. If the creature is unwilling, this ability has no effect. When being transported the soul of the warrior looks like a ghost form of him and is invulnerable to all attacks. Valkyrie’s know the deeds and prowess of every warrior (any mortal being with a character or NPC class), this functions as a legend lore spell with an instantaneous duration.
Divine Grace (Su) The Valkyrie gains a bonus equal to her Charisma bonus on all saving throws.
Holy Zeal (Su) A Valkyrie adds her Charisma modifier as a deflection bonus to her Armor Class.
Prophecy (Su) Valkyrie’s have the ability to see into the future, it is how they know when a worthy warrior is going to die in battle. Once per hour a Valkyrie may take a ‘natural’ 20 on any one d20 roll, even right after they rolled. This effect can alter an action taken by the Valkyrie only, and cannot be applied to the rolls of others.
Smite Evil (Su) Gains the ability Smite Evil, just as the paladin ability, six times a day.
Valkyrie Steed (Su) Every Valkyrie has an augmented outsider pegasus with double maximum hit points as a personal mount. She may instantly summon her steed to her side at will, requiring a standard action to do so. The mount has the ability to plane shift, greater teleport, or ethereal jaunt with it’s rider(s) a total of seven times per day. They may, plus rider(s), use invisibility at will – this is how the Valkyries fly over battlefields without being seen except by the souls of the slain they wish to transport. The steeds have a DR 10/-, SR 22, regeneration 5 and are immune to cold & electricity. When galloping across a night sky the mount will leave an aurora of lights.
Environment The plane of Asgard
Organization Solitary or Band (2-9)
Treasure +3 aurora* returning spear, other treasure


  • Aurora = Weapon enchantment, +3 bonus on base price modifier. Upon command, an aurora weapon’s blade dances with lights of the aurora, equal to a daylight spell, that deals an extra 1d4 points of fire damage and 1d4 points of electrical damage on a successful hit. On a successful critical hit an aurora weapon automatically blinds the target with the lights of the aurora for 1d3 +1 rounds. The Aurora enchantments last until the wielder commands them to end or the weapon is unwielded (or sheathed).
  • Einherjar, 8th level = These are the chosen that inhabit Valhalla and will fight in the final battle, Ragnarok. Those summoned are equivalent to an 8th level fighter or barbarian with the Einherjar Template added.


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